Thursday, June 4, 2009

Puffy is good!!!

Don't you agree?? Well, maybe not on our faces but chairs, yes! I finally got to it and made a new foam/feather insert for my new studio chair. I just love the way it turned out!! I was determined not to spend any more money on it as it was only 19.99 and I hated to buy a thick piece of foam that would end up costing more that the chair did!

I had a large piece of foam that was only 1" thick and made a pattern from the old yucky foam before I ditched it. I washed the cover on cold and let it air dry too. Then I cut 2 pieces of the 1" foam and used spray adhesive to glue them together!

I had some fusible batting too and added a layer of that on top and bottom then ironed it so it would fuse to the foam. Still it wasn't quite thick enough.

I had some material that was really just to be used for inserts for feather pillows so I cut another two pieces out the same shape as the cushion, sewed around and left a big opening on the straight side. I left the seam on the outside because once it was crammed into the cushion cover you wouldn't even know it!

THEN, I always shop at Ross and Marshall's, searching on their clearance racks for feather pillows that have been drastically marked down, say 6.00 or 7.00 and buy them. They could look hideous but it doesn't matter because I like to make new covers anyway, I just love the insert!! I had a giant one in my closet and proceeded to dump it's entire contents into the new cushion "pillow", once it was full, and many feathers in my hair later, I pinned it shut and quickly sewed the opening closed. I laid it on top of the foam cushion and wrapped it well with thin batting and then crammed it in the cushion cover!!! WHEW! I'm tired just telling you about it!

And now here is my cozy reading nook!!

I'm so excited, today I'm meeting Tammy from The Other Side of Me and Lee of Weber's World - The Way I See It in downtown McDonough for a little shopping at The Plum Tree!!!

They are heading to the big Farm Chicks show together Friday morning but Lee's arriving here in Georgia today so that gave them a little extra time to do some antiquing on the way home from the airport!

Wishing you an amazing Thursday dear friends,
xxoo, Dawn


PEA said...

You can come on over and do that anytime. LOL
My Gosh it looks brand NEW! Wonderful now you got me thinking I want a new chair! LOL
I will have to look with different eyes now at things.
Good tip on the pillows have done that at the thrift store. Just take them to the laundry mat and clean them there.

Barbara Jean said...

That Chair turned out great!!! Good job not spending any extra on it, and it cleaned up so well. Love that style.

Got you comment about maybe winning a tutorial.
Did not know about it but will check sure it out.
So fun if i did!!!!

Blessings and have a wonderful weekend.

barbara jean

Barbara Jean said...


I did win one of your tutorials!!!

I'm so excited.
I guess he did not email me, or i did not get it. I would have never known.Thank you.

OK, off to check 'em out and see if i can decide which one.

blessgins, and thanks,
Barbara jean

PS I had just posted your name on my post about winning a Fairy jar made by Charlene that i won in her giveaway.

Willnnabel said...

Dawn that chair is lovely! You did a fantastic job, wow, makes me want to try it. I am a great "recycler", which I see now is becoming popular, ha ha. I was so ahead of my time.

Lori said...

what a great re~do on the chair Dawn...have fun shopping with the girls!!!

Sandy said...

Puffy looks great! I hope you find lots of treasures and have fun today.

Sandi said...

Girl you constantly amaze me! Is there anything you CAN'T do? LOL That chair looks amazing!!!! I had never thought of getting ugly pillows just for the inserts! I will now be on the prowl!
Have a wonderful day!

The Painted Nest said...

Dawn!!!I love the way the chair turned out!!! What a great idea with those feathers girl!!! And thanks for the tip!!! I have a slipper chair just begging for a makeover!!!!I love the little reading nook!!You know we all have to have one in our studio.SOOOO Pretty!!!Have a great time with the girls!!!Hope you find some great stuff that you just can't live without! Blessings Sweet Friend, Deborah

Magic Moonlight said...

Dawn, what a Great Idea! I love your Reading place, Enjoy !

Suzann said...

Oh Dawn, it's beautiful!

Tanya said...

Your chair turned out great! I love it that you were able to use what you had and tweak it a little.

Deb said...

Your chair turned out fabulous Dawn! What a cozy spot you have now in your studio to sit and read.I love the little side table too! Have a fun day shopping :-)

Anonymous said...

Dawn - this chair looks wonderful! You did a superb job on the cushion and I can't believe how it fits so perfectly into your studio. You were very resourceful with your various pillow inserts and cushions. Will you ever feel like you are "done"? It's a perfect space for you to create.
--Vicki K.

Lana Manis said...

Oh Dawn ~ that looks soooooo comfy!

Great job!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Wow Dawn ~ that is awesome that you did that chair ~ I can't even imagine attempting to do something like that ~

Jacque said...

Dawn, that chair looks so comfy. You did a great job. As I was reading about you opening up those feather pillows, it reminded me of my recent post about Feather Crowns. When you get the time, please stop by for a visit and read this TRUE story--in case you ever find one in the future.

Digital Scraps Etc said...

What a great find and a great makeover you did! I have a sofa/rocker chair that I just love and everyone knows its mine. The only drawback is I don't cuddle enough with my husband on the couch ;-)

Andrea said...

Amazing! I love it! The nook is so elegant and cozy, which is perfect!

Did you make the little lampshade, too? I've been wanting to know how to do that. It's very pretty.

Many blessings and kindest regards,


Elizabeth said...

Dawn, You did a great job! I love comfy chairs and the neutral shade is beautiful. I love the reading nook. I need to do something similar.

God bless, friend!

Anonymous said...

Wow~~I love the chair tips! Now to find an old chair~lol!
Will remember to check your posts when I need to do that.
Looks great,Miss Dawn!


Journal Swag said...

Hi Dawn! I am in pain sitting on a chair that soooooooooooooooo needs this! I'm not able to do this, but BOY I would LOVE LOVE to have it done. It makes my backside happy just looking at it!


The Jeweled Postcard said...

What a compfy corner! Now to enjoy all that work put into it ;) Looks awesome!

Shopgirl said...

this chare is beautiful..You loved it and fixed it back to something special...of course you did! I will share this short story. Years ago I found a 1940's sectional for a dollar and 99 cents. At a good well store that I went to all the time. It was gold, and certainly ugly, but the rounded piece that was the center was in my eyes beautiful. So I bought fabric that I thought would be pretty. I had the custions done by a professional and I did the rest. We loved it. It was really pretty.
Something old made new again...
Hugs, Mary
Love your finds too.

Shopgirl said...



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