Monday, February 15, 2010

What is it about roses?

When we were younger, I always told my husband, "Oh, don't waste your money on flowers, I'd rather have something that LASTS!" But as time has passed, I've found myself appreciating things I never thought I would ~ and flowers are now one of those things.

Yes, they do eventually die but the joy they give you while they're around is just wonderful! I love the color of these roses that he gave me on Valentine's Day.... sort of a vintage pink, wouldn't you say? I will enjoy these now and even later ... because I will be sure to dry them. I bet the color will be gorgeous then too!!!

And a not-so-romantic gift but
an oh-so-wonderful gift that I picked out....
an external hard drive to back up my entire computer!!!!
I have so many things stored on this ol' computer now
and I'd just cry and cry if it crashed.....thank you so much honey!!!

Noah is out of school this week for winter break!!
I'm afraid we get into a terribly messed up schedule
but it's all part of the fun ~
we stay up incredibly late together and sleep in like a couple of bums.
I've been finally pricing the things to go in the antique space
and need to paint a sweet little table to go in there too.

Thank you all again for your wonderful comments on my giveaway!!!
You all sure know how to make a girl feel loved :) ~ I love you back!!!

Wishing you a very happy Monday dear friends,
hugs and love,


My Grama's Soul said...

Well.....I'm not sleeping either. Girl - do you ever sleep? :):):)

Those roses are scrumptious. You are one lucky Valentine!

You know, but being up in the middle of the night - at least I'm the first one to post......teehee!

Blessings to you,


Theresa said...

Love the roses! I got red ones:) I need an external hard drive too. I have been watching the sale papers and just need to grab me one. Have a blessed "day off"!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Guess a few of us either stayed up late or got up early. I was hurting and got up early and decided to clean house so I can craft later. Your roses are beautiful. So glad you had a wonderful Valentines day!!! Hope you have a great day.
Hugs, Pat

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said... the roses....and dried... they are even more precious with time.

MOST EXCELLENT IDEA...and gift of the External Hard Drive.


Peridots Garden Blog said...

Thank you for sharing the photos of your Valentine's Day presents!The roses are beautiful! The EHD so thoughtful! Now when you look at can experience peace and calm!


Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

What a beautiful color for a Rose! I do love to get roses too, although I always tell my DH not to waste the money. Hmmm, I like it when he does though!

Anji Johnston said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog Dawn - it's so nice to know I am not alone!!! The roses are simply gorgeous - your husband has such great taste! (I know where he gets it from!)
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy being home with your boy!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How sweet! The roses are gorgeous! ♥

Connie said...

An external HD is always, ALWAYS an excellent idea, chickee! I've had one for a year or two and can't imagine losing all my stuff either. I also back up with an online company because even HDs can go bad. Anyway, good luck, sugar.

Yep, roses are my favorite thing to have around this house, but a snickers bar isn't too bad for Valentines Day either, which is what Love Bunny gave me. He and I are on the same wave length. ;-)


Sandy said...

Happy Monday Dawn! I hope your day is filled to the brim with sunshine and roses!

Vee said...

The roses are great, but the external hard drive...oh! That'd make me weep with joy. Glad that you had a lovely Valentine's Day and I hope that you have a great week with Noah home on school vacation.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Pink Roses are my favorite... Very lovely and I am sure you will dry them.

The Victorian Parlor said...

There is something about the delicate beauty of roses with their velvety petals and the sweet frangrance that makes me smile:). Your bouquet is stunning!



Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Beautiful flowers and backup software, how could he go wrong.


Lululiz said...

Your roses really are a very beautiful colour.

Shopgirl said...

I woke to Arney with his arms filled with Roses...they are pink and peachy...and they smell amazing. Yes, they will die, but I will always remember my honey with his arms filled with Roses for me.
Your flowers are beautiful, don't you just love flowers in winter!!!! Your, Mary

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Beautiful pink roses. I love getting flowers now also. Maybe it's an age thing, we appreciate things for the time we have them.

Lou said...

Hi Dawn,
I have been following your blog unofficially for some time now and just looove the inspiration you provide! I am now official.. as I too now have a blog.... yeah better late than never!lol! So far it is mainly scrapbooking but am aiming to try my hand more at some mixed media... I cant remember how I found your blog... just accidentally.. but actually recognised your work .. from Stampington Pubs... (I am an addict!! LOL) then dug my magazine out to see if infact it was you and your work that I have drooled over in the and have been reading your blog almost daily eversince!!! I absolutely looove your style and hope you dont mind that I put a link on my blog to yours... Take care, God Bless and keep on creating!!
lots of love Lou xx

Nancy Hood said...

Gave you another shout out, dear one, today on my blog! Love your prints. Always have, always will. One of them brought back some sweet, sweet memories this afternoon :)

Jann said...

What beautiful roses-and what a sweet hubby! Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day!

Eileen @ Star's Fault said...

So funny, my post this week was almost the same, except that my favorite flower is a carnation, white, with that red edging. So spicy sweet and they last forever.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Anonymous said...

Saw on another blog where you had won a beautiful pillow. It was on Wizard of Once Was. Wasn't sure if you had seen it...she needed you to contact her for shipping arrangements.

Congratulations! Lynn

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Beautiful pink roses! I am glad you had a wonderful day!
:) Laura

Anonymous said...

I agree with you....I used to ask for potted flowers for that I fully enjoy flowers in a feels so estravagant and special......and that is exactly what your husband is deserve this!!

Thank you for stopping by....
Karen Eileen

Wildflowerhouse said...

You will love the hard drive. I just got one too and feel so much better knowing it is doing its thing as I merrily go along. Love roses and so love preserving them.

QueenBe said...

What gorgeous roses! What a thoughtful guy!


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