Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sweet bird images ~

I'm finally working on some gifts to take to the class that I'm teaching the end of this month! I can't really show them here but hopefully I'll have plenty of photos of the class itself and will share more with you then. Here are a few bird images for your artwork or to frame ~

Look at this craft tote that I found at Target! I want to take some of my supplies with me to the class as well and thought that this would be perfect to keep it all together ~ too cute!

I've still been working on the studio here and there too. I finally decided that I want the tools that I use most to be portable so I cleaned off these two wire racks and have started loading them up with supplies. That way I can move them to whatever table I'm working at. They're kind of dinky but that's OK, they're holding up for now!

Just a photo of a neat cabinet that I love ~ it stores all types of thank you cards and blank cards too.

I hope your Tuesday is wonderful dear friends!
xxoo, Dawn


Clarity said...

Storage is huge for crafters, I think the wheelie rack is a good idea :) I like the small cabinet, simple and pretty at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, thank you for the pretty prints.
Your studio is coming along wonderfully. I'll bet you wonder where you put everything before you had all this space!

Anonymous said...

It's so exciting to see your studio evolve and change to what will work for you. Thanks for telling us what's inside the cabinet. It's always so enticing to see a small charming storage item - and fun to know what it hides...

Can't wait to see your work from after the class.

--Vicki K.

Barbara Jean said...

I'm "thinking like a mama bird", huh? =0) cute, and sure is fun!!

Love your tote, and great idea to keep your supplies portable. I keep having to grab handfuls of this or that to take to wherever i am working.

Thanks for the nice pics. I have a plan for one already.

Barbara Jean

PS Everyone seems love the scoop with the nest. Think I'd better make it one of the prizes. =0)

Wildflowerhouse said...

Dawn thank you again for the lovely bird prints. Your studio looks so organized. How much fun to have a large creative space. Sharon


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