Wednesday, February 10, 2010

La-la land ~

I have discovered that after living 48 years . . . life. is. HARD.
We all have so much to deal with each and every day.
From the small things to the BIG things . . .
daily stress, jobs, raising children, and so much more.
And at my age, even worries about our parents factor in.

And so many of you deal with much more,
health problems with yourself or your sweet family members.
Plus there are so many financial ordeals with this crazy economy....
And so many more BIG things that certainly tear at your heart.

Basically, I'm a positive person.
I've even been accused of wearing
"rose-colored glasses" and living in "la-la land!"
I've told my husband that he should visit some time,

But my point is . . . I know my blog is one of those
"every thing is always rosy and cozy" blogs
but what I figure is this ~

We all have our stress. We all have our strife.
Why not have a sweet place to visit
to see positive, uplifting and beautiful things?
As women, we crave it, we love it and definitely need it.

So, I'm proud of being one of those blogs that don't always
"keep it real" because we definitely
have enough "real" to deal with.....

Thank you for your sweet, sweet comments on my giveaway,
please know how grateful I am for each and every one.


Please don't take me wrong on this post ~
Many of you love using your blogs as a place to vent and
share what's going on in your life and
that is WONDERFUL!
It's your blog and make it what you want it to be....

I simply have a lot on my mind and don't really share all that here
because I love to escape to this blog myself!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have to share the most precious pair of teeny tiny ballet shoes
I purchased from Julie at Prairie Thistle . . .
and she is precious by-the-way
sending a beautiful package filled with goodies,
candy and the sweet ballet shoes ~

Wishing you an amazingly wonderful Wednesday my dear friends ~
hugs and love,


SharDon Exclusives said...

Dawn, I am so glad that your blog was the very first blog I ever visited. You encouraged me, like so many others, to make my own blog. It has been such a pleasure to come here to my "safe place" and not hear negative thoughts. No it is not always a real way to live but it is restful to get away from MY troubles and that of those I love. Thank you for being there, being sweet, being kind, and always being YOU. I often wonder who ministers to you when you are so busy ministering to US? Then you post about your sweet love gifts and I know that the Lord is ministering to you through many fellow followers. You are loved and prayed for each day, THAT IS THE REAL WORLD IN PINK COLORED GLASSES!!
Blessings, dear friend, I will meet you soon. Hope the first week of April works out on this end. We are working toward a fun day,

Brittanie Gordon said...
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Brittanie Gordon said...

I come to most blogs to get away from the everyday stress and problems.. We all have our own we dont NEED anyone else's right?! Thanks for keeping this sweet place sweet!

Bettyann said...

Dawn, your blog can be anything you wish..if people don't like it they can "click" coming to your blog and seeing life through rose coloured glasses...I live in Vancouver, Canada and the rest of Canada calls us

Lady Prism said...

* What is far more real is the replenishment of strength and the inspiration of love one gets after being inspired. Your beautiful blog does so to me. Thank you. *

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You're right, Dawn! If I want to whine and moan, or hear someone else whine and moan, I can do that in real life. I enjoy my positive experiences here in blog-la-la-land and I think it helps me look at things that might be a stressor in a more positive way.

vikki said...

~♥~ HI SWEETIE ~♥~
♥ WITH LoVe & hUgS & BleSsiNgs, ViKki ♥

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I agree with you Dawn! I would much rather visit a blog like yours that inspires and lifts the spirits.
It's our own little world and we need to make it a place where we all come for life's lovely things.


Lori said...

oh, no you didn't buy those Dawn!!! i was so bummed that they were sold...well, i know you love them as much as i would have, so i am happy they are with you...i agree with everything that you said...this is my happy place...and i try to not be negative or "poopy" {LOL} on my blog...

Rebecca said...

Hi Dawn
I think one can be real and still be positive, looking at the things that happen to us in life with thanksgiving in our hearts is good and I appreciate your blog that gives us that light.

Unknown said...

G'eve Dawn ~ You hit the nail on the head ... uplift, support, enjoy & have fun.

Happy Valentine's
Have a beautiful week!
Hugs, Marydon

Charlene said...

AMEN GIRL!!!!! I agree. I love postitive places. Call them rosey... suits me. I would rather be positive & upbeat than someone that rattles on about negative stuff. That pulls everyone down. Let's sing in the sunshine... And I do LOVE the tiny pink ballet slippers.Have a great week. Charlene

Unknown said...

