Friday, June 26, 2009

Some wonderful goodies I found!

I took a little trip to Michael's and found some of the best stuff!!! Some of the items were on clearance....not the bird cage thing but I did use my coupon for it!

These blank tags were on clearance ~ love the shape!
And the little paper pad with nursery papers....clearance too.

These precious flowers were on clearance ~ why, I don't know but I'm not complaining. I'm not sure what I'll use them on but love them and will add them to "the stash"

These were a new item on the end cap, some vintage style items. Don't you love these pins? I thought they'd be neat to use on my art quilt.

Do you check the wedding section in stores? I LOVE these paper the wedding section. Not on clearance but they were just wonderful....could I spray them with coffee? :)

Don't you love this precious paper?

And someone wants to say hello!!! 3 months old 3 days ago ~ sweet baby Clara . . .

This is really my 1000th post but I just had to share these goodies before the actual giveaway post!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Friday dear friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


Barbara Jean said...

Dawn, You really hit the goodies at Michael's.
I would be tempted to run right over there tomorrow, but you probably bought it all. =0))

Love the bird cage, (of course) and that paper is so sweet, and a lot of potential in those paper roses.

And sweet little Clara, well there are not words for her. =0))

Love and blessings,
Barbara jean

Nita Jo said...

What great finds! Love the pins and the nursery paper. I need to visit Michaels one of these days.

Baby Clara is growing so fast. I love her expressive eyes. You are sweet to share her with us.

Nita Jo

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Dawn, those paper roses are gorgeous..... I must start checking the bridal section. I would also like to try to make some roses out of those coffee filters. They look very pretty and I already make roses out of ribbons. So they couldn't be any more trouble than those.
Little Clara looks more like you every time I see her. She has that same sweet spirit look that you do.
Nite, nite

Sheila Rumney said...

Love all you finds at Michael's. Makes me want to make a trip by mine.

What a sweetie... she sure is getting growing!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I have seen the face if an Angel in Clara's face - she's amazingly precious!

Lee Weber said...

darn! I was just there last week and didn't see nany of this stuff. I did buy some very sililar flowers, though. Those pins are aweseme- those I need to go find.

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Hello sweet Clara, and Dawn I purchased those same vintage findings Tuesday at good ole Mikes too! As Martha would say, they are a "good thing". Cant wait to see the give away goodies!! Wow 1000 posts; thanks so much for letting us share your life.
Blessings, Gerri

kathy said...

LOts of sweetness - but the sweetest is * Baby Clara SMILES !! SO SWEET -- hMM LOVE THOSE PIN THINGS -- Now if I can get the
energy need to go to Michaels for these and Staples for printer ink - Kathy - ga ♥

Vee said...

Oh the flowers are nice and the wedding roses are beautiful, but they don't hold a candle to sweet Clara. What a darling baby with such a smile to light up a room.

Journal Swag said...

You're a great "finder"! Beautiful things! I'm anxious to see what you do with them. MOST beautiful of course, is Miss Clara! So darling. Tell me, one Grandma to another: HOW do they grow so quickly? Is there not some way we could slow it down a bit so we could have longer to cuddle and smell them? What's your "Grandma" name? Mine is Mimi.


(aka Mimi)

Lady Pamela said...

Great finds, Dawn. I bought the birdcage, too. The Canadian store had them on half price. It is sitting on my blanket chest/coffee table in my living room.

Denise said...

Hey Sweetie,
I have gotten those roses before and dipped them in coffee. They kinda got scruchy and old looking. I can't wait to see what you make with them. You are my inspiration.
Hugs, Denise

Nadine said...

Dear Dawn,

What wonderful goodies you got! You should have fun coming up with ideas to use them!
What I loved best though, was the adorable picture of Clara - what a beauty!


marie said...

That's so funny ~ I posted about soem Michaels purchases about an hour before you did! : )
I bouht a package from the Vintage Findings group too!

I didn't even look at any of the clearance because of time ~ but I see I'll need to pop in there again soon!

Clara is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ooh great finds Dawn! Love that birdcage...and those paper flowers are so lovely...I picked some up last time I was there too...and some little velvet the clearance!

Happy 3 months to Clara!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

You got this from Michaels? I've never seen this line before but I'm going to make a trip over there tomorrow. Everything is so pretty and vintagy. Love it!

Virginia said...

Baby Clara is so beautiful Dawn. You must be in heaven when she is around. I feel that way about my grandsons! Aren't we lucky?!

Wildflowerhouse said...

Dawn your Michaels has so much more than mine. :-( > Clara is beautiful. I just love her eyes. So expressive. Sharon

Jamie said...

Our Michael's doesn't have quite all the goodies yours does. Lovely finds, but that Clara -- she's something else! Those huge eyes. So sweet!

Lisa said...

what a great idea to look in the wedding section of Michaels..especially for the little flowers...i soak them in a pot of coffee anyway..

Sandie R said...

What lovely treasures you have found for your art pieces. However I think your greatest treasure is that adorable little treasure Clara. She looks such a sweetheart.

ByLightOfMoon said...

I can't wait to see the roses stained. I know you will do it just right.

Those neat pins also come on "Life is Good" T-shirt and clothing, I know I needed to save them as I do with everything else.

Smiles, Cyndi


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