Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What an honor! is a wonderful site filled with information about each of their publications, tons of art supplies and so many other neat things ~ They now have an Artists Emporium where they sell chosen pieces of artwork that has been published in their magazines.....well, my sweet House Wren from the current Art Quilting Studio is in their shoppe!! I am truly honored that they consider my work worthy to be on their website ~ thanks so much Stampington!! OH, and part of the proceeds are donated to your choice from a list of wonderful charities!!
If you'd like to take a look, CLICK HERE :)

Another wonderful blessing......THE ART QUILT SOLD!!!!!
Thank you so VERY much!!

If you've been thinking of creating something for Stampington to be published, I encourage each of you to DO IT!!! It's so much fun....they are wonderful to work with and will show your artwork beautifully. Gather together several different pieces each using different mediums, package them beautifully and ship it to California!!!! The address is in the back of each publication, as are the different challenges and requests for artwork ~ I suggest creating something just. for. them.....that way you're not in a rush to receive anything back because publishing takes time.

So, think about it and then....DO IT!!! I can't wait to see you in print!
hugs and love,


Dorthe said...

Hallo sweet friend,
you have so earned to be published, and I love your :House Vren, as I love all that comes from your hands.
Your card is on my shelf in front of the darling dress,hanging on my computer wall.
Wishes you a sunny day, dear.

Love and hugs ~Dorthe

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

I am sooooo happy for you!!!! Your lovely creations bring joy to so many!! It must warm your heart to know that :) You are such an inspiration to me! Blessings, Gerri

Unknown said...

I think that I have been stopping by from time to time for such a long time now. I have watched when you were first published and when your work was being considered for the cover. I have watched your tutorials evolve and the beautiful work that you do become even more beautiful.

You are amazing and so deserving all the blessings from heaven that you enjoy. This post is another example of how you always inspire, share and cheer us on.

Thank you.


Sandy said...

I received my newsletter from Stampington yesterday and I did see your quilt for sale there! How exciting! I especially love that part of the proceeds go to a charity. The quilt was just beautiful.

Lorraine said...

Congrats Dawn! Well deserved I might add. Keep creating girl!

Suzann said...

I'm happy dancing for you. Not literally because I can barely breathe without coughing, but here (taps chest and coughs) inside where it counts. I can think of no one more deserving or creative. Hats off to you Miss Dawn.

kathy said...

Dawn , I saw your art hanging also on the Stampington - e mail -- so lovely and you truly deserve the recognition - for lovely work -- and such a sweet caring heart.
Blessings to you this day -kathy - ga ♥

Anonymous said...

I did send my apron in and I'm so excited about the possibilities there but I know that I need to send more because the process is so long. Thx. for the encouragement.

Barbara Jean said...

That's great Dawn!
I am certainly not surprised they would put it there.
You're work is awesome!!

New blog keeping me busier than usual.
Starting to go into creating withdrawal.

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Well good for must be so happy!!! Hope your keeping well,Chrissy

The Cinnamon Stick said...

I say quite brazenly whenever I am talking of altered art - "My friend Dawn of THE FEATHERED NEST, whose ART has been published many times, makes the most unique art you have ever seen"- I am so happy for you and proud to call you my friend !!! XOXOXO Judy

Journal Swag said...

Congratulations Dawn! Hurray! Your piece is absolutely gorgeous too.



reagan said...

I saw it Dawn, just beautiful!!! You will have to check out the next Somerset Studios to see what I've been up to:-)


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