Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There is a time for everything.....

Can you believe this sweet angel??? Laying in her crib and loving the mobile her daddy bought for her! Just click on the photo to see her long eyelashes....she's really such an angel and growing SO VERY FAST! She's going to see her other grandmother and her great-grandmother this weekend and they are in for such a treat!!!!

And what is it time for you ask? Time for our baby bird to be free ~ Brent released the sweet bird this evening ~

Mama bird was not too happy with us, yelling every moment!!!

Do you see the sweetie in the center of the photo?

And then it flapped its sweet little wings and flew off!!! Mom was still close by though.....I never realized what wonderful parents birds are ~ (see the blur in the center of the photo)

Happy Wednesday sweet friends!
xxoo, Dawn


SharDon Exclusives said...

First, your little one is absolutely darling & have you noticed she looks like you.
Second I just told my hubby today that your birdy would be ready to fly soooon. We watched a male cardinal feed his new son to day. All week we have had numerous new babies trying their wings. Yes, the parents are VERY nurturing and will dive at you if you get near their nests...Such a sweet post.

Dorthe said...

Oh Dawn, what a little sweet heart, she will become a very beautifull girl.
I`m without computer for the next 4 dayes, so you woun`t hear from me before monday.
So untill then I wish you 4 wonderfull dayes ahead.
Love your photos of the birds,thanks for showing.

Love and hugs to you dear friend.

Suzann said...

Clara is so sweet. She seems like such a content little thing.
The baby bird is so precious. I love to watch birds and animals and spring is wonderful. So many mamas and babies here and there.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks for the update on the baby bird and Clara is your Baby bird, She too will fly and you will watch her starting this weekend with her grandparents. She will create and share love along with smiles of generations to be remembered on her first visit. Enjoy them!
Smiles Cyndi

Dorthe said...

Oh Dawn, what a wonderfull letter I recieved, Thank`s so much from my heart, hon, I love both soooo.
The beautifull card, will get a place on the shelf over my computertable, to be seen ,and the bookmark will be hung under the same shelf.
Thankyou sweet dear.
Love to you, and hugs.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Last year, when we actually watched as Gracie took her first flight, with Mamma-Sweetie-Bird watching, our hearts were filled with real excitement and pride AND's a miracle we get to share with God and we so appreciated being allowed to wintess this - you too have been blessed..enjoy and it's so good to have captured it on film!

And Clara?? Do they even come any sweeter? I think not :-)

Anonymous said...

Dawn, what a lovely ending to your bird story. Many people think the parent birds will abandon a baby that has human scent on it. I just read in a bird book that it's not true and you just proved it! Wonderful!
And...your little granddaughter is just perfection!

sepiadreams said...

Congrats on your bird release. I love it when something defies the odds. I was always told that when you find a young bird (any type) always leave it even if the parents have abandoned them. Well, thats not good enough for me. I think to date I have raised (hand fed and poop scooped) all in all about 16 or 17 birds of all types. I even kept a Bluebird for a whole year until I decided- I think nature is the best place for him. Last summer I had my hands full with 2 cardinals (actually 5 to start with) and 7 wren type birds. They were almost microscopic when my daughter found them. Finding them was her knocking down the old tree they were in. Needless to say 9 baby birds at once! Taking them to work and hiding them in the back. Feeding them every 30 minutes. It was stressful, but the rewards are so worth it. When I finally released all of them-the 2 Cardinals hung around the house for another 2 weeks still being fed everytime I walked outside. So sweet!!! And pet people say that you should never feed or help them because they will never survive when let free-what do these people know!!! Love Tiina...

Sandy said...

One moment a baby and in the blink of an eye they are leaving the nest. Your post is the perfect picture of how fast time flies and how quickly our children and grandchildren grow. Now, what wonderful thing will that bird cage hold next?

kathy said...

Dawn , Clara is too precious for words -- She is so beautiful --
Little birds leave home -- as children do . I love the story and what a great ending --
Oh the other Grammys -- are going to be so excited -- Have a great day - kathy - ga

madrekarin said...

Oh, sweet little Clara. You know I am vicariously being a grandmothert through your pictures of her, don't you? lol
I think that you need to write a book about the little bird and how her daddy saved it for Clara. :)

Lesley said...

How beautiful she is!!!!

I had to tell you the story about the little bird brought back happy memories for me of my Daddy. He was always saving and feeding some poor little bird until they were able to make it on their own in the "real" world. Thank you.


Charlene said...

Your house will be quiet this weekend with you "pink angel" gone. Love the fact that the baby bird did well upon release! So great that you guys helped him with the little extra time he needed to finish developing. Glad he wasn't lunch for a neighborhood cat. Hugs to you!

lorhen82 said...

I'm glad baby birdie is doing well! And little Clara is such a precious angel! ~Lori

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn, little Clara is just darling and sweet. Pink is so much her color. Very much like a little birdie herself. Love the baby bird story. We hand raised a baby squirrel who was orphaned in a hurricane. We released him and he stayed around and still loved to be held and climb us like a tree for several months. Then, like boys will do, he took up with some "girl".
As always, thanks for sharing.


Journal Swag said...

She is beautiful and what a precious expression on her face! Isn't being a Grandmother the best thing you've ever done???? What is your Grandma name? Mine is Mimi. Brock (when much smaller) used to say "Mimi, let's married!" Could you die? Yes, me too!


Jamie Wilcox said...

Dawn, she's so precious! The wide-eyed innocence of little ones, what a blessing! So glad to hear the little birdy did well also!



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