Saturday, January 10, 2009

A blast from the past ~

Omyland! I found this photo yesterday and thought you'd get a kick out of it!! This was my very first car, ever....a '63 Opal GT (I think :) It's the fall of 1979 and I was about to start jr. college to get an art degree....that didn't pan out but didn't I have a wonderful car?! What was I thinkin' posing on it like that? (get a load of the cowl neck sweater :)

This was about 1987 and can you possibly tell by the size of my hair?? My precious friend Linda is in the photograph with me ~ How did I get my hair to stand up like that? Oh, I remember, I had a perm in it ~ This photo was taken at work and I was the supervisor of typesetting for a graphics company.....

FINALLY!!! I found my fav magazine today!!! I've still got to pour over it ~ I love great magazines!
Wishing you a relaxing weekend sweet friends,
xxoo, Dawn


Peggy said...

Oh my god what memories this brings back!!! My first car was a yellow cougar...69 I think. Just about the same time you had yours. I haven't thought about that car in ages.

Anonymous said...

Oh you haven't changed at all,,,me neither. hahaha.You look just like,,Delta Berk,, remember the sitcom she did with the other interior designers,,what "was" the name of that show,,Designing Women,,maby I am haveing a senior moment. It's fun to see you,,I am going to get the magazine today now that its finally on the shelvs.
Big hug!

Anonymous said...

I guess I need to fly back to the nest and learn which box to check on the comments,,good grief! so much to get in my brain.

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Dawn. I wanted to thank you for posting about my blog give away. So many comments but only one winner.
I have been looking for this new magazine but haven't been able to locate it at any of the stores here.
Thank you again! Hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend.
Cheers, Sharon

ps please email me your mailing address at

Karen G. said...

Goodness, you had a PRETTY car!! My first cars was '74 Ford Pinto & it was about the color of a cooked pinto bean!!!!

Lori said...

Dawn, what great pictures...i think my hair was even bigger than that in '87...lots of hairspray and pick action...LOL...

madrekarin said...

Dawn- At leasy you weren't sprawled out on the hood! I think you chose a sweet, classic pose.
Now, the perm? Why do we do these things to ourselves?

lorhen82 said...

I was going to say the exact same thing as Marcie about Delta Burke! A friend of mine sent me a picture she found of herself in the 80's, and it was hilarious! I would never have recognized her. It's fun to look back at ourselves! If you get a chance, stop by my blog to see the pic I posted of myself from one of those booths were they make it look like you lived 100 years ago. That one was probably taken in the 80's too.


Vee said...

You look so darned adorable atop your car! Love that color, too. Can you tell that I'm waxing nostalgic? And, I WANT my hair to look like yours did in 1987. I think I've got one looking remarkably like that myself, including the outfit.

I can never find Somerset magazine...

Sandy said...

No way am I posting my bog ol' 80's hair on my blog!!! Brave girl!

I have not been able to find this new issue! I did pick up Somerset In Love and Art Journaling yesterday. I think our local book store quit carrying the Life addition. My daughter is going into the city this afternoon and I have requested a copy if she can find it.

Have a wonderful Saturday Dawn!

The Charm House said...

Great Picture Dawn!!! Perfect car for you! LOL omg~ I went out and got my magazine yesterday with Romantic Homes. This rates with one of my favorite Somerset so far.... Trying to decide if I am going to send in my tin cans by February for them to have a look.
Big step for me.
Hugs and Blessings,

Barbara Jean said...

Love those photos! How fun.
Glad you found the Somerset Life.
I've been searcing all over town and can't find one. Guess I'll go on line and order it.
Checked out the new blogs you introduced us to. They are great!

Barbara Jean

Monica said...

OMG, Dawn!! LOOOOOVE your hair that way!! Hehe..
They are so '80s... love '80s!!
Thanks for sharing these, and also the mag- even if I cannot find it here :(!!
I'm off to have my cup of tea- the puppy is playing in the snow, but she is going to run to me as soon as I open the cookie jar!!:))
Have a great w.e,
Monica x.

Coleen said...

ya mean big hair and cowl neck sweaters are not "in"????.......oh dear, I still wear my sweater and tease my hair!!!


Sandi said...

Hi Dawn,
I still haven't found that magazine! I hope to get to the city again today or tomorrow depending on our weather. SNOW...snow...snow here.

Love your car and your hair! Boy does that bring back memories.

vintagepaletteart said...

I showed my hubby the pic and he knew what it was as soon as he saw it.............even the year! lol I bet you wish you still had it. Wonder what those go for now? Big $$$$

Cowl neck sweaters.......oh yeah, I have quite a few pics of me wearing cowl necks too!

Love your blog! =D

Malisa said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! What a great photo...and what a great car! Guess you caught the boys' eye with that...and your sweater and hairdo! We were so cute back then! We have to remember that the guys were running around in double knit pants and those dang disco shirts with the huge collars!

Thanks for the memories!


Tracy M. said...

Oh sweet car! Don't you wish you still had it. A friend of mine's big sister had a blue Opal. Love the hair. ;)

Dorthe said...

Oh my Dawn, that was a car ,such a beauty, and you on top looks so sweet.
I already have the "Sommerset Life" its so very wonderfull filled with beautifull pictures, and ideas-love it.
Have a wonderfull sunday sweet friend, im looking forward to cast an eye on a little dress-when its there.
hugs and kiss

Anonymous said...

Just visited you for the first time. Love the music and everything about your blog. I just read my first ever copy of Somerset magazine -- I'm behind the curve!
Thanks for a fun visit.
Amy Arnaz

Mad Red Hare said...

I had an Opal too! It wasn't as fancy as yours though!

tam said...

Oh My Gosh! I love the photos! My first car was an Opal Manta! LoL! I really liked the GT's alot but found my Opal Manta and talked my boyfriend and grammy into buying it for me-that was in 1980-I can't remember what year it was -but I thought it was sooo cool -it had a manual sunroof! LoL! I blew the engine up just about a week after getting it -forgot to check my oil after spring break!Good times-great memories! And I think we all had the big hair thing going in the 80's! You look just as young now!
Fun post!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! ~Tam :D

Vintage Papers said...

love the photos Dawn! The car and hairstyles are priceless! :)

Anonymous said...

Talk about walking down memory lane! My first car was a '69 Datsun 510, pale yellow with black interior, no a/c (and we lived in Florida), manual 4-spd. I LOVED my little car, too!! Drove it back and forth to high school on $5.00 a tank that lasted 2 weeks!!
Oh and the big hair looks very familiar too~~lol!
Thanks so much for sharing Dawn!!
Hugs, Lynn

"Create Beauty" said...

My first car was an Opal too! But not as sporty as yours! It was red, and sadly, was a lemon, but I loved it!!

Amy said...

Fun pictures!!! I think I had that same sweater with the cowl neck....I had a favorite heart shaped stick pin I always wore on it too!!

Anonymous said...

Love the hair photo and the car is to die for! I'm very familiar with big hair! LOL!


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