Friday, April 10, 2009

The goodness will return to you ~

Don't you agree with that?? I fully believe that any good thing that you can do for someone, a kind word, a thought or prayer will eventually find it's way back to you as a blessing.....and I pray this for my sweet friend Kathy who took me totally by surprise and sent me this gift!!!!

Remember the round paper clips that I couldn't find anywhere? Well Kathy of Shocking Pink Thread gifted me not one, but two containers of these goodies!!!! I'm so excited, I like them even more that I thought I would! Now I have to make the project that I mentioned earlier. Plus you can bend them ever so slightly so they will not crimp the old paper!!!

Thank you so, so much Kathy, I love them!!!!

A sweet Clara photo for today ~ the sun was shining in the front door on her :)

Wishing you a wonderful Friday!!!

xxoo, Dawn


debi said...

I definitely agree that what we put out there, good or bad, will come back to us. I think it's awful what happened to your friend, but it's so nice to see people who face their challenges head on instead of expecting someone else to fix it for them. She sounds amazing...go Dawn!
Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter, Debi

Barbara Jean said...

Ive never seen those paper clips before.

So sweet pic of little Clara. She just gets cuter every day.

Barbara Jean

Marji said...

OOOhhh, she is so SWEET!! Sunshine on an angel!! I am THRILLED to hear that your friend is doing awesome in the face of all that mess!! I wish her, and you and your family, all the best, and will visit her online store!! And yes, the good always returns! Have a lovely weekend!! Blessings, Marji

Lori said...

Clara looks so sweet Dawn, she is smiling so pretty in that picture...i stand up and applaud your friend...EVERYONE should do this to be successful in should be ALL about hard work and determination...not bailouts, etc...she must be a very strong and savvy girl...i wish her and her company the Very Best!!!

A Blessed and Happy Easter to you and yours sweet friend!!!

Coleen said...

what a great post!!! I will surely go visit you dear friend,too!!! Clara is getting sun kisses.....and she looks like she is counting her "to do" list on her tiny, sweet fingers...."lets see, today I will make a millon people smile...give my grandma a giggle...and go poopy for my mommy!!"

Heart Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dawn, Thank You so much for sharing your friend's triumphant story! What an inspiration!

Yes, what you give out to the world does come back tenfold!

Ooooo what a precious little face, sweet Clara! Thanks so much for sharing those special moments with us. Priceless!

Many hugs to you sweet friend!

Vee said...

Let's see...there's so much to comment on! First of all, Kathy is a sweetheart. Those are some intriguing paper clips...never've seen one like that. Glad that they work so well for you.

Hooray for your friend Dawn. It's inspiring to hear how a company claws its way back without government bailouts. I'm sorry that this happened to her in the first place, but I'm delighted to hear that your dh and son are helping to turn it around.

Darling Clara... I don't imagine that you pay much attention to cloudy days now that this little bundle of sunshine is about.

kathy said...

Dawn , what a wonderful story of effort and courage -- Loving that sweet lil girl pic -- kathy - g a

Anonymous said...

Huge kudos to your friend Dawn - I hope others will take encouragement and inspiration to work hard to stay afloat. I am inspired!
--Vicki K.

Alicia Robbins said...

What a great story, more people could learn many valuable lessons from her, hard work, perserverance, self-reliance, etc...
Baby Clara is such a sweet little girl. Precious.
Have a Lovely Day Grandma~

Sandy said...

What an incredible story! Thanks for the link to her company. I love that goldfish soap and I think my little grandson would adore it!

What a precious blessing little Clara is, so sweet! Thank you for sharing her with us!

I hope you and your family have a very blessed Easter!

Kathy said...

Hi Dawn, it is my pleasure to return a small blessing to you after all of the wonderful visits I have had to your blog. I'm always inspired.

Oh, and I can't wait to visit your friend's online store. Those goldfish soaps are darling!! I'm especially impressed with her story of survival--and hope. Thank you for sharing it with us.
P.S. Baby Clara is so precious. I've loved every picture.

Allie said...

That Clara is precious! She has such a beautiful face. Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter weekend.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

The soaps are absolutely beautiful! and what an example for all those block-heads that are waiting for someone ELSE to get them up & running again! She should not only be on CNN but Oprah, Good Morning America and heard in CONGRESS! Yay for her !!

Bambi said...

I am so glad that Dawn is making a come back along with help from your guys! She must be a very strong woman. I bought the goldfish soaps for my grandchildren a couple of Christmas' ago and they loved them! They are so cute. I'm so glad she overcame!! And Clara is just precious. I know she must be growing and changing everyday. Hope you and your family have a blessed weekend.

Jill said...


Your friend Dawn sounds like a terrific woman. How wonderful for her. The goldfish soap is adorable.

Great little paper clips. I have not seem them before, but I like them.

And little Clara is a doll. What changes we can see almost daily.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Jill Bruce

Charlene said...

I am so glad your friend is on the road to recovery! And like you said ... NO BAIL OUT. I wish the other folks that think it is our job to bail them out of bad situations would see this. I am so glad your husband & Brent are able to be a part of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. And this time I know she will do well. Thanks for sharing.


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