Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy as a bee!

I've been covered up in getting all of these goodies
ready to go to the antique mall.
Emily, Clara and I are heading there today!
It always feel so good to get everything out of the house
and where it's supposed to be ~
plus it's not selling here in the dining room!!!!

This window's not going yet...but this is the "BEFORE" photo!

I just have to tell you, this magazine...
Flea Market Style, is EVERYTHING I'd hoped it would be!!
Thank goodness, too.
I've gotten to where I hardly buy magazines any more...
It is almost ten dollars but it's a keeper!!
I found mine at Books-a-Million but
I've seen it at Ingle's grocery stores too...

Here are a few more antique photos for you....

This little girl and cat sleeping are just precious.

You know how I love to embrace brand new bloggers....
I just want them to realize how wonderful this community is
and introduce them so they can feel the love!

Please welcome Susan of Susan Degeneres Studio ~

And please welcome Karen of Welcome to My World ~

Thank you for stopping by to see me.
Seems quite amazing that someone else cares enough
to stop by, read about what you're up to,
and then to even comment and say hello!!
Blogging IS such fun.....
You truly are all such precious friends ~

Have a very happy Friday!!!
hugs and love,


marie said...

Well Dawn, you have certainly been busy! I know your space must be just wonderful. I love your sweet little baskets of soap...wish I lived near by because I'd definitely be buying one of those.
I was so excited to read that you had sold almost enough to make your first rent payment. Tha must be so encouraging. I wish you (and your husband) much success.

I bought the Flea Market magazine too. You're so right ~ it's excellent! So many great ideas and inspiring photos.

Have fun adding all the goodies to your space ~ I'd love to see pictures of it. I'm also looking forward to the "after" photo of the window!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Dawn, I am sitting here thinking how very lovely your space must be at the antique mall with all of your beautiful treasures!! Oh how I wish I lived closer so I could visit! I know I would just have to buy the antique photos...I just love them! :) I am so happy for you and want to wish you all the very best with your exciting & wonderful new venture!!
Thank you so much for sharing those precious images with us sweet Dawn!
Have a beautiful Friday~
Hugs & love, Carol Anne

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dearest Dawn,

Oh, I have a feeling this is going to be the same wish in all comments to this post..."I wish I lived near to you so I could shop in your space at the Antique Mall!"

Everything is so perfect...and who would expect any less from such a wonderfully talented artist like yourself?

May your life be futher filled with blessings as you have brought them to all of us who follow you and your beautiful journey!



Lululiz said...

Ooh, those photos are stereographs! Isn't it amazing to think that 100 years ago they could view these in 3D! With a rather magnificent contraption, lol.
I have spotted some wonderful things amongst the treasures you are taking, beautiful door knobs, for example.

Theresa said...

Thanks for the tip on where I can find that DANG magazine. I have looked everywhere. Headed out this morning to get it! Love your goodies headed to your booth. Have a blessed day my friend!

Six in One Hand said...

I love your finds!!!
Too bad I don't live closer to you...sigh*

My Grama's Soul said...

Sweet Dawn.....If anyone can make a silk purse out of a sow's is you. Those little things you made from little junk treasures are beautiful.

I'm assuming this little store is a family endeavor. Best of luck to you!!



Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Dawn,
Thank you so much for your warm welcome to blogland and words of encouragement. I love your artwork and I know your booth in the antique mall is equally as lovely. It's nice to know I have a new friend in Georgia.

Anji Johnston said...

Busy as a bee indeed! Your space at the antique mall is going to look just wonderful! Please post lots of pics when you are done so we can all drool! I wish I could come visit but you always make us feel that we are with you! Good luck Dawn!

Darlene said...

I came over from Carla at Cosmo Girls Emporium to visit. I would LOVE to shop at your space in the antique mall. It looks like you have a bunch of delightful goodies going there. That magazine looks wonderful and full of great pictures. Hope you have a great day.♥

Joy Lett said...

I am glad you will be in today because I have Griffin on my list of errands for today and I'll try to get by to see you. I'm glad the egg soaps will be there- I've been wanting some. Hope to see you and Clara. Don't get blown away by the wind----

Anne Lorys said...

I adore that card holder you created, how inventive!

And I'm grabbing that little girl and cat photo, too precious. Thank you!!!

Love ya,

Barbara Jean said...

Dawn, I look forward to my visits here every day.

Love all your 'loot' and cannot wait to see your booth all together. I know it will be wonderful!!

Thanks for all the old photos. I will look forward to having time to do some creating with them. Right now, taxes, and inventory. =0/

Thanks for telling us about new bloggers.


barbara jean

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Dawn
I linked to you in my post today. I made the wreath from Lindsey that you posted about. Thanks for sharing her. I love my wreath. I have made five of them already!

Have a great weekend, looks like you will have a great day!

Elyse said...

hi dawn,

this post is like a sweet little cookie - just so full of yummy through and through!

the antiques look lovely, as does everything else.

i keep forgetting to look for the magazine! i see a trip to barnes & noble in my near future. thanks for the reminder.


Sandy said...


All your hard work on your booth space is sure to pay off and I so wish I lived close enough to shop there! Love the little egg soaps, packaged so sweetly. I have been waiting for that publication to come out, I'll have to see if any local newsstands here have it yet, thanks for the heads up. Have a great weekend!

Hopemore Studio said...

Dawn, I can't imagine your booth being anything less than beautiful, inviting, and successful. If I lived nearby I'd stop in for sure.

I'm off to check out the new bloggers.


Jan Thomason said...

I've been on your blog so long this afternoon that I can't remember how I got here...from another blog, I know that.
I used to follow you and about, oh, i don't know, i decided i couldn't keep up with everyone so i trimmed down the number of blogs i followed.
you're going back on this afternoon:)
after reading this post i realized that i have missed your blog!

loved looking at all of your goodies for your booth. i'm saving a lot of money by living in texas. lol

warmly, jan

Unknown said...

I SO wish I could see your cute spot. I will have to just do with your fun photos. The eggs are to die for!!! Are they soaps??? Do you sell them online???
Thanks for all the new bloggers you post. I love going to their sites.
Have a great day.

Dorthe said...

Hello dear Dawn,
So many wonderfull goodies you have been moving to your little shop, must be great, finding special things, and then displaying them for sale, only to come back next week-end to find most of it gone--big congratulations, to you ,you have a big flair, for finding the right stuff, sweetie.

You magazine looks so wonderfull, wish it could be found here.......

Hope yopu will have a lovely friday evening dear friend, thanks for your so, sweet comment today.

Love and hugs, Dorthe

Secondhandrose said...

It looks like you fun selling space has become a great family affair. I wish you luck. Come for a visit.


Andy's Attic said...

Hi Dawn,
The treasures going to your space look great. I would be by to see but it is too long of a drive from the west coast :>) I am giving away a FMS magazine on my blog for those that can't find it.

Carole said...

You're amazing! you are such a giver and you're thanking us?'s the other way around....Thank you!


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