Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kindness from a friend & a little mojo ~

Today in the mail there was an envelope from Canada!
I'm trying to think....who is sending me something?
Well, it was sweet Merne who had contacted me earlier wanting my address ~
she saw something that she knew I'd love and wanted to send it to me!!!

It is two of the most beautiful cards......they are just GORGEOUS!!
The photography is amazing and she said that
they reminded her of me and my blog.
They were created by an artist, Tara Wilkinson.
Not just the photography but the actual nests!!!!
Here is her website if you'd love to look at her work...

Thank you so very much Merne ~
I will keep them in my studio to inspire me sweet friend!!!

I've printed out some of Mary's images that I purchased in her store ~
Green Paper Packages.
I'm finally starting the bee assemblage!!!
I think the colors in these images will be perfect
for what I'm going to put together ~

I found a beautiful old hand mirror the other day, without the mirror!!!
What do you think it could become?
I have an idea....and I've just started getting it together!!

Oh and remember this neat find while I was out junkin'??

Finally. It has become this ~

I love repurposing things ~ it gives them a new life and gives me such joy ~

I hope you have an amazing Thursday dear friends!!
hugs and love,


BellaRosa said...

Dawn, what a lovely gift :) I can't wait to see what new beauty you create with those pretty papers and the hand mirror I really like what you did with the spice jars, I especially love the lables, it added that perfect finishing touch :) Rose

Dorthe said...

Hi dear friend,
Your holder and jars, ended up being ,a so very sweet thing ,-but what is`nt in your hands.
And the beautifull mirror, i`m exidedly waiting to se finished.
Wishing you a wonderfull day, sweet.Here it is such a beautifull September autumn day.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Lori said...

your glitter caddy turned out so cute Dawn!!!

Karen said...

Loving the change in the spice jars!! You have the magic touch!!

Sally L. Smith said...

Beautiful transformation, Dawn. I can't wait to see what you do with the mirror--what a pretty.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love the hand mirror and the labels you did on those spice jars!

Marlene said...

Dawn, love the spice jars, very shabby chic. I would have passed them up at a flea market. Next time I go I'll look at everything with a different eye. You inspire creativity.

The Rustic Victorian said...

The nest photos are so you,,,I went to her site and they are something fine. I do believe you are onto something wonderful Miz Dawn. Have fun!

chicroses said...

The nests are adorable. The mirror I cant wait for you to put that together. My idea was to put a family picture in where the mirror was. I have some silver mirrors at my I am going to grab one and do that. Your little spice bottles are soooooo cute.I dont know why I cant think of these things. Love looking at what you have done.You amaze me. Sally

Anonymous said...

Love what you did with the little 'spice holder thingy.' Lovely! ~Laurie

Deb said...

What a beautiful gift Dawn! Love your repurposed spiced jars ~ you are so creative ♥

Sandy said...

I can't wait to view Tara's work it looks just amazing. Love the little glitter caddy. Happy bee keeping!

Anonymous said...

Oh my my, those nests on her website are stunning! What a great art idea! I can hardly wait to see what you do with the mirror and the bees. Your talent knows no end.

Karen said...

LOVE THAT!!! Can't have too many containers of glitter!!! Isn't it amazing what can come from something old and kinda yucky? HA!

Claire Mercado-Obias said...

Love, love, love the shabby chic spice rack!

Julie Pishny said...

Dawn I love your "eye on the world" it would be so much fun junking with you - I could hold something up and ask, "What do you see?" and I would always be delighted and surprised by your answer.

I love the idea of repurposing things - it started when I inherited a stash of things from my Grandmother when she passed. I just couldn't bear to throw her things away so..... the challenge was on to find useful ways to live with her things. Some of them are still waiting in my basement....

The nests are gorgeous never underestimate the kindness of strangers....xo Julie

Anne Lorys said...

Your spice jars look fantastic! And how sweet is it that a fellow blogger saw something, thought of you, and then actually sent it to you?! That's why I love this blogging community so much, so many people with generous hearts.
All the best,
~ Anne

Charlene said...

Oh that mirror is divine! I know it will be breathtaking when you are finished with it. And the condiment set is adorable. What a change is that! From brown & drab to white & lovely! MAGIC is what you create!

Sandi said...

That holder is so neat Dawn!!!!! I would have never thought of that idea. Some days I have great ideas and others...not so much!! lol
Thanks for sharing all your wonderful goodies with us!!

Barbara Jean said...

The transformation on those little jars is amazing!!
Thinking i better get busy and do something with the 40 or so i have! =0)

The nests are wonderful. Love the 'looseness' of them.
Wonder what she uses for her fine 'foliage'.

barbara jean

Kelli said...

What a sweet gift and I *love* what you did to those little jars....just beautiful!

Sandy D. said...

Dawn, the spice caddies are WONDERFUL and to think they held barbecue spice. I cannot wait to see what you do with the mirror.

Cathe Holden said...

LOVE the bottle set!! So fresh and pretty!
Thanks for the great link to Green Paper Packages! I could really do some damage over there.

Can't wait to see what becomes of the're quite a tease.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

How clever is that? I, too, love re-making things! Isn't it just tooo much fun?


Carole said...

I never would in a million years bought those spice bottle. You are brilliant!

Jann said...

Wow--the spice jars are so lovely now! You are so clever!

The Jeweled Postcard said...

I can't believe how you transformed those spice jars!! Just so impressed, they're gorgeous!!!


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