Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A few links for you ~

First, I want to thank you so much for your well wishes, you all are absolutely the best friends EVER! I have a horrible u.t.i., which is really t.m.i. but it has knocked me down. But I'm taking really good care of myself now and hopefully this thing will be gone soon!!
I love you all so much ~

I want to show a little link love here and point you to something wonderful that KC Willis is offering now, Studio Retreats!!! She's offering retreats to go and visit with her in her Colorado studio and learn her techniques in person!!

A small excerpt from her Retreat Page:

"I have never opened up my studio space for teaching before...and no it is not the same little studio you saw on the Collage Camp's a whole new place. (Pictures of its awesomeness coming soon.) I have had such a great time working with over a hundred artists and soon-to-be-artists over the Internet. To work side by side with you is going to be amazing. Even if you have participated in Collage Camp...this will be different. This will be an opportunity to further explore the techniques you learned at Camp, as well as learn new ones as you work directly with KC."

KC's artwork is just amazing so I can't imagine how wonderful these retreats will be!!


KC is having a giveaway for all those who post about her new retreats ~
You can read about it: HERE!

I have a couple of new bloggers that I've come across too, and I LOVE introducing new blogs!!! The first one is Kim at Fille de Fleur ~ I can tell already I'm going to love visiting her blog ~ I love her taste!!!! I'd love for you to stop by and say hello sometime.....just CLICK HERE to visit ~

This next new blogger is Virginia of Made with Love! She lives on Tybee Island and my son David who lives in Savannah is friends with her son Josh, how cool is that???

I can tell she's such a sweetheart and loves being creative. She's just started blogging too ~ I'd love for you to stop in and say hello to her as well when you can.....just CLICK HERE to visit Virginia!!

You all are absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!
xxoo, Dawn


Lori said...

Dawn, you are so good about finding and introducing new bloggers...what a sweetheart you are:) thanks for the links!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to go check them out! Thanks for sharing!

The Painted Nest said...

Look at you Sweet Dawn, always thinking of others, even when you're sick!!! See my friend, that's what sets you apart and why God is promoting YOU!!! I love you sweet mamabird!!!!~~~Hope you are feeling better soon~~~I'll be praying for you!!!~~~Deborah

Laura Haviland said...

Dawn I just love your blog and you are such a sweetie!
You have a blog award to pick up on my blog.
Hugs, Laura.
Feel better, soon.

sepiadreams said...

Wishes for a speedy recovery for you....Drink Cranberry juice-it works wonders....Love Tiina...

Cathy said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I manage to get at least one a year and thank god for the over the counter stuff that they now have. It helps until you can get to a doctor. Feel better soon! By the way,your studio looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

OMG, that studio retreat with KC Willis sounds awesome. Are you going? We could go together from Atlanta? I have always loved her work. I noticed you also enjoy Something Sublime blog!!! We have exact same tastes, I swear. You are so nice to link us to new blogs. Let me know if you are seriously thinking about the retreat, I am!
Have a good week.

Virginia said...


First Thank you soooo much for mentioning my blog to your wonderful friends! What a great suprise to go to my blog and find your wonderful ladies had visited via you! You Rock! I also get a couple of the horrific UTI's every year. What a painful thing to knock you off your feet. Glad u are feeling better..Extra prayers are coming your way Dawn and
Thanks again...

Kim-Fille de Fleur said...

Dawn, Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I was so happy and surprised when so many of your friends came over to welcome and encourage me! I have loved getting to meet new people and see what they are up to on their blogs. I was even able to buy a little treasure from Alice W. that I never would have found! Yea! Thanks again,


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