Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nests and favorites ~

I found another tutorial on making your own handmade nests!!! Click HERE to see the steps in making the one featured below ~

OK, I am just loving this bed ~ if only I could afford it! Click here to see the hefty price :)

I want to make one of these!!! Don't you love all of the little details? I found them HERE ~

A dollhouse turned fairy house! See how HERE ~

xxoo, Dawn


Pam @ Frippery said...

Holy cow. The dollhouse is too sweet as are the little nest houses. I want to make one of the nests as well. Too bad we can't make the bed ourselves, Yikes! Thanks once again for sharing all this goodness, Pam

Susie Mitchell said...

Dawn, How do you think I'm ever going to have time to paint with your showing me all these wonderful nests and cones and such to create??! I made cones to hold chocolate kisses for the girls who deliver my groceries and I'm working on altered art Valentine's recipe cards...which may have to wait until I make a bird's nest or two!
Thank you for sharing your talent and treasures.
Blessings, Susie

tam said...

Hello Dawn! The doll house turned fairy house looks like a fun project! Boy that bed is somethin else huh!~Smiles~Tam!

marie said...

Quite a bed!! I can see why you love it!

The fairy houses are so cute ~ I saw something similar in Tinker Bell's Garden at Disney World a few years ago.

Dawn ~ I quoted part of a grandparent article on my blog today and included a link to the rest of it. If you get a chance please stop by and read it. I think you'll enjoy it. I've been enjoying all the peeks at your shower prep. It's sure to be a lovely time!

The Charm House said...

Now Dawn.... Go ahead and buy that bed! It will be good for the economy! LOL Just Kidding! Sounds like something I would say to my husband.... oh my goodness.. I think it is bed time!

Barbara Jean said...

I checked out that nest tutorial, and it looks much easier than mine.
Not sure how it stays together without wrapping it, but
I'm going to try one.

Do I remember you saying you don't do tags??
Take too much time??

Barbara Jean

Dorthe said...

Oh Dawn, what magical little houses for the fairyes around us,
and the nest too, thanks for showing dear friend.
Love and hugs from Dorthe

Anonymous said...

I can just see you sleeping in that bed,,your bird would love it too, then maby he wouldnt try to bite you. hahaha...wonderful posts I am reading this fine morning.

Anonymous said...

Well, let me see... $50.00/ week x what? equals $15,000.00, hmm... Might take a while. I LOVE it too!!! Dang, I hate it when I see something like that and can't have it!#* Life is just soooo cruel! Oh well, I guess I'll live. Deb

Anonymous said...

I know that house!
Would 'Love' to invite you to One Heart One World Giveaway!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely! So glad you stopped by my blog and I was able to then discover yours.

I'll be back to visit again.

Tracy M. said...

Oh that bed isn't that expensive, I think i will buy two;) Wow it really is neat though.

Kim said...

That is a wonderful bed - but did you see the hand-carved swan bed in Victoria? It was just beautiful!

Cindy said...

Oh....this is all so cool! I want to try all of it. I'm having a real nest thing too right now...must be wanting spring time. LOL. Great post.


Anonymous said...

I have had the good fortune of taking workshops from the enormously imaginative woman who created the fairy house "blueprint" pictured in this post. Her name is Tatiana Katara, and I'm sure you will be inspired by her website
She teaches at Shake Rag Alley Center for Arts & Crafts in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. I have met so many fantastic artists and craftsmen there!! You might enjoy these links as well:
Thanks, Dawn, for all your sharing and inspiration!
Lee Ann


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