Hey Honey. I, along with so many others I'm so glad you have this sweet, pretty place to come visit. You are exactly right. That's why people still go to the movies and still watch sitcoms. I know I had a lot of fun at some of my office jobs but I promise you it was never "The Office" on tv. During war times and depression times especially, people tended to want to escape their everyday lives and all the stress, by simply going to the movies for a couple of hours. Movies that were light in tone.

Thank you for doing us a favor,by giving us an escape! Thank you for providing beauty with you creativeness and your heart. You've very special and you feel a very special need.

As for reality shows - they can keep 'em!

Love and hugs, Tracy :)

Unknown said...

Goodness, what a lot of misspelled words and typing errors in my above post. Just thought I'd apologize, I must still not be clear headed because believe it or not I can spell and usually write a sentence that makes sense. As in the last sentence which should be "you fill a very special need.

xxoo's....Tracy :)

Anji Johnston said...

Coming to your blog everyday Dawn, is like being wrapped in a nice warm blanket with a bar of chocolate and a good cup of British tea!! I'm so happy that I get to visit everyday and don't have to drive anywhere! Thank you for being there.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Dawn:
As usual, I've had another lovely visit. Thanks for sharing the photos of your sweet little ballet shoes. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Anonymous said...

Dawn ~ I am so thankful that you live in 'la-la-land'! I look forward each evening to visiting. There is so much, hurt, pain, and stress in our world today. Some days I don't even listen to the news. But I always know that if I visit your blog you will have words to 'lift my soul'...and for that I am ever so grateful. You were so right when you said women need this. I pray that you will continue on just as you have for the past three years and that you will be blessed for all the joy and love to bring to each one of us that comes to this blog. Thank you, dear Dawn.

Carol from Nebraska

Pretty Things said...

I like coming to your blog to escape "real" (even though I sometimes do write a "real" bit now and then, I sure try not to!)

That jar of lovely is awesome!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

You always know exactly what to say to make all of us feel good. I think that is one of your missions in life. God knew some of us really need to hear your uplifting blogs. I'm just glad you are there every time I turn on my computer, I know I can find a sweet friend. Plus someone that inspires me every day. Hope you have a GGGGGGGGREAT WEEK, and I love those little ballet slippers.
Hugs, Pat

June said...

Oh Dawn you make me so happy to know you! I love seeing life through my rose colored glasses. I always say that if I didn't look at the glass half full that my cup wouldn't be overflowing. I definitely have my 'real life' to deal with, but when I compare mine to some other's, I know that I am blessed. That is what I want my blog to convey to let them know just how happy I am to be living at all.
I love the veiw from your place my sweet friend.

Hopemore Studio said...

Dawn, I don't think you live in la la land at all. Your positive attitude is contagious, it's probably the biggest reason I stop by for a visit everyday. We create our lives not just in what we do but in what we think. I think your daily dose of roseyness (is that a word?) is blog perfection.


Barbara Jean said...

Those little shoes are just too sweet!

I'm with you about keeping things on the up side.
I have to say occasionally i do share a bit of sad, but so grateful for the support when i do.


barbara jean

Booklinks said...

I totally agree.
For me a blog had to be a warm and kind place,
where it's nice to be.
Your blog really is.

have a lovely day,Suzanne

Rustic Tarts said...

Yah! I love la-la land - it is good for the soul.

Dorthe said...

Dawn dear,

From the minut I found you ,I loved visiting your blog,for all the reasons that everyone else,already said, and because I feel close to you in many wayes, as person.
I know there has not been many dayes, since that first, where I did not seek your wonderfull blog.

Oh and you came first ,buying those cute slippers from Julie, smile.....
Loving hugs , Dorthe

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hello Dawn,

I have to agree with you on having a place to go that is positive, uplifting and tends to be a wonderland. :0)

I find that blogging is my special place to pour out the greatness of life, it's always OK for me to be the dreamer that I truly am.

I must confess though that once in a while I complain of a computer issue or health issue when it gets the best of me but it's more for receiving affirmation that all is or will be alright.

I find that the ladies I have met in Bloglandia are very uplifting and know how to pay forward "the positive".

Thanks for your's truly is heartwarming.


Lesley said...

