Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting there....

I'm so demanding of myself.
I want things to look AMAZING ~ immediately!
It's the perfectionist in me....
and I just have to realize that it will take time.

Emily, Clara and I loaded up the space with what I had today.
It really does look better but just not what I envisioned yet!

I finally DID get all the burlap hung in the back of the shelves...
of course it sounded like I was jack hammering the place!

On the very positive side...I saw a LOT of empty spaces on
the two little shelves that we have stuff on ~
how neat is THAT??

And now they have items on them again ~
but there is still SO MUCH room for more.

I know you want to see but remember that
we still need to fill the space with tons more things!

Do you see the antique typewriter in any of these photos??, you don't.
I'm having a little bit of a hard time letting that little sweetie go ~
Can you blame me??

I hope you have the most amazing weekend dear friends!!!
hugs and love to you all,


GardenOfDaisies said...

Its looking good! I wish I could come shop!

Legacy of Love said...

Like you I like things to be perfect but it is hard. I often find myself writing stupid little notes over and over again just so they look nice. Forget larger projects forget it! I can get real mental about it, sometimes to the point of not finishing.

Gotta just remember that it's what's in the heart that counts, not always how it looks.

I do love your site, very nice and well done and meaningful.

God Bless,
Legacy Crafter

Debra@CommonGround said...

Dawn, thank you for sharing photos of your space, you have some wonderful goodies. It looks so homey and comfortable. I'm getting nervous about my new booth space that's coming up. So much pressure out there. Yipes! Isn't it hard to let some things go? I have to live with some things for awhile before I can part with them. I see you're breaking Clara in early on the antique business!!!
hugs and blessings,

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dearest Dawn,

Oh my gosh! I see so many things I would love to buy! Simply lovely!

If you get a chance stop by and see Wednesday's post about my typewriter...

Hope you have a great weekend with tons of sales!



Dorthe said...

HI sweet,

Oh it all seems to look so wonderfull, it is such a great idea,to be able to rent a place in someones shop, never heard of that here in Denmark.
I love your little white table, the-is it zinc?-rack, the old leather bag, and all your own wonderfull items spread around in between.

Looks so very cosy dear Dawn.
Are you going hunting this week-end too?
Sending you good luck,if so, and love and hugs, sweetie.


The Cinnamon Stick said...

Now Miss Dawn...being a former storekeeper you KNOW that as soon as you get everything looking just PERFECT the inevitable happens - someone comes along and has the nerve to purchase your whole display !! Honestly how dare these people...oh yeah that's right...that is what is suppose to happen!!! XOXO Judy
OOPS forgot to say it is PERFECT right now!

Sandy said...


You are so funny. My advice is to do what Amy in Little Women did when feeding the hungry children, One for me and one for you! That is how you can fill your booth. Have a sweet Saturday.

Kerin said...

Dawn, I think that your booth looks terrific!!
I saw quite a few things that I would like to have :)
Thanks a bunch for your sweet comments on my blog post! You are such a cutie pie!
Also, thanks for mentioning the magazine.
I too have subscribed to many magazines, only to be disappointed.
I am going to check this one out for sure.
Heck, almost every thing I own is second hand!
Well, I'm clicking back to read some more of your adorable blog.
Have a great weekend!

Theresa said...

Well Dawn, I am coming to see that space in person soon:) Thank you so much for the tip on the Flea Market Style Magazine, I found it at Ingles yesterday! Have a blessed day and love your goodies!

Denise Marie said...

love your style. I just dubbed our home on my newest address labels The West Nest because there are 6 shots of birds and nests on the

Lori said...

honestly Dawn, i think that looks great...i don't like when shelves are so overloaded that you are afraid to try to look at anything for fear that you are going to knock something over...or break looks like you have a great assortment of goodies there!!!

nancarts said...

