Monday, February 1, 2010

What love built ~

First, I have another wonderful image for you!
I found her while antiquing Saturday....

And what DID love build??
Our sweet son Brent built a beautiful trellis for his wife Emily
over their front walk and I had to show it to you!!
They will have a gorgeous vine growing over it soon ~

And look at this angel!!!! Growing so very fast!!!!
Can you believe Clara will be one year old in March???

And now I can introduce you to a precious friend Ann of The Tin Rabbit!!!
She's just put up her very first post!!!
Please welcome her and let her know how wonderful blogging is ~
I'm so glad you're here Ann!!!!

And I have to show you this precious bear
that Marva of Purplepaint's Muse
transformed into vintage goodness!!!
I just love her! I have such a soft spot
in my heart for bears ~
Marva saw the little tutorial in my side bar
about how I love doing this...

A sweet Valentine giveaway from Diane at Diane Knott's Musings!!
~Just click HERE to enter ~

I hope you have a wonderful Monday sweet friends!
hugs and love,


April but some call me Prilyy said...

love it all- hey will you do me a favor and check out my blog, i have a ? about the vintage images and gettin them bigger, maybe you can help.tytyty!

marie said...

The trellis is wonderful! I can just imagine it covered with a beautiful vine....maybe clemetis??

Clara is so adorable and she's at such a precious age. My youngest grandbaby, Penelope, will also be a year old in March. They just still your breath away, don't they! : )

Thank you for introducing us to Ann & her blog. I love her artwork, and thank you for the sweet image today. I love it!

Dorthe said...

Hello dear Dawn,
so sweet photoes of Clara, I think she looks a great deal,as her sweet grandma ???

The trellis is wonderfull looking, and will be even more beautifull with some wine growing there.

I visited your friend Ann -thanks- such gorgeus artpieces.
and thanks for your great image Dawn.

Sending you loving monday regards from here.
xoxoxo Dorthe

Lori said...

Dawn, i certainly cannot believe that your little one will be a year old next month!!! it doesn't seem possible, much less so to you i am sure...she really is such a darling baby!!!

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Dawn...the trellis is wonderful...the vines will make it magical! What a preciouse gift of love!
I'm telling you...put a book on Clara's head! Those little ones grow so fast! I remember I had just started my blog when she was born...can it be?
LOVE to you all in the Month of LOVE...
xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Dawn, Ann is one of my dearest friends. She's super talented and has such a great eye for putting displays together. You should see her sales she has at the Tin Rabbit, just over the top. I've done several posts on her sales and so glad you helped her get her blog going. Your son did a fantastic job on the arbor. I'm sure the vines growing on it will be just beautiful. Have a blessed week my friend, T

Tami said...

Wonderful image and the trellis is wonderful how beautiful it will look full of vine!! Adorable grandbaby.

Sandy said...

Can't you just imagine Clara playing with her dolly friends under that soon to be vine drapped arbor on a sunny spring day? She is so adorable! Yes, they do grow fast. My two were here last night and I wanted to cry at how big they seem to grow between visit.

Ann's blog looks like a wonderful place to visit so I'll go and do that right now.

Have a happy Monday!

Charlene said...

Brent did an amazing job on the arbor!!! I love it! And once the vine/flowers cover it... it will be magical. Clara's hair is getting so much lighter. She is growing up so fast!!!! And now I'm off to visit Ann. Have a wonderful week. HUGS! Charlene

Sea Witch said...

What a great post, full of sweet things from a lovely trellis, a etheral photograph, a sweet cheeked baby, a new blogger called Tin Rabbit, and a well dressed teddy bear. Life is good. Sea Witch

Mary said...

Dear Dawn - I'm snowed in so have time to do some catching up at last!
What a gorgeous trellis - can't wait to see it covered in climbing roses later....and certainly little birdies will be nesting there.

If you stop by you can see my pics of the birds in the snow here - don't you always love how pretty they are with a white background?


nancarts said...

