Thursday, January 22, 2009

A few bee images for you !

I know they can sting you, and that can really be quite scary for some but don't you just love their images? They seem to represent a naturalness or sweet fragrant spring to me ~ Have you been thinking a little of spring? :)
MaryJanes Farm magazine has a new issue out, I saw it the other day and they are featuring bees and the benefits they give us ~ I need to pick mine up next time I'm at the store.....

Please feel free to use these.....wouldn't the bee be beautiful on the cover of a handmade card?

Wishing you a bee-utiful Thursday sweet friends ~ ugh....that's so lame.....

xxoo, Dawn


tam said...

Aww that was so nice of you Dawn and the pics well they were Beeutiful! Sorry couldn't resisit! LOL! Have a terrific Thursday!~Smiles~Tam!

Anonymous said...

Just a little hello and thank-you - bee..cause! xox

Karen G. said...

Your comment made me giggle this morning! But I love the images, bee-cause they are bee-utiful!!!!!

CatHerder said...

bee-utiful!!!....I LOVE honey bees, bee skeps, bee balm...all things "bee"....very weird to see your post, I had a dream about bees last night, no kidding!!!!

Lori said...

i like bees...i get so excited now when i see a honey bee, they are so rare now...and i think bumblebees are pretty cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I like bee things too, Dawn. I use the beehive icon in my paintings a lot. It's been iconic throughout history in art, like the pomegranate.
I like those too!
Thank you for sharing the pictures.
I'm sure I'll be using them!

Candy said...

The busy bee has no time for sorrow~William Blake~
Busy hands...happy heart! Now I am going to buzz off and bee happy,

The Rustic Victorian said...

Giggle,,,good post,,good comments,,chuckel,,I needed that beefore I get to work.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I have been visiting your blog for a while now, and I see you have shared many images such as the bees images. But for the life of me, i don't know what to do with them, other than copy and move to "my pictures"!!! What does one DO with the images? Do you just make a copy of it and cut it out and put it on a notecard? Do you have tutorials concerning these? Other blog entries where you have shared different ideas?
These may sound like silly questions, but to the novice like me, I don't know who better to ask than the person who is sharing such sweet images!

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

"Bee happy", "Bee thankful", "Bee my valentine", "To bee, or not to bee"! Okay . . . someone stop me!!

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

"To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee.
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few."

by Emily Dickinson

Couldn't resist adding this. Isn't it sweet!

A Wild Thing said...

I used to raise bees back in the day. It was a good feeling knowing you were a part of something bigger. Sadly, I have hardly any bees at the chateau. Someday I'm gonna get me another hive, I miss them so much.

Cool post!

Hugs friend...sharon

Joy Lett said...

Dawn- we just did a whole display with bees at the Plum Tree yesterday. That's so odd. But bees and Spring go together like nothing else. Most everything we eat is because a little bee pollinated it- hard to imagine their wonder. That's one reason I don't use pesticides in the garden- there are many others. Thank you.

Tami said...

I love bee images! Dawn, you share such wonderful images they are just beautiful! Thank you so for the kindness you share with us all!

I made a simple card using the butterfly image that you is posted on my blog!

Have a wonderful day!

Sandy said...

A Bee~utiful day to you in return Dawn!

Terri said...

I've liked bees for what ever reason since I was in the 5th grade. My girl friend and I used to trap them in mason jars. We liked to live dangerously.

Now that I'm some what grown up I find I still have a fasination with these little bug-ers.

Catherine Moore has a new line of stamps "Bird and Bee Paperie"

ANs My friend Debra Abel's lastname means bee. I some pages in her Art Journal using a bee theme. You can see it on my blog.

Seems I just can't shake them loose. ;)

Sorry for being so verbose. But long story short thanks for sharing these images.

Barbara Jean said...

Morning Dawn,

Just touching base and saying hi.

Thankful Thursday over at Treasures.....

5 Things we are thankful for...
Hard not to write more. =0)


Barbara Jean

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those images ~ I love honeybees. I have that issue of MJ'sF and I love it. It inspires me to want my own honeybees. While my corn was maturing last summer, each day I would go out and find 1,000's of bees on the tassles. It was pretty amazing. I have one pic here - There's just something about the awesomeness of nature that can be so inspiring.

lorhen82 said...

Thanks Dawn! I love it when people share images with us! ~Lori

My verification word is "dorklike"...Do you think I should take it personally??? hahah!


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