Hi there are very few people who can truly change world events. I think the best we can do as individuals is to make our own home, family and friends as happy as possible, We don't always succeed, but at least we can make the effort. I don't cut myself off from reality, but I try not to dwell too much on the uglier side of life. This may be burying my head in the sand, but it is my way of coping. I am a Pagan, and we have only one 'law'. Do as you will, but harm none. I think that sums up my view of life. I also firmly believe in random acts of kindness. It really works. Blessings Lesley

Lululiz said...

I am not ashamed of spending a lot of time in Lalaland, lol, when real life throws up so many heartbreaking issues. Thats why my blog is usually frivolous, fluffy, fun and devoid of heavy stuff. That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate that people need to let off steam on their blogs, need to share difficult moments in their lives etc, I have been so touched by some blogs. Its just not me. It would be boring world though, if we were all the same. So, I am a happy Lalaland resident, with the blessings of my long suffering family and friends.
( having said all that, my blog just had to be called lululizinlalaland, lol )

Dixie Redmond said...

"Finally...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Philippians 4

I am not naturally a positive person. I have to work to go to LaLa Land ;-) But I think it's important. Because, yes, the hardness of life is always in your face. But just like a garden, sometimes when you part the thorny brambles you find something wonderful tucked underneath. It is worth looking for. It's important to acknowledge that there are brambles for me, but that's not all there is.

Hugs to you - Dixie

Neusinha said...

You saw the shoe of my granddaughter? Very beautiful! Http://

Paula -Teaberry Cottage said...

Thank you for being you. You are an inspiration.

Joy Lett said...

Dawn- For you to post like this probably means some mean-spirited or jealous person said something hurtful to you or about you. Take the positive comments and hold on to them- some people are just not capable of being happy. Take Care-

sharong said...

Your blog is the first one I visit each morning it uplifts me when I need it most.

Cozy Home Cottage said...

I thank God for your sweet, possitive blog. You are right in saying that we all need a place to come and read about good things. I tend to wear my own pair of "rose-colored glasses" in life but still find things get a bit stressful sometimes. When that happens, I grab a cup of good tea or coffee and go to visit my sweet blog buddies. Yours is one of the first that I hit. I am not real good at leaving comments, but I am getting better. Stay just the way you are, it is refreshing!
((Hugs)) from WV,

Primitive Seasons said...

Gee Dawn, would they fit Clara? They're so tiny. And you're right, everyone needs an "escape" from reality now and then. Your blog fills the bill nicely for me.


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~
I am thinking those are the cutest baby shoes I have ever seen !! OHHHHHH Sooo Sweet !

Sherrie said...

Hi Dawn. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your happy to go to place blog. That is why I visit. I understand how there are times that people have to vent, there are other blogs for that, blogs that deal with real life. I know where to find those blogs if I want. But I get confronted with reality in the news, on tv etc. I come visiting blogs for an escape from reality, a bit of special me time, where I can see other peoples creations and think how I can do the same, or to just dream. It is comforting. So continue wearing your rosy glasses and I will be right there with you.

Karen said...

I agree that life really is the pits some days and I appreciate you keeping it upbeat! Helps me get through my day!! I love it that you are always here each day to add a smile to my face and make a bright spot in a dreary day!! BIG Hugs!

The Cinnamon Stick said...

ROSE COLORED GLASSES.....of course we all put our rose colored glasses on when we come to visit La-La Land. Why do you think so many people LOVE your blog and therefore love you!!! Sorry if someone was mean...comes with opening up and sharing - something called the "green-eye Monster" !! Don't ever, ever, ever change who you are and what you is the highlight of my day, my inspiration to create and the best place to visit...La-La Land !! XO, Judy

sistersoftheart said...

Hooray for rose colored glasses!! A few minutes each morning with such lovely & positive "blog friends" seems to carry me through the day with a lighter heart. Hugs, Patte

myletterstoemily said...

i love your rose colored blog! it is so encouraging and

anyone who has raised five boys should be able to do
whatever she wants!!!!

Stellar Creations said...

I've been following your blog for awhile and I wanted to say that I just love your blog. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for being who you are.


Sandy said...

Oh how I love to visit here! Sweet sister you do keep it real by sharing the beauty in your world. Heaven knows we all live in our very own reality drama each and every day and in my book rose colored glasses never hurt a body to wear now and again.

I don't share every part of my life on my blog either but just bits and pieces of the best parts mostly through art, photography, and writing.

