Monday, August 20, 2012

A new day!

Don't you just love a fresh week???
And a brand new day is such a gift!!
Makes me so thankful ~

I had such a busy weekend but nothing that would be blog-worthy...
I painted the laundry room ~ whoo hoo!
It's looks so fresh and clean now and I just love it
but believe me, it's not worth taking pics and posting!
But I do love that I finally got it finished.

We've been here at the farmhouse for almost two years now
and it was one of the rooms I didn't get to before we moved in.
We recently had a new hot water heater installed and I had to
totally clean the laundry room out so it was the perfect
opportunity for me to get the paint job finished.

So today I would love to share a few random prints, photos and thoughts with you ~

A precious old photo of matter, it's wonderful!

Another beautiful fall pic I took a few years ago...
I love the sun peeking through the leaves.

A photo of one of my favorite old clocks and a few old faces...don't you love the graphics?

My gorgeous Limoges china my dear husband gave me one Christmas...
it is so incredibly delicate,
you truly can see straight through it when held up to the window ~

I've always loved this old photograph ~ isn't she beautiful?

I wanted to remind you about my free tutorials...
they are listed with links in my left side bar, up toward the top of my blog ~
Now's the time to get started on these wonderful but oh-so-easy projects!!!
My free mitten ornament tutorial...

And how about rag ball ornaments? You can use old calico fabrics...

Or even simple strips of cream muslin for a beautiful neutral look!

I hope you don't mind my crazy post sweet friends ~

Wishing you a wonderful, fresh and new Monday!!!
Much love and hugs,


Dorthe said...

Sweet dear Dawn, I love your "crazy" post, which is not crazy at all, but filled with different kind of beauty and love. Thankyou for reminding us about your wonderful free tutorials.
Much love and hugs back to you from Denmark.
xxx, Dorthe

Vee said...

Your posts are never crazy. I think the photo of the three lovely gals is a mother and her two daughters. Not sure and no way of knowing for certain...

Oh for a freshly painted laundry must be a joy. It truly is about the simple things.

Theresa said...

Good morning dear Dawn! I love a new week too:) Not much going around here today and that is OK with me! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Charlene said...

Dawn, I feel your pain in the paint project... We're remodeling the master bath & closet! OH THE WORK! Contractors have been here for 2 weeks & today I hope the plumber get's the fixtures & potty back in. Just the cleaning out & organizing can wear a girl out!!! My laundry room is coming soon. Wall paper off the walls & clean beautiful texture & paint... WHY DID I CHOOSE WALL PAPER? It dates a house so badly. Have a great week. Charlene

Jill Zaheer said...

It's been way too long since I've last visited! Your post is beautiful- and I love your old photos and the delicate china picture as well. The women in your post are so amazing- you've just put a huge smile on my face! Just Gorgeous!!

NanaDiana said...

What a fun, crazy, mixed up post- I love these kind of posts- I never saw your mitten before and I LOVE it and will definitely be copying that for Christmas this year- xo Diana

LuLu Kellogg said...

I just got done with my laundry redo and now have to "decorate" it! It's always something!

I just love the rag ball ornaments!

Thank you for sharing with us!


At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, The only way I painted my laundry room after living here 16 years was when my washer broke and we had to clear out the room to replace it. Now I wonder why I waited, we all spend far too much time in the laundry matter how many people we have at home. So nice to look at freshly painted walls. Sometimes I think of you when I do my laundry...Why, you might ask...I have the same sign as you do..the big Apothecary sign from Hob Lob. I saw your's in a post a while back. So crazy post, I think about crazy comment? Love, Penny

idémakeriet said...

Sweet Dawn,
I just dropp in to say thanks for your sweet words on my blog last week.
They were like a warm blanket around me.
You have the ability to make really beautiful things.
And your craft room, what a dream!
So beautiful all the stuff together and organized.
I knew I had seen that sweet pincushion somewhere but I could not remember where, but now I am happy to have found you again.
Sweet hugs

teri said...

Lovely photos, each one!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Crazy Love!! Some great photos, and wonderful inspiration. Love the muslin ball.

Cindy said...

You remind me of a hummingbird! Where do you get all your energy?? That creative mind of yours must never stop, which is a good thing for us!

Love the photos and I am going to check out the tutorials, maybe, just maybe, I will get a early jump on Christmas this year..
Great post!

Pat C. said...

Congratulations on your productive weekend! And thank you for the lovely, eclectic gallery of pics! I think you're absolutely right, Vee, about the photo of the three women; there's quite a strong family resemblance--especially between the two women on the right. And the one in the middle looks just enough older than the other two that I don't think she's s sister, but their mom. It's a lovely photo, though, no matter who they are!


Dortesjs said...

I love your "crazy" post to awsome thank you


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