Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby's breath...

I'll never forget that wonderful fragrance.
As I held my newborn baby on my shoulder,
their face turned towards mine...
the pure precious fragrance of their tiny breath
as they sleep so sweetly.

So with each child I had...I made it a point
to commit that beautiful moment to memory ~
my dear baby's breath,
there is nothing else in the world that compares.

The baby shower is this Saturday!!!
I'm wrapping gifts and getting everything together.
Tomorrow will be spent preparing the food and packing things up.

I can't believe it is only about a month away that
we will finally get to meet our precious grandson Murray!!
Emily is quite ready and Clara is getting so excited!

Here is a wonderful photo of Brent, Murray's dad, our oldest son...
when he was just a newborn ~
I scanned in an old photo but I remember like it was yesterday!
Brent will be thirty years old this coming December...

Thank you all so very much for your sweet words and comments
on my latest few pieces of artwork ~
you truly encourage and inspire me to be more creative!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Lady of the Woods said...

I agree, the scent of a baby's breath is the most precious wonder of all fragrance in the world. Baby's breath flower is nice too. Just bought some last month..."just Baby's Breath" I said! a flower too sweet...Mother Nature is divine!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Babies are such a blessing to a family...enjoy this special time, Dawn!

Susie said...

Dawn, My favorite thing of babies is smelling their little necks as I hold them close. I miss my babies:(:( My youngest are 8 and 10. Enjoy your wonderful gift of life. Smiles, Susie

Dorthe said...

Truly a baby`s breath and smell is the most precious thing,
and you will soon be so lucky dearest Dawn, to experience that again- what a blessing for you and your family, for Emily and Brenty and sweet Clara,
I know the shower will be wonderful,
and hope to see pictures from it :-)
Love and hugs to you sweet friend.

Vee said...

Well no wonder Clara and Murray will be the cutest kiddos on the block...their dad was one beautiful child. All the best with the food preparation tomorrow... Can I come nibble?

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

We mother's never forget these things about our children, most especially our first born !
Hope all goes well with everything, will be anxious to see your images of the shower.


Pat C. said...

I am insane. I thought that the shower was *last* weekend! I was surprised (and, yes, more than a tad disappointed!) when you hadn't posted about it yet. I wasn't even expecting photos so soon, just a word or two along the lines of "a good time was had by all." hehehehe

But I can get excited about the shower all over again! Yes, I can!

Besides that sweet baby smell, I remember the weight and the warmth of their sleeping little heads on my shoulder. Heavenly.

Good luck with your preparations tomorrow, and don't forget that all of us "aunties" will be with you and Emily in spirit on Saturday!


P.S. Thank you for the sweet baby images. The one by Edythe Klapka reminds me of Bessie Pease Gutmann's.

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, Enjoy the festivities. Time passes so quickly, and stopping to remember those precious moments secures them in our memories and our hearts. By the time we're grandparents our hearts are overflowing! Have a great weekend. Love, Penny


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