Friday, October 15, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday ~

So many different things inspire me...
beautiful old bits and bobs, magazines, books,
amazing artists and their creations ~

and then there are these....
wonderful, gorgeous, old illustrations and paintings.
I love to collect them ~

I'm participating in Debra of Common Ground's

Be sure to click images twice before right clicking and saving :)

Don't you just love them?

Wishing you a great Friday dear friends ~
hugs and love,


Suz said...

How do you do it? i copied several of your pictures again and they are so crisp and need and beautiful and orderly...many are the same size. The pictures say they are scanned imagines but they look so much better than my scanned image. Is this the magic of Photoshop? I have just started working on Photoshop Elements and wish I could have my things look so professional!


Home and Heart said...

These are wonderful!! Thank you SO much!!

marie said...

I DO love them! Thank you Dawn! Especially for the four little birds. Love them!

liszha said...

Absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Dorthe said...

Hi sweetie,
thanks for your beautifull -Vintage friday inspirational images- I love them -
I wish you a lovely and happy week-end dear Dawn.
Love and big hug.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Thank you! I just love them all...
Have a wonderful weekend Dawn!

Linda M. said...

Dawn, Thank you for sharing all the fantastic inspirational images. Have a wonderful day!

Theresa said...

YES... I love all of these images! Hope you are enjoying this lovely fall GEORGIA weather! HUGS!

Rebecca said...

Hey Sweetie
How are you? Your images are always inspiring... I would love to see your collection someday! Just amazing.
I wish you a wonderful weekend! The weather has been so beautiful, it is good to have some time to breathe it in.

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Good Morning Dawn!
Thank you for Sharing these Lovely Images to inspire us all!
Also Thank you for stopping by and your Kind Words of Encouragement. I really do appreciate it!
Have a Wonderful Day

Wildflowerhouse said...

Dawn I have had so much going on lately, but something just was missing. Couldn't figure it out until I went to my Facebook and was looking at friends and there you were. Light bulb moment. I wasn't getting your blog anymore. Have had lots of things happening here at home so maybe that's why it took me a little time to realize. WELL I shall remedy that immediately. Don't know what happened. Awwwk! Sharon

Barbara Jean said...

Last two posts great! As Always!

Thanks for always giving us goodies, and referrals to other neat places.


barbara jean

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Dawn, You absolutely know I love old graphics, and birds especially! So glad you take the time to link up to VIF!! (I need to see more of how the house is coming!!)
big hugs,

Deb said...

Such lovely images! Thanks for sharing them Dawn-I absolutely love the little girl writing with the sparrow on the desk ♥ How is your new home coming along?

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Oh Dawn, there are some keepers in this post. I actually gasped when I saw the little girl at the writing desk. I'm glad I get excited about the little things in life. The pink roses are stunning. Thanks so much for sharing these beauties. ~ Abby ~


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