Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just spreadin' the love ~

You know I love gorgeous images, right? Well, Marji is offering these beautiful pansy calendar scans on her blog Untethered ~ Don't you love this look??
There's more on her blog!
Just spreadin' the free image love ~

xxoo, Dawn


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Thank you Dawn, I love the pansy images, I'm going to check the others out. Your so sweet to share. I'm sharing a new bloggers store. It is really pretty.

Tara said...

You are always so generous!

Marji said...

Dawn, you have the soul of an angel! Thank you so much for your caring, sharing heart!!!! Blessings, Marji

Anonymous said...

Dawn ~ Thank you so much for the lovely images you share. I just love gentle pansies and have saved this picture to use in some of my garden books.

Kindest Regards, Eileen @ Star's Fault


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