Monday, January 26, 2009

Beautiful handmade flowers from a friend ~

This weekend I got a package in the mail from my sweet friend Marcie of The Rustic Victorian. I love Marcie's taste and she had told me she was sending me a package of flowers that she had made and wanted me to try a few.

Well, I opened up the box and just look at the beauty that came pouring out!!!! These gorgeous handmade flowers are made filters!!! Marcie created a pattern (which is a slight rectangle shape, a little wider than it is tall) and gathered several layers together and tied with twine and the result?? MAGICAL!!

On the brown filters she used a tea bath and the pink ones were dipped in pink Rit dye!! She then dried them in the oven on a low temp. Don't you love them??

I had commented on a gorgeous print that she had shown on her blog and she sent me a couple of copies of it too!!! I want to keep one for myself and create a piece of artwork with the other ~ Thank you so much Marcie, you know my heart and know what I LOVE!!!
Now to try my hand at these flowers......

I've got to use these pink flowers at the baby shower!!

She even included a few filters for me to give it a try!

I played a little with the banner a little on Sunday but didn't get very far ~ I need to pick up some white paper doilies, I can see them behind each letter ~ we'll see....and the pennant shape wouldn't work with my big ol' letters so I'm revising my idea ~

This weekend DH and I bought our shower gift for Emily and Brent! Plus a little extra goodie we ran across and couldn't resist. I can't give you a peek because Emily reads my blog (hey sweetie!) but I'll show you after the shower!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week ahead. Try to make a little time in your schedule to do something you love ~ it will warm your heart and make you smile.

Wishing you a terrific Monday dear friends!
xxoo, Dawn


Mechelle said...

Just beautiful little flowers! So Neat. Adding a little ink to the edges would be fun too. I hope we'll get to see photos of the party after it's all over~ I bet it will be just gorgeous.
((hugs)) Mechelle

Dorthe said...

What a beautifull gift sweetie, they are so lovely in pink.
And your letters looks wonderfull-what a big job, but i know one done with love.
Have a beautifull day,Dawn
with hugs and love from me.

Lori said...

what a great gift...i still need to get some tissue to make some of those flowers...i love the color tone of the tea died ones...very pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Miz Dawn,,
You are so kind to even mention my name. I know you will have lots of girly partys with Clara, and you can teach her in 15 years how to make the flowers,,they just keep comeing back,,like all crafts do. Pam Garrison inspired me to play with them again. Look at her blog of last Dec 15th. I remember making them when I was a teenager out of kleenex for a float, or school dance. Coffee filters are sturdy, more than tissue or kleenex that tear so easy. Have fun, the shower is coming up soon, cant wait to see the cute gifts. Love ya! Marcie

Vee said...

Those flowers are cool...

When's the shower? Saturday? I can probably hang in there that long.;>

Unknown said...

White paper doilies sound so pretty behind the letters on that banner. That was very sweet of your friend to make you the flowers. The pink ones look like they will fit right in with the baby shower plans! :)

Stars Fault said...

These are lovely. I saw on another blog where they strung them on a piece of twine about every 12 inches to make a garland - yummy. I remember making these out of tissue paper when I was a girl.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Michelle Palmer said...

Very sweet flowers & I can see why you treasure the print~ thank you for sharing with us!

Barbara Jean said...

Good morning Dawn.
I love the flowers Darcie sent you. I have been making roses out of tissue paper, and tried coffee filters too. (tissue worked best for very small 2" roses).

RE: Tutorial- I so appreciate your encouraging words, and I would be blessed clear to the tips of my toes if linked to it!!! Thank you.

I am so excited to finally be able to share some ideas with all my family in blog land.
Here's to more tutorials!!

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

The Joy of Nesting said...

Hey Sweetie,

When you have time doing a dying project with tea try using herb teas to dye with :) Hibiscus makes the most beautiful light to dark pink. And Camomile is a sweet delicate yellow. It really is a lot of fun to play around with different plants ect. I have also learn a lot of secrets since I moved here, onion skins, beets, tamarind pods. Soooo cool :)This always works for me because I never seem to plan out my projects before hand. Then when I'm in the middle of a creating frenzy I don't want to run to the store. I always have different herbal teas in the cupboard. :)

Just thought you'd like to know :) Have an audacious Monday and don't forget to take time to create a memory or two!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

lorhen82 said...

That was so sweet of Marcie! The thoughtfulness of all the women out in blogland is amazing! ~Lori


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