Saturday, January 24, 2009

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Well, I bought Photoshop Elements 7 a few months back and just haven't taken the time to play with it much.
The capabilities of this software are amazing and I know it, but you do have to make time in your day to learn these new things!!

A sweet friend Juno of Juno's Place made a quick page using a little bird image that I had posted awhile back. The page she created also included background, a few other elements and had an opening for you to add a photo to. She provided a tutorial HERE to show me how to drop one in.

Well, I opened one window for the tutorial and opened up Photoshop Elements in another window as well. I opened up the Quick Page she made for me into the Photoshop window (I had saved it to my computer) and followed the tutorial! You can pause it so you can do what she's saying ~ and OHMYGoodness....I did it! Plus, I layered a few more elements ON TOP of Juno's page as well. This is Juno's gift below:

Well, Juno, how'd I do?? :) It's so cool to learn new stuff ~

xxoo, Dawn


Anonymous said...

I am so interested in learning this. The journal pages in that link are really what has inspired me even want to learn it more. Do you feel that the program you are using would also do that? I'm anxious to see what you come up with.

Barbara Jean said...

Great job Dawn!!
I'm afraid that is waaay down the road for me. I haven't even set up the things on my blog that people have been so kind to give me instructions on. Takes time, like you say.

Have fun with your new 'toy'.

Barbara Jean

lorhen82 said...

This old dog is slower at learning new tricks than she used to be! I'm taking Gail's workshop, and I'm going to have to watch the videos repeatedly until I can remember everything. It looks so simple when she does it, but when I go to do something on my own, I seem to keep drawing blanks! I'm glad to hear that you're learning new things! ~Lori

Carol said...

DAWN! I am SO impressed! (You should've seen MY first attempt when I was first learning lol!) Just popping by quickly to say how well you did and how lovely your first LO is...I left lots of space on the page deliberately for a Big Title, or Wordart as you have used, and other embellishments, too. I meant to point that out, and forgot, but you went ahead and did it instinctively!
Very well done!
Thanks for linking me, everyone is welcome to come on over and get the download link for themselves :)
Juno's Place


The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh goodie, I am glad you are getting onto it. I have tried to teach myself, off and on, for a couple of years and just end up getting flustrated and quit. I am looking forward to seeing what layerd wonders you create Dawn.

madrekarin said...

I have asked for this to be my anniversary present this year. That is so cool! You did a marvelous job on yoru digital image. I will show Mr. S your post so that he can see how much I really need to have this! ;)

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Oh how I would love to try this....I am so wanting to! BUT where can I find the time ??? One of these days my wash will be caught up, the house will be clean and the cupboards filled with groceries and I will have time to play!! I know I will get so involved nothing else will get done...LOL!! You are quite amazing how you just go and DO things. XO Judy

Vee said...

Ohhh, thanks so much for this...I'm looking forward to an afternoon of fun and learning. I've been working on headers for my blog and everything I've done is a mess; maybe, just maybe, this will help.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Karen G. said...

Wow! I'm afraid I'm not so brave. It took some coaxing from you just to get me to do my own blog! It took me a lifetime to do scrapbook pages on real paper. I don't know if I have enough life in these old bones to go digital!! HA! I know I'll see beautiful work coming from you. You are my inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, my lament! Finding the time to learn this. I also have PS7 and have about 6 instruction books but I don't understand the language in any of them. Why can't they just speak regular English! LOL!
Good for you for learning this!! I applaud you!!

Tara said...

Wow=--I hope you do more tutorials!

Phyllis said...

Oh I like what you did with this image, but it sounds kinda complicated to me.... :)

Lori said...

you GO girl!!!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Bravo Sweet Blog Sister!!

One of my goals for this year is to get on familar terms with my little photoshop elements :)

Thanks so much Miss D for stopping by and leaving me the gift of your encouragement!! The "Wells Fargo Wagon" had a few "something specials for me" along with my dressmaker form was our new Canon 590IS!!! So stop by later this evening and if Blogspot is in a good mood I'll post pictures of the finished journal. Now all I have to do is find a "Mule" to get in up north to post it ;)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

Trish said...

Once again you are simply amazing at how you turn everything beautiful...even technology!

Barbara Jean said...

I just put my bird nest instructions on my blog.
Could I impose on you to read over it? It's my first, and I want to learn from it. (I totally understand if you do not have time).
(took me 3 hours just on the computer alone, not counting all the write up times etc.!!!!)
I appreciate your tutorials even more than I already did.


Barbara Jean

Mechelle said...

Oh you'll be hooked now for sure~ :) You did a great job on your first Digital Layout. Congratulations!! Isn't it fun? I hope it's ok to leave a little message about a great program for beginner digital scrapbookers... I don't want to be a spammer so I'll just say that they can click on my name and see my blog to learn about a cool program.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful layout.
((Hugs)) Mechelle

Becky said...

Dawn this is so so pretty. Your talent amazes always.
And that little dress you made earlier was just the sweetest thing.
Have a great day.


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