Hello Dawn! Love the photo..the trellis and Clara is so adorable. They just don't stay babies very long! Your son must be very talented to build that sure a vine will make it even more beautiful..come SPRING!!!
Have you opened your shop yet? Don't forget to post pics so we can all see it.
Smiles and Blessings,
Nancy C

Anne Lorys said...

Hi precious Clara! Too bad you're not a bit cute! ;-)

That trellis will be gorgeous come Spring. Heck, it looks pretty darn good right now.


Vee said...

Love the trellis...great job! Emily must be thrilled. And sweet adorable in her Valentine shirt!

myriamkreativ said...

Hi Dawn,
if you love bears you have to stop over at my blog of the month for december and january "das baerendorf". Iris and Biene are creating the most beautiful creatures.... each very special. Its just fun to have a look there. When you click at the Header you can walk into the village of the bears... very funny.
Hugs Myriam

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Clara !! can't wait for my new Darling -- will be a while -- Aug-27 --
The trellis is wonderful-- son very talented - Kathy -GA ♥

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Love the trellis....

Lisa said...

OMG, that Clara is the CUTEST! Her eyes are like big chocolate saucers. They grow up too fast for sure, seems like yesterday mine looked like that. I am crazy for your son's trellis, never seen one like it. Did he forge for the trees or buy them? I saved this pic for Kevin. I want one too. I guess he's a chip off the 'ol block, using nature to make art! I'm going to check out the Tin Rabbit now. Lisa

The Tin Rabbit said...

Dawn...Thank you sooo much from the bottom of my ol' heart...I am overwhelmed and deeply moved by all your wonderful friends comments..I feel totally welcomed here in this beautiful blogland! And.. I finally figured out to post this! Hugs and Love My Sweet Friend!!! Ann

Alice W. said...

What a beautiful trellis! I bet Emily was thrilled...I know I would be. And Clara...sigh...too cute!!! She looks more and more like you every day! OH and I love Ann's style of the Tin Rabbit...I have enjoyed her photos of Flickr for awhile now so I am eager to head her way! Thanks for sharing!

Rustique Gal said...

Dawn, your postings blow me away! Thanks for the image. I love these old girl pictures. The trellis is adorable, very rustique! and Clara is so sweet. You introduce the nicest blogs to us, Thanks!

julie miller said...

hello dawn, thank you so much for your recent comment on my blog. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave such sweet sentiments!! I have to say yours is one of my favorites and you are definetly the most talented woman I'm following!! Your creations are beautiful and very inspiring--love your use of vintage stuff! I'm relatively new at this, but was self-taught and I'm very proud of that--lots of trial and error! thanks again for the nice comments and stop by again soon~~I do appreciate it! by the way~your granddaughter is GORGEOUS!! my eldest daughter is expecting our 1st grandbaby in April~can't wait!! sweet days! Julie

Unknown said...

Hey Sweetie. What a cool trellis Brent built. I know his Emily must be thrilled with it. That sweet little Clair is so cute, I never get tired of seeing her pictures. I really mean it, how could you not love looking as something so sweet and innocent.

I'll be sure to go by and visit Ann & Marva. Love the bear. And you know I'll be heading to Diane's to enter her beautiful giveaway. Thanks for the sharing.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Tawney said...

Oh is that beautiful baby your grand baby...ever since mine was born I am nuts for grandbabies. LOL What sweet pictures. Thank you also for all your wonderful images that you post! You inspire me greatly. I would like to put images up to...haven't quite figured that out, soon though. =) Have a super great day!

Ella said...

Hello Dawn,

Thanks for visiting my blog; I just added your blog link. You are the perfect artist to tie into my art bird post. I don't have a lot of followers, but one never knows. I do have several friends and family members that read it, but never post.

Thanks again, for taking the time to stop by and your kind words!

I look forward to seeing what you will make next!

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Hi Dawn! I have to tell you I was so honored to see that you put a photo of my shabby bear on your blog! I finally posted photos of her and she's done! Had to stain her dress a bit... Marva


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