Dawn, your little space looks great! Wish I was close enough to shop! I see things I would love to buy. I haven't been thrifting or junking in maybe today is the day. Weather not so great here either, but thank goodness none of the snow.
Have a great weekend.
Smiles and Blessings,
Nancy C

Deb said...

Your little space looks fabulous Dawn! Wish I lived close enough to visit.
Have a great weekend!

Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Dawn,
You have some wonderful things in your booth. I've been setting one up myself and I'm exhausted. We've gotten all the fixtures in place and will be loading some goodies in tomorrow. I forgot my camera yesterday so no pics yet. I'll post some Sunday night or Monday morning. I know how incredibly busy you are, but I'd love for you to stop by if you have a chance.

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hi sweetie!

Thanks for joining in our HUGE vintage Yaya give-a-way! Love your blog...very inspiring! I look forward to getting to know you. Have a beautiful and creative week! xo...deb

Vintage Blue Studio said...

This makes me want to get up and go antiquing right now!

Linda K. said...

All you've done thus far is amazing and no doubt the rest will follow suite. Everything you have looks so inspiring and full of possibilities for the artist or just to display. I love how there are 'possibilities' in all vintage things. Dawn, you're the queen of possibilities!


June said...

Dawn you are going to have such fun! It all looks so great and I already see some things that I would love to have here at my place. When my daughter had her store, it always amazed me how much stuff it took to fill it up. I would go to Boise to help her with the vignettes and I was always so critical of my own work. It was funny how sad I would be when things sold, because you'd have to redecorate all the time. Of course my daughter loved it when things sold. Then she moved to an even bigger space, but by then she had a lot of help with the set up. I could then just go in and enjoy shopping there and messing up everyone elses set ups.

Wildflowerhouse said...

Dawn I wish I could come there to shop,shop, shop!It is filling up with wonderful items. I love the huge black clock face on the wall. Mmmmm! Also thanks so much for the "Angel Friends" it might be just what I need for a sweet little project. You are most generous. Take care, Sharon

Barbara Jean said...

Looking great!

I say, just enjoy that typewriter for awhile. I have been sorry when I put things in my store and did not get to enjoy them as long as I wanted.
(and I am there 3 days a week looking at them.)


barbara jean

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I would love to come and visit your space ~ it looks darling and so inviting! Blessings!

Beth Leintz said...

So much fun to see the evolution of your booth. Wish I could shop there!

Pretty Things said...

Such a beautiful space!

myletterstoemily said...

it looks just wonderful, tempting even to me,
and i never shop!

Miss Gracie's House said...

It's looking great...and it is *always* a work in progress!

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Your shop is looking fabulous! I love the glass cloque! I should have a booth at one of our local antique malls... I've got enough to probably fill it, the hard part would be letting go of it! :)

Anonymous said...

If you keep this up, Miss Dawn, continuing to show us photos of your booth, you will also soon have a mail order business going! ;-)

Either that or we'll all be taking trips to Georgia! ;-)

Hugs! Diane

Vee said...

It looks fantastic to me! I'd love to be able to shop there. That must be the most horrible have to shop so often for the shelves and not wind up keeping the best things. ;> You deserve that enjoy it!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I understand what you mean, the perfectionist in me gets that way too! But it looks great and will be the way you want it before long. Between you and another other online friend you guys have got me toying with the idea of going back to being a vendor again. And I thought those days were done. LOL


Journal Swag said...

I so understand! I've had spaces in antique stores before. It's fun, but a LOT of work. Yours is darling! Love it!


Romeo said...

Dawn, your booth looks great! Congrats on the empty spaces - that is a wonderful feeling!!!

And the typewriter? I have a few, so I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to help much in the way of convincing you to let it go. Why not enjoy it for a time and then later sell it to someone else to appreciate?

Kateyed said...

i love that! I wonder how I missed it! I must start commenting here...I come here all the time and at the very least, I need to thank you for the images. I love how you promote people, too. I have a new blog and hopefully some day, I can do that, too. Well, I can do it now, right?



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