I like having someplace that is uplifting, creative, inspiring, and positive to visit. It is nice to have a soft place to land where you meet kindred spirits that share and encourage.
I agree, each blog should be what ever the writer wants it to be, needs it to be.

I hope you won't change a thing! Lets don our rose colored glasses and skip down the yellow brick road together!

Lisa said...

Oh friend, you said it so well. That is WHY you are so loved by so many of us in blogland. We know there are days when you cuss at a bad driver, or feel angry about something (big or small)after all you are human. Not a stepford wife. The point is when I visit blogs I want to be inspired & see wonderful things, someones child, art, home, flowers, whatever. I do not like to read blogs that rant & are unkind to others. It's called 'airing your dirty laundry'. You keep your blog upbeat & positive & that's why I come back every single day. Hugs & Love Lisa

Karen Valentine said...

Dearest Dawn, I could not agree with you more. I have one of "those" blogs too. I try to always focus on the bright side of things. I am a firm believer that happiness is a choice. What we focus on is what we get more of. And that philosophy has worked very well for me. The more I keep sad or depressing thoughts out of my head, the happier I am. And of course the reverse is true, dwelling on the bad stuff seems to just bring more bad stuff.
I'm sure there are a lot of women who look to Blogland as a happy place. What's great is that there are blog "neighborhoods" out there for just about everything and everyone. I think the gals who come and visit your blog do so because you give them just what they want. A happy place to visit. Don't change a thing... We love you just the way you are!!!

My Desert Cottage

Ella said...

Wonderful post Dawn; Reality is too real and we all need an escape! I do like your style, but if you need to mention something that doesn't fit in the norm, that is fine, too! We all know that there is another shoe, that can drop, it is called life. I appreciate the beauty and kindness you share. I hope you aren't justifying this because someone thought it was too rosy. My rose colored glasses were shattered at a young age, when my Dad died suddenly. I know there is beauty all around us and we have to stop and appreciate it, smell the roses. Your style suits you and that is as it should be! Your blog is yours to express yourself, as you desire!

Ann said...

Dawn, what a true post! The thing I love about blogging is that it is like visiting friends over a cup of coffee. I just recently turned 50 and have decided that life it just too short to focus on the negative. There is always a way to put a positive spin on things, so, why not do it. I personally enjoy la la land and try to spend as much time there as possible! :) Have a great Wednesday!


The Old Parsonage said...

Hi Dawn

I like to escape too! We're having a snow day 12-18 inches expected on top of our already 18 inches!!! Butter is on the counter for peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies!


Anonymous said...

I think it is great your so positive and I do agree that we all have so much going on in our lives that is a struggle and it is great to be able to go some where and escape it all and rekindle our creative juices. AND feel that we have made a new friend.

Dawn what your doing is wonderful keep it up. As I said yesterday you inspire me to be creative again and thank you for that.

Debbie Barrs
Orlando FL

Anonymous said...

also I bought those same adorable baby shoes at a antique market and I made little pin cushions out of them, they turned out so cute. BUT you have the whole package and it would be a shame to brake it a part (I wish that I could attach a picture for you to see). Now I am the one that has just started to craft again and I am thrilled when I do come up with something that turns out. Couldn't have done it without you!

Debbie Barrs (I am working on my blog so I don't have one yet)

Michelle Palmer said...

I've been scolded for wearing the same glasses, sweet friend~
(we must shop at the same specialty store! ha ha)
Like you, I choose to wear them. We all feel pain, see sadness, stress etc. etc.
How we respond affects those around us. I treasure my family and friends and choose to be a little bit of sunshine... even when it is difficult to be~
Wishing you all the best & sharing a little sunshine with you... so put those rosy glasses on! ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, me too! That's why I started my blog, to share inspiration. Sometimes I've been frank about something I've written but I didn't want it to be a place that made people feel bad afterwards or to look for sympathy and have people feeling bad for ME either.

None of us has a perfect life but it may seem so to people who view our blogs and don't see any soiled laundry hanging there. There's something for everyone and everyone's blog needs to be what fulfills their own heart. I think for some it's a way to journal out all of the toxic feelings and hurts they have and that's ok too!

You always make me smile!

Nancy in CA said...

To me, your blog is a soft, sweet place to lay my eyes for a few minutes each day. I love la~la~land...Please don't change!
Nancy in So Cal

Deb said...

