Monday, October 4, 2010

It was a gorgeous fall day!!

I'd love to be showing you a few photos of the inside of the farmhouse...
but truthfully, they would SO scare you right now!!!
I'm still working on unpacking boxes and putting things away ~

I do want to show you the pics from our wonderful Sunday afternoon...
Brent had gone fishing so Emily and Clara came to spend the afternoon
at Mimi & Papa's house.
Dennis had a roast in the oven...the house smelled absolutely divine ~
It was a chilly, windy day and we all went outside
to let the puppies and Clara stretch their legs.
The lighting was so perfect to take photos!

Gretta is Brent and Emily's pup and is the little black dog playing with Ellie...
Gretta and Ellie are littermate sisters too!

Noah and Chase had to toss the football around ~

The side of the little barn ~

Clara loves watching the trains go by!!

We had a wonderful day together...and Clara had a blast playing outside!

Can you see the fence around our back yard
It is such a wrecked old thing...
pieced together, odds and ends ~ there's even an old spring frame
from a baby bed attached to one part of it!!! I just love it......

Wishing you a wonderful Monday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Nancy Hood said...

What a beautiful place for heart memories! You are so right, as it is the 'grandmommy' home we all dream of :) My maternal g'parents had a home much like that, with a barn, old trees, and a milk cow. Ah, what memories I have of them, Dawn. Clara is a beautiful child, and appears to have a headful of hair already! I know you are treasuring the days :) Happy October, sweet friend.

Joanna said...

Lovely memories of a beautiful day, so special with Clara growing up so fast. She is ADORABLE but then I guess you might just think that already!


Dorthe said...

Sweetest Dawn, I can see you had the best sunday, possible- thats when grands are visiting, right?
She looks so very sweet, and funny-they are adorable in that age---
Thanks for the beautifull photoes, of your dear family.
Hugs and love to you, Dawn, and thanks for your, dear comment yesterday .

Theresa said...

Loving this weather! I love all of these pictures, that sweet Clara is adorable! Your place is gorgeous... the fence, the barn, that train! Enjoy this lovely Fall day and your new home! HUGS!

Vee said...

Oh the fun! Oh the exploring! Clara is so cute and happy. Actually, there are lots of smiles around.

Anonymous said...

Clara looks so much like you Dawn. I feel like I know both of you. :-)

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, What a lovely day at your farm. I have to ask, have you named it? Your Clara is beautiful, and she will have so many wonderful memories of her times with you. I can almost smell the pot roast and the burning leaves. Love, Penny

Lisa said...

what a lovely day with your precious family! seems like just yesterday Clara was a little baby...It's hard to grasp how fast time flies by...

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Dear Dawn
Your Little Clara is such a Sweetpea! How Much Fun you must have when she comes to visit!
Have a Wonderful Week!

Suz said...

There is nothing as special as family time. That little Clara is one of the happiest, most expressive children I have ever seen. She is so sweet (I want a grandchild!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Dawn, that's what Pure Joy looks like! :-)
Hugs, Diane

Debra@CommonGround said...

Days like this are what wonderful memories are made of. She's such a little cutie, and loved seeing the pups play. perfect day!

Elizabeth said...

Sweet girl!

Barbara Jean said...

Oh so fun!! What a cutie!!

Good news about Mark on previous post too
thank you Lord!!


barbara jean

Jann said...

Oh my gosh--Clara is growing so fast! Loved the photos!

Beth Leintz said...

Oh you're so lucky to live by the train tracks- I know some people think the noise is a bother but I love to hear it at night, wondering where it's been and where it's going to.

That Clara is just too cute- what a sweetie!


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