Monday, October 11, 2010

A wonderful time of year ~

In Georgia, our summers are unmercifully hot...
AND humid which always make it just miserable to be outdoors.
I avoid it at all costs!!

But finally, as we near the middle of October,
this is the time that I can finally enjoy being outside.
I love creating with nature's gifts and
getting outside to find these wonderful treasures.

Yes, some of the goodies above I purchased,
were gifts from precious friends or are
scans from me to you ~
but fall is a great time of year to get out and
find beautiful components for your artwork.

Still no pics of the new house.
Yes, I know...I should be popped upside the head.

We worked on the front porch this weekend,
going through all the things that used to be in our attic at the old house.
We got rid of 3/4ths of it!!!!
So I'm still plowing through and it seems that I'll never be finished ~
Maybe this week?
Wish me luck....

Have a wonderful Monday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Barbara Jean said...

All so beautiful Dawn. Sure do admire and appreciate that you take the time to do up such a sweet post even when so busy.
That is part of what makes your place, and you, so special.
I do not remember the piece you showed "Home of the Sweet Birdies". Thought I had seen every single thing you had done. Well of course love it like all the rest!!


barbara jean

Joanna said...

Beautiful eye candy, thank you!

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Dawn,
yes there are treasures outside the doo, in fall, and I too, alwayes brings something home, when taking my morning tour...
Good luck with bringing the new house, in order,sweetie- that`s a wonderfull, but very hard work-----
Love and hugs, from Dorthe

whyte said...

I love this time of the year. And 2010 is the year of the acorn here in Florida. They are everywhere! The days are getting cooler and shorter and I love being outdoors right now. Great photos! Thank you!

Sandy said...


Don't worry yourself one bit about not showing house photos until you are good and ready. Moving is a huge task and settling in takes time and you need to enjoy the process without feeling pressure. Glad to see that you are enjoying your new home so much.

madrekarin said...

Lovely fall things, Dawn. Especially the acorn caps. Why do I love those thinsg so much? I wouldn't sweat not being finished. I don't think there's a time limit. :)

Joy Lett said...

I have a medium size hornets nest that I can't wait to get - when its good and cool. And since we are out in the country there are always great nature finds. It got up to 88 yesterday-- ready for it to cool back down.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Dawn... We are at Myrtle Beach and I am ocean front and watching the morning in it's different fazes... It was lovely about 6:30 A.m. when you could just start to see life again... Have a lovely day.

Vee said...

I'll wish you more than luck, I'll wish you many willing hands to help. Sounds like so much to do and go through. And, now that my mother and niece are in the same process, I can well understand the decisions being made all the time. God bless...

Anonymous said...

Dawn, what do you mean you "got rid of 3/4 of something"?! I'm hoping it's all in your booth! LOL!
I just love all the natural elements too! And the best part is that they're free!

Theresa said...

Love your beautiful pics and yes Georgia is really getting good in the weather department! Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!

Linda M. said...

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures. Enjoy the weather and have a wonderful week.

Vicki said...

So many treasures...all of it is the "bees knees." Put a link on my most recent post to you. I mentioned your tutorials and images that I had used in the past. Always good stuff here. Thank you! (waiting patiently for the house
Vicki at

Suz said...

Those are truly beautiful. In my sixty years I have never been to Georgia or known anyone who is from Georgia so this blogland is a wonderful thing for me (I have, however, been to Croatia twice...go figure!). I love your picture and wonder if that is a real nest and eggs....just so soft and charming!


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