Friday, January 2, 2009

You can sew most anything to fabric!

This is a piece that I made earlier in the year and I know you've seen it before. It was in Somerset Studio a few months ago. Well, I want to show you a few close ups just so you can see how I stitched it in place!

Fabric with batting behind was glued into the opening of the old album provide me a base to sew my coin purse to ~

This is just a close up of the old watch face with a button glued right in the center! I snipped the shank off ~

These are those wooden eggs that you can buy at the craft stores, just painted with the acrylic paint and speckled with watered down brown paint on a toothbrush using my thumb as the device to flick the paint!

The art quilt is FINISHED!! I REALLY enjoyed making this....and figured out that you can sew most anything to was like making an assemblage with a different medium! I'd better not show it all as it's going to Somerset tomorrow ~ but you get the idea!! Oh and by the way, I LOVE printing on fabric!!! It's like creating your very on fabric right in your home. Check out the way I do it by clicking the link in my sidebar....

I hope you had a wonderful New Year's day!! We sure did! DH made the most amazing traditional dinner...baked ham, collard greens and black-eyed peas ~
Thank you all so much for your sweet words about my post yesterday, but I truly mean it that we all inspire one's a magical cycle!

Wishing you a very happy Friday sweet friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


Nancy Dooren ~ Nans said...

I wish you a happy 2009!!!

I love this new bird nest assemblage!!!! The idea to use a little wallet is great. You give so much inspiration!!
Thank you!
Nans xoxo

madrekarin said...

I'll be waiting to see the entire quilt on the news stand!! I love what I can see already. But then, I always love what I see from your studio. :)

Vee said...

Very interesting...but, no, I couldn't see where you had stitched it so I'm thinking you're very neat, too. Naturally! :D

Anonymous said...

Dawn, your work, besides being incredibly creative and beautiful, is always so neatly done! You're meticulous with your details and fine finishing.
I've enjoyed this post very much!
Happy New Year again!

Sandy said...

The quilt looks wonderful and I love the piece you gave closeups of. I can't seem to get back in the creative flow right now so I am enjoying yours and perhaps it will inspire me. Have a great weekend!

marie said...

Happy New Year Dawn ~ thanks for the inspiration and for your (always) encouraging words!

vikki said...

gorgeous work m'sweet friend. stitching? where? you are so good ~ it doesn't show!! love the art work piece. the quilt looks soo stunning. you make everything soo lovely & look soo professional. wonderful to see, very inspiring to git going & create something ~ do what you are blessed with & love. thank*u dear lady! in 2009 you will *shine* with HIS love & blessings! appreciate all your generosity of sharing your lovelies with us! hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

Phyllis said...

ohmygosh! I knew whatever you did would be gorgeous! I love all the nature related things to and what you've shown us is wonderful.

Yes, we do inspire each other and I have been so incredibly motivated and creative w/o any gaps since September, partly due to all the wonderful blogs I've discovered!

Great job Dawn - can't wait to see the entire project in Somerset!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. I love when it when others are willing to share some of their crafting tips with newbies like myself. I'm finding my way! :-)

Sarah B. B. said...

That is gorgeous, Dawn! I love the coin purse, and now I know how to make speckled eggs. :) Thanks for sharing this with us.

Lori said...

beautiful works Dawn!!!

Deb said...

Thank you so much Dawn for posting the tutorial on how to print on fabric! I tried it with the freezer paper and it worked perfectly :-) I posted the pillow I made - thanks to your easy to follow tutorial! Your quilt is gorgeous!!
Thanks Again

Betzie said...

This is just so so sweet...really a precious creation and definitely my cup of tea! Thanks for sharing your work and technique here. It is so true we inspire each other and are all so very connected in spirit.
Have a healthy and creative New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Your new quilt is beautiful even from the little peeks you've given! But how do you get such a clear image on the fabric. I printed a picture on muslin following your directions but it didn't come out nearly as pretty as your birdie! HELP!

Relyn Lawson said...

Dawn, I was just reading Sommerset Life when I saw you in it. I was so excited. I know you've been featured before, but it is such a thrill to see friends finding such success. It's like when you loved a book before Oprah discovered it. Congratulations!!

Myrna said...

Happy New Year Dawn!
As usual your creation is just stunning-abosolutely beautiful!

Dianne Long said...

Dawn, I am so inspired and amazed by your artistic talents. I need to meet you in person so I can soak up some of that creativity! Your work is just breathtakingly beautiful! As I'm typing this your slide show is playing underneath the comment window and I keep stopping in awe when I see your designs. I have a lot of the same raw materials but I have never thought of putting them together the way you do. I'm a huge fan (gushing like crazy!!) :)
Can't wait to see your quilt in the Somerset mag! I'm sure it will be featured. XOXO

Marieta said...

I love it
¡¡wonderful project.
haooy new year

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

You are so precious!!...I check your blog daily for inspiring ideas and am never disappointed.
Thanks for all your inspiration!!

Nelly said...

You never cease to amaze me! This is so original and clever. You're such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your art and your techniques.


Barbara Jean said...

How over the top, drop down gorgeous and creative is your bird nest/purse assemblage.
And you are so generous to tell us how you do it!!

Time to hit the thrift stores and find some coin purses. (I do have an old metallic cigarette case at the store that might work. Just a deeper nest.) =0))
Oh. tip: I use an old tooth brush and a dowel (anything would work) to spatter my things. No paint under the thumb. =0)


Alice W. said...

love love love this piece Dawn! Incredible! Now I want to break out the sewing machine Josh bought me last year (it's been neglected for sometime since I don't really "know" how to use it lol!)

Dixie Redmond said...

I would never have thought of using a coin purse that way! What an interesting assemblage. :-)

Lisa Boni said...

I just love this and have been back to look at it a couple of times!


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