Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My humble offerings to you ~

I am truly blessed dear friends!!!
The precious comments that have been left
on my giveaway post have left me speechless!!
Also teary-eyed and oh-so thankful
that we've found each other in this vast blog land ~
Thank you so very much....
you inspire me more than you'll ever know.

Here are my gifts ~ I'll be sure to add the photos to the actual post.
I finished my bird canvas....it's a simple, understated piece ~
plus a tin bird wall hanging that I bought just for this giveaway...
a beautiful calendar that you will LOVE the photographs inside
and a little wire basket filled with ivory Feathered Nest soap!!!

Seems quite meager but so filled with love!!
If you've not entered yet,
to enter my blogiversary giveaway ~

Plus here's a little more giveaway love!!!!

Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered is having a giveaway HERE ~

Rebecca of Vintage Living is having a giveaway HERE ~

And Trisha of A Vintage White is having a giveaway HERE ~

I don't think I've ever seen so many wonderful giveaways!!!
I think we all realize how fun blogging is, how interactive it is and how
inspiring blogging can be. It's rewarding to lift one another up,
encourage each other and follow one another's lives...
through the ups and the downs ~
truly what friendship is all about.

Thank you for all you are to me precious friends,
have a wonderful Tuesday....
hugs and love,


Lori said...

Dawn, that doesn't look so humble to me!!! everything is beautiful!!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Ever so generous you are, Miz Dawn. How incredibly beautiful your giveaways are. The winners will indeed be blessed by your talent.
A big long southern hug to you

Theresa said...

OOOHHHH me, me, me:) I am jumping up and down! No pressure, just pick me:) Hugs!

Joy Lett said...

Dawn-really? I can't get 3 days of blogging and you have 3 years. Awesome. Absolutely am loving your bird plaque- the way you mounted it is wonderous. How's Griffin going??

Dorthe said...

Oh sweet Dawn,
I kneew it would be something beautifull and special, you would create for one of us to winn,
and it realy is, love how you mounted the image piece on the background.
And all the other gifts are so wonderfull,too-
To winn one of them would realy make my day, dear friend.
-please know that I posted about your giveaway on my blog yesterday.

Wishing you a happy and bright day, Dawn.

Love and hugs,Dorthe

Artist Class said...

As always, everything you do is just lovely. Thank you my friend!

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Dawn, As always your creations and choice of colors and themes are wonderful. All these giveaways are inspiring me to put together my owne giveaway. Hmmmm, what I can I celebrate??? Thanks Dawn for your wonderful blog and your kindness. hugs,Kim

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I think Valentine's Day coming up has brought out the love in everyone!

That's Sunday! :-)

I've already got something GREEN in mind for a St. Patrick's Day Giveaway. Not dollar bills! LOL! Not shamrocks either!

Hugs on Tuesday! Keep warm! I think more snow is headed your way! It's coming here this afternoon!


myriamkreativ said...

Hi Dawn,
Its so nice to visit you here... come over for a latte and take the award with you that I gave to you, that even more people can come and enjoy this wonderful blog. Hugs Myriam

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh, so beautiful and oh, how I wish....
have a wonderful day

Candy said...

jumping around visiting all your little adds for fabulous giveaways and almost forget to add my name to your over the top goodies. As always your work is superb.
Happy Three Years!

Florence said...

Oh how I would like to win. I love the spirit of your blog. Florence

Vee said...

Oh what lovely things you are gifting someone with! That wall art is spectacular! And thank you for always being so generous and pointing the way to others who are giving away lovely things, too. Blogland does amaze me for its generosity!

Sandy said...

Glorious gifts from a generous giver! I hope your day is filled with delights!

Amy said...

Those are seriously incredible. I love birds. I even have a cockatiel named Kylie (who is NEVER depicted in art, except my photography.)

Anonymous said...

as always, just beautiful....hope you have a wonderfully blessed day today....

Sandi said...

I know I don't have a chance to win, but I am putting my name in the hat. How could I not try. Everything is so lovely.

I read your post everyday. Love it and think you are great.

Char said...

I am in seventh heaven, having found your blog. I love it!! I have always loved birds nests and you have them featured all over the place. A follower I am, thanks so much for your posts and hard work, Char

BellaRosa said...

Dawn amor, what you consider simple and understated, I consider a beautiful piece of art, how lucky the one that gets to display this beautiful piece in their home, everytime they look at it they know that it came from one of the most lovely hearted woman. Besos, and huge hugs to you my sweet friend that always makes the time for her friends :) Rose

Auntie Cake said...

I will be drooling all night long after looking at those pictures! And I have to tell you, I left a comment somewhere about you. I told her that you were everyone's friend here in blogland. Even before I started blogging, and was scared to leave comments, so you didn't even have a clue that I existed, I just thought of you as my friend Dawn. You are so sweet and encouraging to everyone. I am glad you have rose-colored-glasses!

Sea Witch said...

Amazing items. So lovely and generous. I hope I am the winner. Sea Witch

Mitzi Curi said...

I'd love to enter the contest, the items offered are beautiful. Dawn, you are always so generous and positive. This blog has such a nice, calm vibe. It's a soft place to land on the internet!

Debbie said...


All of the tresures are so lovely. Thank you for the giveaway.

debbie peysen


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