Saturday, October 2, 2010

When did this happen?

Our little Clara is growing so fast!!
I know the photo below is blurry but you can get the gist
of our little angel's attitude!
She's such a sweetheart and growing like a little weed ~

Remember these?
and has created these precious cuties ~
They are beautiful Rosanna!!!

Can you even believe it's time to starting thinking
about Christmas ornaments???

Have a wonderful fall weekend dear friends,
hugs and love,


Blondie's Journal said...

Clara is just precious...they do grow like weeds!!

Love the mitten ornament. It's never too early to start thinking of Christmas!


Joanna said...

What a cute pic of Clara - looks like she could have some attitude going on there! Love the Christmas mitts (though it's far too soon to be thinking about Christmas ornaments in this house!!).


Nancy Hood said...

Our sweet Elle turned one the middle of September and we've been told by all three daughters that she's the last we can expect. Which saddens me, you know? I never truly believed I could love a child as I do our daughters until that first grandchild. My heart was stolen all over again :) I'm so happy you included her in your post today. Made me smile.

Unknown said...

Dawn I can't believe how much Clara has grown in just one year. I just remember the pics from last Christmas and wow, growing like a weed is right. Really lovin' her 'tude. And Rosanna's mittens are so sweet. I was dying to do some last year after seeing your post and even bought the fabric, well I better get serious now (a year, wow where did the time go).

Enjoy your weekend.

Dorthe said...

Dear Dawn-haven`t visitet you for some dayes, because of being in the middle of a flue ,not feeling very well.
So just wanted to say happy sunday, dear.
Clara -yes she is turning to a big girl- her whole attitude shows that--not a baby anymore,- sadly....but mostly,so very wonderfull-growing to be a beautifull girl.
Hugs from me-with love

Brenda said...

Yes they do grow up quick don't they? I am going to look for this tutorial because they are so cute!

She Uses Her Words said...

Hi Dawn,
Clara is sooo big! And yes you can read her attitude in her stance. I love it when they announce their independence! What a sweetheart. The mittens are so pretty! Maybe I'll actually get to make some this year!
xo, Karen

Anne Lorys said...

Loving those pigtails!
Next thing you know, you'll turn around and she'll be headed to senior prom. Treasure every moment. :-)


The Tin Rabbit said...

Oh my goodness, she has grown so much! Love that little attitude! My table is covered with Christmas~ It will be here before we know it! Have a wonderful weekend!

Vicki said...

So sweet and I'm not surprised at that age she doesn't stand still for long. One of my friends favorite Xmas gifts were salt and pepper shakers filled with bling and holding some vintage postcards and your tutorials.

Theresa said...

I can't even believe that it is time to think about Fall and Halloween:) I am so far behind! That sweetie is just too darn cute! Hope you are having a wonderful Fall weekend! Our weather rocks! HUGS!

Sandi said...

Little Clara is just precious Dawn! What a cutie too! Love their attitudes at this age even though we didn't think it was funny when our kids did it! LOL LOVE being a grandparent!!


Precious, precious baby! And cute mittens from your friend! ~ Angela

stefanie said...

she is sooooooooooooo sweet!!! and I am never ready for Christmas...always running late!

Vee said...

I'm sticking my fingers in my ears about that Christmas ornament thing preferring to look at Clara's sweet face. When did she get so tall that she can't walk under the table anymore?

Suz said...

Baby Clara has grown so much!!! Ah, mica...I have a love-hate relatioship with that!!!


Lisa said...

I look at these pictures of Clara & I wanna bawl my eyes out. Where DID it go? Yesterday my babies looked just like that. Everything they did was a miracle. 'kevin, come look, they pooped'!!! Now they have hair on their legs & missing teeth. Tell Emily she needs to get on it & give you another baby soon. Lisa
PS I love the little ponies & the legs apart pose. She looks like she's about to bust a move.

Unknown said...

She is just a beautiful little girl! She looks like you so much. She is so much taller than the little baby picture we last saw.
I will be getting a new grandbaby on tuesday this next week. My daughter goes in for a "C" section around noon. We already know she is having a girl, can hardly wait to hold her. This will make me a grandma for the 11th time. With the oldest 19 and the youngest brand new.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Dawn, I remember when Clara was born. She just get cuter every day. Love the little pony tail!

Hugs, Diane


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