Monday, January 19, 2009

Treasure hunting on the cheap!

I went treasure hunting Sunday and would love to share with you some of the goodies that I came across. I know that the girls at the antique mall think I'm nuts with my selections but that's ok :)

First, the great jars and small bottle, I just love them but am very particular as to what I'll pay.... how cool is it that the Peter Pan jar has measurements on the side ~ I'm sure it was reused back in the day ~

A dealer is apparently moving out and had all of his books priced to sell ~ .50 cents for hard backs and .25 cents for paper backs. I found several that I love and some will become altered books as I'm craving to try my hand at that! A sweet nature book that has a few neat images that I want to share with you and of course music books ~ but for a quarter each, how could I pass them up?!

Some crazy short hand or something book but I loved the look of it ~

This is the most wonderful music book and I'm sure if you're a music lover you know why these are printed so small but I thought they would make great labels and could be used in other ways in artwork ~

I took one and trimmed it with my deckled edged scissors. I love those things. They are uneven and give the edge a great look ~

I aged the edge just a little with a brown ink pad and cloth

Used a little matte gel medium on the back and centered it on the front of the bottle, overlayed a stamped, aged "Paris" label I made from paper aged with ink, then tied with old lace and seam binding and finished with a sewn on bauble ~ I filled the little jar with vanilla buttons and topped it with a wine cork cut in half!!
You can find it in my Lollishops store :)

More goodies from my treasure hunt but these are from Michael's. The perfect pink candles for the shower (on sale 2/$3)....I may go back and get a few more! Look at the precious ribbon I found in the dollar bin....rocking horses and baby carriages!

Oh, and the cards? They were a dollar but I'm going to make tags, pins, cupcake picks or something from them....just spray a little adhesive on one side, place face down on baby patterned scrapbooking paper and trim with a craft knife! Repeat for the other side ~ Then I may put a sweet baby image in the center.

I think the crepe paper roses thing was priced wrong, it was only 1.49 I think....maybe I can learn how to make them for that price! Like I need something else to do :)

I love this ribbon I found too at Michael's ~

Some precious images for you, I'm sure that you've seen them before. I just love them both ~

"The Land of Nod"

Wishing you a wonderful Monday sweet friends!

xxoo, Dawn


Š˛ksana said...

Wow.... so beautiful things!!!!

Karen G. said...

Okay, I need to go shopping where you go shopping! Love your bottles & books. I collect those things, too. I love old postcards, also. We'd have a high-o time of it!

Candy said...

I have never seen trim like the rocking horse & baby carriage, too cute. Fabulous finish with the little bottle. Thanks for sharing the how to's.
Blessings, Candy

Vee said...

And you're off...

That's what I love about watching you from afar...everything sparks your creativity.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post. Gosh, what treasures, and I love the sweet bottle. I think the little music is my favorite of your score. I have a weakness for minatures. I would have been itching to use it too. I haven't seen the images before, so sweet, thanks for sharing Mz Dawn.

The Painted Nest said...

Dawn, I love all the goodies you found yesterday. Really love the bottle and books! What about the Peter Pan jar and the Peter Pan picture book hummmmm could it be there's a fairey in there somewhere? Great Stuff!!! Have a wonder-filled day! Blessings Always, Deborah

madrekarin said...

You're just having too much fun! :)
Sweet treats. Love the crushed velvet ribbon. Pretty.
Have a great week!

Creations from my heart said...

Don't you just LOVE the $1.00 bin of ribbon reels at Michaels. One of my favorite things. I'll have to check out the rocking horse ribbon. It's just the luck of the draw if they will have it in my big bin. My luck it will be at the bottom. That's always a sight when I'm trying to dig for theat perfect ribbon I've spotted at the bottom of the bin! Love the new bottle you created. Blessings...Sherry

Lori said...

Dawn, ohmygosh!!! the ribbon with the prams and rocking horses are the cutest things i have seen in a while...can't wait to see what you do with those!!!

Free Art Printables said...

Dawn, great finds!

Unknown said...

I look forward to seeing what you do with your books you plan to alter!

kathy said...

Dawn , what sweet finds -- the trim is all so delightful - I too cannot pass up books - lol I have a shorthand book also --haven't used it yet -- XO _ Kathy - ga

Barbara Jean said...

Good morning Dawn.

Love that velvety ribbon. Hope our Michael's has it. I have a hard time finding the soft, flowy ribbons I love.
I've been doing jars similar to what you just did.
When I don't have a cork, which is most of the time, I just put a button on the top. Very cute. (I probably saw it on somebody's blog). =0)
I will soon have a free tutorial on making bird nests. I have done that for some time as I cannot usually find any. (I know the birds do the best ones, but mine aren't too bad.)
Also have another idea for some jars someone gave me and challenged me to figure out a use for. Boy, is my mind reeling now!

Blessings on your day.
Oh, love all your finds. Isn't it fun?

Barbara Jean

Antiques and More Blog said... did land some treasures! Love the baby trims...and the bottle is precious embellished with bits of this and that! Love your ideas always, thanks so much for sharing.



The Charm House said...

Dawn, Just curious~ Do you use the original pages from books or copies?
I usually make copies but, I am always wanting to use the originals...
Hugs and Blessings,

Tanya said...

Dawn I just love old books too. Great find for the price! Wow, I would have scooped them up too.

lorhen82 said...

I love what you did with the bottle! And that ribbon is gorgeous! Congrats on the great finds! ~Lori

Monica said...

Beautiful beautiful! I love the bottle- I've been wanting to do a similar thing for ages! Thanks for your inspiration, I'll give it a try with some jars (no bottles at the moment!) when I manage to find some spare moments.
Monica x.

Leigh said...

Did you get the books at Peachtree Peddlers? I love it there!


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