Friday, January 16, 2009

You found a wonderful bird's nest . . . now what do you do?

I've had several emails and comments about bringing a nest inside, and how do I prepare it? Well, you're right, they do have little critters in them and it's best not to bring those in the house right away! What I do is place the nest in a plastic grocery sack and spray liberally with bug spray. I don't really think it matters which particular kind though. Tie the bag in a knot and leave outside for a few days. After a couple of days, the smell is usually gone. Then bring it in to use in your display!
Stay warm sweet friends!! xxoo, Dawn


Unknown said...

I put mine in a bag then in the freezer. I have yet to see a critter. That nest pic is to die for!!


Jacque said...

I am a nest collector and was just going to leave the same suggestion on freezing them, it works great and no left over residue or smell. I have to admit there are some nest you just don't bring inside! Use them in the garden or green house. Jacque

Sandy said...

I am suddenly getting warnings when I enter your website telling me it is a dangerous place to visit. I think the warning really is that I might get a sudden burst of creativity and ideas will begin to flow and things will have to be made and dinner will be ignored! Do you think my husband installed it? ;c) I love that you are dangerously creative!

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for the tip on the bird nests.
Had an experience with the bug thing once myself.
Since i don't seem to find many, and I also use them in my art/store, i make my own now.

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

The Painted Nest said...

Dawn, I absolutely LOVE the birds nest!!! You know I love birds and their nest. The color of the eggs are beautiful!!! I JUST LOVE YOUR SIGHT-- YOU HAVE THE PRETTIST THINGS TO INSPIRE US!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dawn!

Jann said...

Beautiful photo--I'm hoping for some real nests this spring to watch-I love wild birds so much, and we have a pair of hummingbirds living in a little tree near our backyard. They visit our feeder several times a day, and it would be so lovely to see them have babies someday!!!!! You inspired me to make some art the past couple of days, Dawn--thank you!

Koleen said...

I took a picture of a nest in our backyard the other day.I've always wanted to decorate with nests but was afraid to bring them in. Now, I know what to do. Thanks for the tip Dawn. I think I'll go get the nest out of the tree.

Veronica said...

What a funny coincidence, I just this morning found an empty nest!

Jamie said...

That's a beautiful nest picture! I have some nests sitting out in the garage waiting to come inside:) Thanks for the de-crittering tips. I love your cloche and the little bird. Oh, and the lone earring! LOL! Love, Jamie

A Wild Thing said...

OK, now I'm going to ruin everyones day, sorry but I learned this when I was a taxidermist. It is illegal in most parts of the world to collect any part of migratory bird nests, eggs and feathers, it's called the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, punishable by jail time and or $500.00 fine. Most people don't know it, cause we've been doing it since we were kids.

Isn't there always someone that throws a wrench into it. But the fact is, these nests are used year after year and with the loss of wildlife habitat to human over-population, the birds struggle to find new nesting areas.

So the real challenge here is to make your own nests and see just how accurate and creative you can be. We're human...after all we can do anything...right..let's protect our migratory friends and their wee families.

Sorry everyone, but I thought I should mention it since bird nest collecting is so popular right now. I used to date a wildlife biologist back in the day and he was always yelling at me to put it back...rats, we just can't have any fun anymore!


PEA said...

Hello Dawn,
I spray mine with lysol and throw in the freezer in a baggie. It sits there for three days and all them little critters are dead.
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I will collect a nest if it falls out of a tree...and that, is being in the right place at the right time. Usually in the Fall. I love to "gather" from nature, but Sharon is right, its a fine balance out there. I nearly got arrested on Mt. St.Helens (b-4 erruption) in Washington while collecting drippy moss from trees. I had no idea it was any big deal, but I got the Forest Service.


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