Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thinking about things ~

I love blogging....I guess you figured that out, right?
It will be four years in February too!
When I first started blogging I thought there were SO many blogs.
But now?
I can't EVEN believe how many there are.
It's a wonderful thing too ~
having so many share their creativity, their ideas
and their day to day lives.

But sometimes, as you look at other people's blogs
with the amazing photography,
going wonderful places and
living in gorgeous homes...
you can begin to feel, well...maybe just a little inferior.

You worry that your post will not be stellar enough or
you may choose to not even post...

I just wanted to say,
please post...
no, you don't have to do it every day
and it doesn't have to be something monumental...
but don't miss out on the wonderful friends
and creativity found here in blogland.

Simply share what you'd share with a great friend.

I love you sweet friends,
Thank you always for your kind comments and
that you take the time to see what I'm up to ~

Have a wonderful Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Hope said...

I agree. I visit tons of blogs everyday and often feel I just don't 'cut the mustard', but I continue to blog. I have a small following, just a few commenters, but that is ok with me.

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Great Post Dear Blogging Friend~ What a Lifeline Blogging has become for Me, I wouldn't give it up for Anything.... Sometimes we are also Blessed to meet up with Friends we have found in this Great Big World of Blogging.... I do Treasure Our Meeting ~ Miss ya xox Hope you get a chance to stop by sometime between unpacking & Creating

BellaRosa said...

Dawn amor how funny...These last few days I have been thinking of how much I miss all my blog friends, the beautiful community of blogging & the friendships that I have made...but some days, I feel so far removed with all that is going on in our lives at this moment that I wonder if I am still even a part of it...I still visit many of my favorite blogs, I seem to be lurking like I did way back before you made me my beautiful blog, I try to keep up with everyone's posts as best as I can, but I truly do miss everyone...most of all you my dear heart :) Please know I think of you often & your name is mentioned quite often in our home. Love you, & miss you much! Besos, Rose :)

wilmi said...

thanks a lot for these sweet words. I also love blogging and I think everyone has one don't you?

Nancy Hood said...

Ironic, I was reading parts of my first blog this past weekend and realized with a start that my blog is not like that anymore. I used to have a lots and lots of photos in each post. Now, there'll be a few of family and friends but there's now shot outs for other sites I've found. Thinking if I loved it, someone will, too!
I am making a concentrated effort to balance time with Him, with him, and with my laptop. Happy Wednesday!

mary beth said...

You are so right! I keep reminding myself that my blog is for my family and all the new friends I make as a result of it, is just icing on the cake! It is so much fun, no calories and it's free..who could ask for more!

Emily said...

Thanks so much for this Dawn! I really appreciated it today.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Great post! Wonderful photos!
You are such a generous and sweet spirit...
...a lovely example for all and it is because of blogging friends like you that I love to blog so much..
I hope you have a beautiful day!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

So true, Dawn! My posts can be all over the place ~ things I've found thrifting or on clearance, things I've made, interior decorating, and more. I seem to share whatever hits me that week. Sometimes I have nothing and sometimes I just don't have time. I say set your own pace.

Cozy Home Cottage said...

Thank you for posting these words of encouragement, Dawn. I needed to read them today! God bless and have a beautiful week.

Sally L. Smith said...

Thanks for spending the small amount of extra time you have now blogging. I appreciate the cute photos. Happy organizing.--Sally

Vee said...

Oh and I'd echo as often as you feel comfortable to do so. It's often the simple things that are so meaningful.

The MO Farmers Daughter said...

hi,I feel that way too,there are so many blogs,but not all of the blogs are really original,I personally try to be just a little different and original,and authenitic with mine,coz I don,t have everyones same personality and if I am doing it wrong so be it,I would just love for you to visit mine ,thanks carol,at,

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Good Morning Dawn;
I Love what you said and it is so true. I have met some of the Most Wonderful People in My Travels through Blogging. You got me started too! When I came across your Blog and started reading your Posts,I Knew that this is Something I Could. What I discovered was a Community that is so very Kind, so very Generous and Oh My Goodness,Supportive!
Blogging has Given me so Joy,Thank You for Helping me to Get started! I am Deeply Grateful!
Have a Wonderful Day Dawn!

Unknown said...

I completely agree.
Blogging is meant to be fun.
An outlet to express yourself and meet people who enjoy the same things you do.

Blogs and Post don't need to be elaborate.
They should just be an expression of who one is. That is what I love about blogging.

Also fellow bloggers should not feel pressure to post everyday. We all understand that sometime life doesnt allow that.
Also pressure will turn it into a chore instead of an enjoyment.

I know with my own blog, sometimes I blog often, sometimes weeks will go by....
Sometimes my post are long and full of fun thing, other times they are just quick little hello's....
And yes, sometimes they might even be boring!! LOL!!
But they are always Me. :)

Im so happy you started your bloggin adventure those 4 years ago.... because Yours is one my favorites!! So here is to the next 4 years and the next 4.....

Take Care,

Barbara Jean said...

Well put friend!
And love everything you post!

hugs and blessings

barbara jean

PS hardest thing for me is to find time to visit all the wonderful friends I have made in blogland.

Theresa said...

My blog is my daily journal. Some days are exciting and busy, some are not! But whatever it is, it is and I post about it! I post lots about my grandkids because they are important to me. Lots of bloggers are so creative and some (like me) are not. It seems many are having trouble finding time to blog or read them. I just make a little time every day to check in on my friends! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Home and Heart said...

SO true!!! I can hardly take a picture! So many blogs look like magazines! I am so very grateful for the kindness of the people I meet though. Thank you for the darling pics and post!

My Arts Desire said...

A beautiful and thoughtful post, Dawn! You have such a gift for being such a source of warm encouragement to so many. May it all come back to you tenfold....Xo, Sue

Angela said...

Thanks for this sweet post...and the nice images.

kluless said...

Thank you for this lovely post. I agree 100%. My only regret in blogging is there are so many great blogs out there and much as I try I simply can't manage to read them all every day. They are filled with wonderful inspiration and community!

Carol @ A Bird in Hand said...

Dawn - That is a great post! I have often felt all those things, then someone will leave me a nice little comment, and all is well again. For sure we are headed to GA next week. Our plans are to be at the Country Living Fair at Stone Mtn. Saturday morning (10/23). Do you think you will be going? Would love to see you again...even just for a sec. Smiles...Carol

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Dawn, You are a honest, sensitive voice, so talented and generous. Just saying, many of us try hard to be more like you! Love, Penny

My Grama's Soul said...

Your post could not be more correct....thank you for stating it in such a lovely way.



Alison Gibbs said...

Dawn what a wonderful post - so well said

Anonymous said...

So true, Dawn, every word of it. These connections with my blog friends have become so important to me too. It doesn't take much, just a hello in a post to know someone has stopped by and cares. I try really hard to visit others and to take the time to think about what they've posted and give a sincere, uplifting, caring and hopeful response. One never knows when a simple smile or hello can make THE difference in someone's life who may be having a very, very difficult time, is lonely, afraid, worried...
God bless you. I'm glad to hear your BIL is doing so much better.
Hugs and blessings,

Vicki Boster said...

Dearest Dawn-
I just want to say that your blog and your encouragement - totally changed my life when I came to the blogging world. Your kindness in helping me get started has made all the difference in the world. You are such a kind and unselfish, giving person - your good deeds in helping others has come back to you a thousand times over.

From a blogger who had no idea what she was doing - and is now "nesting" like crazy - thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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