Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet winnings ~

I just love giveaways!!!!! There, I said it!! But I do though....and what a wonderful way to share your artwork and spread the love, right? Well, I really love it when I win a giveaway and I did!! A wonderful package arrived Saturday with these two sweet pouches inside.

Brenda of The Vintage Polka Dot made these gorgeous gifts and I'm in love with them! Can't you just see them hanging on the knob of a cabinet or even a door?
Thank you so very much Brenda, they're just wonderful!!

Just look at her artwork ~ this bunny is precious!!!
Check out her ETSY will love her stuff~

Happy Sunday sweet friends,
xxoo, Dawn


Barbara Jean said...

Congratulations on your win!!
Those are too adorably cute!
Will have to go check out her site.

Not sure who your other 'friend' is, but very expressive. =0))

Barbara Jean

Lori said...

what a great win Dawn, congratulations!!!

Vintage Papers said...

lucky lucky you! sweetness! :)

Peggy said...

Those bunnies are adorable...I love them. Congratulations.

Brenda said...

aww thanks for putting them on your blog Dawn! I'm glad you like them :)


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