Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ugh. didn't happen.

I couldn't help it.
Me and the ol' paint brush just need
a little break from one another!

I tried to make it happen but I kept avoiding it all. day. long.
But I know it will come...and soon.
I'm sick and tired of looking
at that awful green in our master bath! 

So, what did I do?
Yeah. Exciting, right?
I'm just about to get sick of this cleaning stuff.
Don't get me wrong, I love a clean house BUT
after a few days, I realize that I'm like a hamster on a wheel
and the mess just never, ever ends!!!
You have about five minutes of sitting and enjoying
your perfectly clean home and then BOOM
it looks like a big ol' bag of mess in no time.
I'm just sorry, I can't be worrying about all that ~
life's too short and
making wonderful stuff is simply too much FUN!

So I headed to the studio and began creating a few little sachets.
Lavender sachets...I love them so....
Using gorgeous French General fabrics.
I have no pics yet but will soon ~

You truly are my Angel Friends!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by here
to see what I'm up to ~
'cause some days, it's not much!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday ~
hugs and love,


Dortesjs said...

lol lol thank you to you to my angel friend

Vee said...

Yes, well I might not clean a closet today either. I'm not feeling it at all. I love that little pic where one little gal is giving the other child a lick instead of a kiss. So cute!

Theresa said...

It's ok to not have much happening:) Lots of my days are that way! Enjoy your day dear Dawn! Go get that room painted so it will not be haunting you:) HUGS!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You sound like me with my sunroom valances, Dawn! I have got to get to them this week though. Half the windows have valances and the other half have the rods up waiting for theirs. At least I was smart enough to do that when I did the others. I know it will look so pretty when they are all up, but I know it's an all day affair. Friday ~ for sure! : )

Primitive Seasons said...

Dawn: All of womanhood can relate to your tirade on cleaning. I keep thinking there has to be a better answer but I haven't found one yet. The people who don't clean simply don't care as much as the people who do! Correct? Much better to give our hours to creativity. Like they say, no one has "She kept a clean house." on their tombstone!


Sandy said...

All things in moderation dear friend, creating is essential to your nature so follow your bliss!

Dorthe said...

Alwayes lovely to visit you precious friend, reading your thoughts and seeing your beautiful pictures. I DO SO understand the missing wish to both the painting and the vacuuming--- and am happy to read you started some -I know- beautiful lavender sachets instead :-)
Have fun- and no bad consciosnes!
Love and hugs to you dear Dawn.

NanaDiana said...

Dawn- What a beautiful post- I love all the prints and graphics you have here today. C' can do it--just pick that brush up! xo Diana

Kadee Willow said...

Cleaning.... the never ending and under-appreciated job!! Yuck! However, good for you to listen to the sounds of something more exciting and getting back to the studio to create your sachets. Can't wait to see the new pictures of these sweet gems!!

EllenaElizabeth said...

I love cleaning but am hampered by a bad back (19 years now). It frustrates me to the max when my hubby does some of it that I can't handle like vaccing and mopping! I know it's great he does it but he takes 30 mins and I used to take 3 hrs...he doesn't recognize skirting boards, under furniture, stuff like that!!! Anyhow I'm about to have a huge back operation, so hopefully when I heal I can do a bit more of my own cleaning. If not I'll have to find a cleaning lady I guess. The problem is who to trust? It's a big thing to let some random into my house. Happy creating Dawn!

Romeo said...

OH MY GOSH! Dawn, I can so relate to the hamster wheel!!!! And putting off the painting...yep get that too! I put off painting ours and putting off until finally I couldn't stand it and yes, I did repaint it. Once I got started it wasn't so bad at all. Kind of like cleaning I suppose. And like you I love, no LOVE a clean house but really I'm not even sure it makes it 15 minutes before I see a cat furball floating by. Seriously!

Well when you do post your lavendar sachets, I'm sure they will make me swoon!!! Keep creating Dawn, the dust balls will wait.


"Her" and Romeo

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

The sachets sound wonderful, Dawn...and I just noticed the sweet photo of your adorable Ellie~ what a heart stealer!

Elderberry Dreams said...

Ah yes. Making the sachets was for sure the direction I would have gone in! I need to catch up on blog posts, I have been missing alot lately!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi dear Dawn, I wouldn't mind having a cleaning fairy. It would be nice to have one for at least the duties I don't like at all, like vacuum-cleaning. I especially dislike it for the noise that it's making. I'm not too fond of doing dishes because getting such soaked fingers is just not my thing and the same goes for rubber gloves. Ironing is o.k. though. It makes hardly any noise and I don't get wet, lol. I still would like to have the fairy ironing hubby's shirts as well as large tablecloths and bed linen. Oh well, I keep dreaming ... :-).
Happy Thursday!
Hugs to you,

Annette said...

Oh the sachets sounds like more fun than cleaning house. I get so tired of cleaning and nowdays I like a clean house but it is not top on the list anymore, Who is going to get me the Cleaning Nazi? LOL hugs and keep creating, the house doens't mind at all Anxious to see the sachets xox


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