Friday, January 16, 2009

A few pretty things ~

Photo courtesy The Plum Tree

I wanted to show you the most wonderful clock that I bought Dennis for Christmas. I found it at The Plum Tree and just knew he'd love it! We're going to rewire it but what's so neat is that the little fireplace has a light and a cylinder that turns to give it a flickering effect ~

Just a little cloche on our buffet with a found nest and a tiny bird ~ and one lone earring that I love....

A few images that I received from Sharon that I scanned to share with you!!

We are hunkered down here in Georgia and are quite unfamiliar with the low temps....I know that if you're experiencing subzero weather you don't have much sympathy though!! And I can hardly blame you :) ~

Wishing you a great Friday dear friends!
xxoo, Dawn


Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for more images. I love geting those and just keep them on file till I need them
Love all the bird things.
I make my own nests for projects. Sure wish I could make them as great as the birds do. =0))



Carol said...

Hi Dawn!
Popping in "on the fly" just to say "Hi!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Miz Dawn!
Keeping warm? At 6am It's 10 degrees here in Alabama! But your blog warms me as it always does. The clock is very Kewl, as well as the cloche and wonderful prints. thanks for sharing them. Have a magic day!

lorhen82 said...

I've never seen a clock like that before - it's very unique. Thanks for the images! ~Lori

The Painted Nest said...

Hi Dawn, The clock is great! Can't wait to see it all lit up! And I love the bird's nest, it reminds me, Spring will be here soon. And on day's this cold, it can't be soon enough! Stay warm. BLESSINGS, Deborah

Jessi Nagy said...

hey sweets,

gorgeous treasures.
hope you are having a fab new years!!


Sandi said...

Hi Dawn...gorgeous treasures and adorable images! It is sooooo cold up here in Michigan...well below zero wind chill. I think yesterday it was in mid 20's below and today is supposed to be even colder. BRRRRRRRRR

Lori said...

Dawn, that clock is gorgeous!!! i love all of the pretty detail work on it...yes, it is VERY cold here...all of the schools were canceled today because of the low temps...

Angelfeather said...

Hi Dawn
thanks for the images and a look at the clock - very cute. It is a whopping 6 degrees here in Southern Maine this morning and was -14 when we got up! I have been diligently working to keep the birds well stocked with food and trying to provide access to water. They are so hungry! I am amazed at how they can deal with the cold they are doing alot of sitting on their feet and "fluffing" up to stay warm. My coon cats have even taken to sleeping curled up together on a chair - hard to imagine they could be cold with all that fur!
Have a great Friday.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my gosh, I am seriously coveting that clock. Wonderful find !!! Clarice

The Joy of Nesting said...

Good Morning Miss Dawn!!

Thank you for the scanned images!!

Are those old parlor clocks just sooo neat!!:) I love to go into an elderly persons home and find one still ticking away!! There is always a story that goes with them that is as wonderous as the clock themselves!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

Candy said...

What a wonderful find, absolutely beautiful. Also appreciate the nest tips.Thanks, Candy

SweetAnnee said...

I love a good nest find

I have a couple someone sent me
Seems the ones I find have
fallen and broken..but I love them

Fondly, Deena

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi Dawn, I hope you are keeping warm over there. much cold. crazy, but it has been unexplainably hot here. {not that much fun in Jan}

xo Lidy

Wildflowerhouse said...

Lovely as usual Dawn. Thank ypu for the images too. You are always so thoughtful. Sharon


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