Monday, June 29, 2009

Thoughts on creating ~ Plus a few giveaways!

I guess you all know I love treasure hunting for art supplies, whether it's at Michael's, Hobby Lobby or even in a junky ol' antique mall. These days money is tight for so many of us or you may live in a remote area where you can't get to craft stores. I wanted to share a few ideas about supplies.

Supplies can be found all around you. Say you don't have matte gel medium, just substitute wallpaper paste or even thinned down Elmer's glue. Test out what you have on hand and see what the results look like ~ you may be surprised!

Step outside. Branches from trees and bushes are wonderful to use in your artwork. Press flowers in between paper towels in an old telephone book. Weeds have the most precious small blossoms ~ I love looking around on the ground for sweet gum balls or acorn caps.

In Savannah I found gorgeous bark from palm trees on the ground and coconut fibers as well.

Strong coffee and a q-tip can age papers and other items that you'd like to antique. Put some coffee in an old spray bottle to mist your item. Always test this first to see what kind of result you'll get. Use eye shadow or blush to gently alter a monotone print from your printer.

Look through your junk drawer or coffee can that you keep odd things inside and see if there's anything unusual that you can use in your artwork. I've used old springs from an old broken playpen in several pieces that I've made. Going through odd junk in the garage can be fun too!!

If you need thin cardboard for bookmarks, tags or other those cereal boxes or other food packaging and use them!! Cut it to size and coat one side with glue then press face down onto the paper that you're using to cover it. Trim out with a utility knife or scissors. Repeat for the back side too! Find beautiful images in old magazines, old gift wrap or greeting cards .

What I'm trying to say is, you don't need all the bells and whistles to be an artist. If you want to create ~ just look around you and use what you have. I'm sure you've heard all of this before but rather than worry about what you don't have to make things, use what you DO have ~ experiment, you'll be surprised at what beautiful things you can come up with!!

And a few giveaways for you:

Blanca at Magic Moonlight Studio is having a beautiful tag giveaway!!!
Just click HERE to visit her blog and comment to win.


And Angela Harris is have a beautiful tag giveaway as well!!!
Click HERE to visit her blog....I just love giveaways!

If you have any other wonderful ideas on using things around the house in your artwork, I'd love for you to let me know in a comment!!!!

Hoping you have a wonderful and creative Monday sweet friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


abeachcottage said...

I have to use up things from around the house or thrift things or look outside...much more challenging than going to the store but actually makes you more creative I believe? to look through my junk drawer, that'll be interesting


Jennifer said...

I really love these ideas. I have let myself fall behind on my creative endevours since we moved because of the lack of "supplies". What wonderful inspiration to get me motivated.

Have a wonderful week,
Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

Suzann said...

Thank you so much for the links to these blogs / giveaways. I adore these tags!!

Your ideas are great!

Connie said...

I've never thought of cereal boxes but that's a great idea, honey! I'll remember that. But I definitely "recycle" old olive and jam/jelly jars for froufrou-ing up.

Sandy said...

The kind of crafting supplies you talk about in your post today are exactly how I got started crafting as a child. I used to use Elmer's glue and slices of bread to make a dough that I shaped into flower. They air dried and hardened like ceramics. I would paint them with poster paints. If you look hard enough you will find many on hand supplies. I hope your post encourages someone to use what they have and begin crafting.

Robin said...

What a wonderful post Dawn! Especially in these challenging economic times. Thanks for the tips on the gel medium.

Take Care - Robin

Phyllis said...

Hey Dawn,

I just read your previous post about Clara. Her faces are absolutely priceless...and hysterical!!! :)

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Dawn, after your post last week on your little vintage bird book, "Little Friends and Feathers" I promptly went over to ABE and found one also. This is the second time, as I also found the little book, "British Nests and Eggs", that you showed last year sometime. I adore anything vintage "bird" so these books have been a real treat for me. Thanks for sharing with your readers all your great ideas!
Blessings, Debra

Nelly said...

All good ideas you gave that I use as well. Another good idea that I learned from another artist is to use packaging from dry goods (its like a aluminum paper) as a paint "plate". Just flatten it, use it and throw away.

LRice60 said...

What a beautiful and useful post. Thanks for reminding me to look at what I have on hand before spending money for the "latest" thing. I've used shoe polish to age paper, too.

Kathy said...

This is a great post. As you know, I recently made a collage book for my sister's birthday. At first I was put off because I knew I didn't have "exactly" the right materials to complete the project as you described in the wonderful tutorial I purchased from you. In the end, the nature journal reflected me and my love for my sister. Not only do I agree that you can source your materials from looking in unexpected places, sometimes things borne of necessity make the most beautiful art. Thank you for always being an inspiration. ~Kathy

Angela Harris said...

Aww.Thank you so much for linking me. that was so kind of you. I love giveaways too but I'm kind of bitter because I've never won one:) hehe. I guess I just need to keep trying:) i'ts gotta happen eventually. Thank you so much for coming by to enter mine and Blanca's giveaways. I hope you get a chance to try her tags. They are absolutely amazing!

Lori said...

Dawn, those are all great ideas...i use tea and coffee quite a bit to age things that are a little too white...

The Joy of Nesting said...

Hello Sweet Pea!!

The art/craft revolution has not created a monster here yet. There are lots of things I substitute for. Shoe wax will antique any porous material. The natural color will make a wonderful finish on paper art projects. When you buff it you get almost a light wax affect. White school glue, is a decoupage, crackle, and a clear filler medium. Shoe dye will work great for wood stain. Bleach and vineger will create cool patinas on metals when they are left to sit in the concoction. No copper wire for jewelry strip the protective casing off electrical wire, inside you have tons of strands of copper wire that's about 26gage :)

Oops I didn't mean to get carried away, I'm sorry. I just find it a bit frustrating when people think that without places like the big box craft stores there would be no making art.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks again Dawn for the subsitute tips! I HAVE gone looking for medium gel only because I don't know enough about it to substitute. I need these upcycle tips! I do also collect ground items from nature for use. I also have many shells to glaze.

Thanks for helping me along!
Smiles, Cyndi

Lady Pamela said...

So much great information. Thank you. I love to use 'treasures' that I find on my daily walk. Bits of earrings, buttons, bottle caps. I am always looking to see what little things have been dropped along the way.

Laura Haviland said...

Sweetest Dawn, those are the most wonderful clever ideas.I will enjoy what you have shared with us.
I have learned so much from you blog. I truly enjoy viewing.
Thanks for sharing awesome tips !!!
Hugs, Laura.
I love Enya too.LOL.

SharDon Exclusives said...

Rats! I forgot to ask you about this post today....I ment senior moment kicked in!
Sweet Dawn, I LOVED today! I enjoyed it so much that I am sorry there weren't more there to have so much fun. It was a beautiful day and one that could not have been better by any stretch of the imagination. Thank you so much for joining us and for making our day even more precious,
p.s. my only regret is that I couldn't figure out how to rig the giveaways so that I ended up with that gorgeous art work you


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