Love this post ... the feathered nest ... and living in la~la~land too! xo

GwendolynKay said...

I could not agree with you more. I try to keep my blog a pleasant place for people to visit.

CaraRose said...

Sweet Dawn, I adore your blog and your upbeat attitude. I like reading it because we all have things happening in our lives but when I come to your blog I smile am uplifted and want to keep returning. I know your life isn't perfection either but I like the way you look at things. Thanks..

Wendy said...

Your blog is a beautiful, positive place to visit. Don't change that. I agree. Life's hard, but God is good. I like to be positive too!

Wendy (♥‿♥)

Jeannie said...

Dawn, this is your blog to do with as you want! Your positive outlook always brightens my day and I thank you for it. Now, about LaLa Land, I visit there at least once a year when I go to the Oregon Coast. In LaLa Land, the biggest decisions I have to make are which direction I am going to walk, what am I going to eat, and how many shells can I put in my pockets (tons!). I don't cook, shop for groceries, and my bed is made for me every morning. LaLa Land is a wonderful place and I wish I could be there more often. Have a wonderful day and again thank you.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello Dawn,

I so agree with you. That's why I like to visit all the time. Love these little shoes!


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Okay girlie...I'm putting my two cents in for what it's worth...

If you weren't here, WHERE WOULD I GO FOR MY 'LA-LA-LAND' FIX???? {smile}

Seriously Dawn, you were one of my first inspirations and you are still one of my BEST inspirations. Why? Because you are BEAUTIFUL and you take me to a place where I WANT TO BE. You do keep it REAL, but you keep it POSITIVELY REAL and for those of us who "need" that, we appreciate YOU for taking us in and drowning us with your beauty.

If I have not told you 'thank you' lately for being you and sharing what you do with us...I'm telling you again. And when you doubt it, just read this & all the other wonderful comments that these POSITIVELY REAL WOMEN (like me) leave here, just for you!

Big hugs to you...for being YOU!
everything vintage

Char said...

I am so happy I found you, this is my retreat, Char

karen said...

I feel very enlightened by this post. Accentuate the positive...and the sweet, precious, and beautiful. Life does sometimes drag us around...sadly...and it's difficult to remain in the light. Your blog cheers us all on into that light with love.
Thank you Dawn.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Dawn! I'm like you in that I also use my blog as my "happy place"! We do all need one of those to escape to. Where everything is art and decorating and pretty pictures!

QueenBe said...

Dawn you are so right, we all have our problems and issues and daily stresses. I like to escape that in blog land, both in creating at my own blog and reading others. Yours has certainly been a source of inspiration for me! I took a short break from blogging this past week to tend to some family matters and help my son with a huge disappointment in his life. But coming back tonight has reminded me how much I enjoy blogging, and the sharing of mind and spirit among those I have so much in common! Thank you Dawn. (And also, I am SO sorry I missed your wonderful give-away while I was on my blog hiatus)

Fete et Fleur said...

Dear Dawn,

A soft place to land in the craziness of our world is what you have created here. I am grateful for that. You're not the kind of person to rant and rave about the ills of the world and your private life. Unfortunately, there are people out there who want to live every moment in strife and questioning other people's motives. If they think your not being real they will be sure to tell you. Dawn, you are being real. What you share here is the most beautiful part of who you are. Thank you for that.


Cora said...

I believe we all have different ideas for our blogs. They are very personal for each of us. Wouldn't you just hate to read your blog list only to have the same personality traits in each one. How boring it would be. Those that vent..I try to leave words of encouragement to them. Those that inspire...I thank them. Those that are fun...I laugh with them. Those that teach...I learn. Each one is unique and I love that. I believe that is what has kept you here for 3 years :) The love of it ever we deicide to use it.
BTW...I love your blog!

Carole said...

You said's your blog and you run it the way you want. We all know that it's a little bit of fantasy but there's nothing wrong with that. You bring such beauty to the world with your creations how could you not be a happy person!


Unknown said...

Dear Dawn, I do not called it Lalaland. I called it a blessed place, to be able to minister to others, to inspire and to be joyfull no matter what the circumstances are. It is a gift and I'm so happy that you so decided to share it with others. I share your same approach to life, one day long ago I was experiencing sadness and I expressed it to a dear friend of mine. She encouraged me to stand strong for me and for others. She shared this words with me "If the salt and the light were taken away, then what would become of the world". I understood that day that we are both. Keep letting God used you this way. Blessings, Marta.

