Monday, August 27, 2012

I love you, you know I do...

But it seems as of late, I am in a bit of a funk.
What exactly IS a "funk?"
Well, Merriam-Webster says it's a
"depressed state of mind"
and maybe it is.

But for me, it's really being in a distracted state of mind.
With much going on with my family...I've not been
able to concentrate on creating and sharing like I normally do.
But I still love sharing with you here.
Even if my photos are random...
or even a few repeats...
I love sharing with you and being present.

Do you have these moments?
So much going on that you just can't do it all
at 100 percent?

But ahhh...such is life.
Trying to juggle much,
do it all right...


We are simply human in the end.

Wishing you a most wonderful week ahead and
a very happy Monday precious friends,

hugs and love,


Lady of the Woods said...

If these beautiful photos represent a ''funk'', then I wouldn't mind. They are gorgeous and lifted me up just a bit too. thanks.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Dear Dawn,
you know what I think? All this sharing you do here every day can be very tiring and exhausting for you and maybe a little blogging break could help? Of course you would be missed, but surely not forgotten. You have to think at yourself sometimes. Just thinking though.
Hope you'll feel better soon!
Wishing you a happy fall!

Shopgirl said...

Keeping up with your blog can be a full time job.Sometimes it is hard to focus on different things. I have depression, I think I was born with it. I take meds everyday to help me. But if I get on overload, or have to much on my plate with family, home, friends, crafts, writing...some things just don't get done because I am not at my best. So Dear Dawn, take some me time, just for you. We will be here doing the best we can too. I love you too, Mary

Dorthe said...

My precious Dawn,
We all have periods of being too bussy with life, to really be able to concentrate 100% on blogging and dear friends here in blogland- YES that`s being human-
You know I love visiting you with or without new creations.
The little tag is so lovely.
You just take time being "human" my dear friend.
Hugs and love, Dorthe

Vee said...

That we are...

Probably much of this is about a new little one joining the family in the near future. Anyone could be on pins and needles.

Saying a little prayer for you today that all will be well and that you will soon be back doing what you love best. Peace and love to you...

Theresa said...

Sometimes real life does that to us and it happens to ALL of us! Hope you enjoy this day! HUGS!

LBP said...

I think we all get into a funk every now and then. I know I am just now emerging from a medication induced funk and am feeling jubilant at the moment. As Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables says, "The soaring is worth the thud!"



Sea Witch said...

for a gal who claims to be in a funk, you sure do have pretty postings. :) Yea, we all need to just shut down for a while, allow our minds and creative hearts to say stop, breathe, breathe deeply and often and just relax. Enjoy the silence of funk...your body knows when to get funky again.

GigiBeth said...

Sorry you're in a funk. I know the feeling. But such a beautiful post and lovely pictures! I hope they made you feel better! They made me smile! Love you bunches.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I tend to shut down when I'm in a funk, Dawn. As far as getting things done anyway. Even though I have plenty of projects I could be working on, they just don't interest me when I'm feeling that way. If I just go with it, I usually work my way out of it. I'll either read or find my favorite movies and watch them. A nap may figure in there somewhere, too.

Primitive Seasons said...

Keeping up seems to be a top of some discussion around blogs these days. We're trying our best to do it all. Don't ever feel, sweet Dawn, that you are shortchanging us. I love looking at your linens today and the E. Dickinson poem is an old favorite. Joy this am just seeing your blog. Be kind to Dawn in the midst of family doings and creative slump. A common condition to us all. Love you sweetie!


Sandy said...

Dawn, I only wish I could keep up and as in touch on my blog as you do here, love each and every thought or image you share here.

Lately I just feel like I don't have any ideas to post on or nothing new to share or no thoughts to ponder, no photos to post. Perhaps I am in a funk too.

Wishing you happy thoughts and lifts of spirit!

Nancy Hood said...

I've felt that way for several months now. We were busy with the new location, new 'old' house, new friends and then I remembered "we have to keep our priorities in order or nothing feels right". So I concentrated on doing what needed to be done, spent time with my newly retired husband, invited our children down to splash in the gulf waters, and now I'm blogging a bit at a time. Rest Dawn. We aren't going anywhere and there are things that may need your attention more than we :) much love, Nancy

Chenille Cottage said...

Dearest Dawn,
What a beautiful post, my friend! How precious these little birds are to God...and, how precious we are to Him! What a sweet reminder!
Thank you and blessings,
Carolynn xo

Anonymous said...

Dawn We have all been there friend- those funks aren't fun- I do feel that purposely finding things to be thankful for in the midst helps some.

I love looking at all your creativity past or present. Don't rmember seeing those pretty dream tags before- have to pin that one!

bee blessed

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I get that way, Dawn. Blogging can be quite draining. Especially if you're the creative type. You have to make time for life too. Take time for yourself, enjoy family, do something fun. Sometimes we put way too much pressure on ourselves. I know I do. It's okay to take a break.

Nancy said...

This won't last, for some reason this hits me at this time of year stronger than ever. It's like 4 cars at a Intersection with a yield sign at each corner. I'll say a Prayer today for you too, as I know this frustrating!

Huggs, Nancy


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