Sandi said...

Hi Sweet Dawn!!!! You are so right and I am at that age worrying about parents too. My dad fell a week or so ago trying to get wood hauled into his house and he has so many problems already. We {brother and I} told him we would stop by and bring it in for him every few days so he would not have to. It is just so hard for them to allow us to do anything for them as they want to be as independent as they can. But we persevere and dad has allowed us to do this for him goes on. I could go on and on too, but I understand exactly what you are saying!!!! I don't really share a lot either. I Love you no matter what you share with us girl!!!!!

Theory said...

Dawn, don't you ever change! We do need an escape and refuge from the real worries and stress. That is why I love your blog, because you lift all of us up and inspire us to be thankful. I love la la land and I plan to always meet you there and live there forever. love & hugs Theory

marie said...

I totally agree with you and you told it better than i could.So do I on my blog.I think I have the same glasses and my sweet husband says that I live in the Lothlorien forrest...It's true but all what happens in our lives is sometimes so hard.I found your blog and come every day in this "Lothlorien garden"
So many people tell me their problems and so I need a ganden to come and breath.It's yours
Thank you
love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dawn,

I am one of those people who when in pain beit my own life experience or from some other outside source tends to walk towards the light. In blogland you are my light...your words are never fluffy or insincere...your words are kind, polite and from your sweet heart and in these times of so much pain and sorrow...LET THERE BE LIGHT!

I have shared in private with you before about how I come to your blog when I'm sad and when I'm happy...and in doing so I find a friend...even though we've never met in person you opened your heart to me and touched me with your ability to "PAY IT FORWARD" not in mere words but in your deeds...don't change...stay as you are a...beautiful, kind, funny, talented, smart, inspiring and sincere woman I want to walk shoulder to shoulder with someday in blogland!


Linda said...

Dawn, I love that you've created this beautiful lalaland for all of us...don't change a thing! Like so many others I come here to be refreshed and inspired by all the loveliness you share with us. I always come away with a smile!

Lady Pamela said...

That is exactly what I want my blog to be, too. (This is me clapping for you!) That is why I don't post about the trials of my life. Some of my blog friends will email me and ask, that is when I will take a moment or two to fill them in. Thanks for a blog that is a break from daily stress.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dawn, I think you have confirmation (after reading all the comments, and including mine as well!) that you are in exactly the right spot for you at this point in your life. You bring so much JOY to everyone, you have NO idea. I think that this is what can be defined as "success." It also makes me think that if you (or anyone) can provide joy like this, it just reaffirms what we can all do, just by being NICE. Thank you Dawn. Much love, Jeneen

Nita Jo said...

Thank you so much for sharing your feelings. My blog is one where I share both hardships and joys. I started it for myself, and my family, to cope with what life has been for me. Some days I think of myself as a "bi-polar blogger" happy one day and struggling the next. What's been so amazing to me is that it connected me to people who are struggling with MS, or other difficult circumstances. I've been blessed so much through blogging.

I love that you are spreading so much joy and sunshine. I loved the movie "Pollyanna" and a "Pollyanna" is not a bad thing to be. I love your artwork and decorating ideas, but I have to admit that I also come here for the sheer joy that you share. You put a spotlight on the good in life, so keep wearing your rose-colored glasses and living in "la-la land" because that's where most of us long to be. Your blog is an oasis of joy, and one, of very few, that I visit every single day!

Bless you for being true to who you are!
Nita Jo

The Rustic Victorian said...

Ok, I'm going to beat the cra--out of the one who accused you of anything,,I mean it...giggle,,No I Mean it,,,
Well, I will put my 2Cents in,,,stay as you are Miz Dawn, you are perfection.

like Lea said, any one who has raised 5 boys can do whatever they want...loved that Lea.

I used to think just because a blog "appeared" not to know what was going on in the real world, they were clueless,,,not so at all...they just choose not to discuss it...that is my recent choice as well....and it also keeps me out of trouble as I am a highly opinionated stort, I'm working on that.
I got me a pair of rose colored glasses recently.

How is the little peanut? Is she saying funny things yet? Ya know like, bird, Michaels, crafts, Hobby Lobby, glue, paint, sissors, antiquing, giggle..
Love ya!


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