Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who knew mints could look this good!

The minute I saw the images that Beth of Gathering Dust was giving us for this project from Artist Class, I knew I had to make this!!! It's an altered Altoids tin! I've had it in the studio forever and this was the perfect project to finally use it...

Don't you love the images! And Lori, do you see the beautiful fabric that came in the mail yesterday?? Thank you so much for sharing your source....

I'll be making Lori's covered box from Artist Class next! If you'd like to sign up there's still time (until Nov. 21st) and get 10.00 off by using the code thefeatherednest ~

I have to tell you that I'm so happy!!! FINALLY we have a Hobby Lobby!
It just opened this week and of course I had to get over there and bask in the glow ~
I'll share the goodies I found later.
If you don't have a Hobby Lobby store nearby
they do have a website that sells a lot of their supplies ~
it's Crafts, Etc. if you'd like to take a look!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday sweet friends ~
hugs and love,


Michelle, All Home and Love said...

Great idea! That would be beautiful to put a gift card in for the holidays.

debi said...

Ooooooh! Your tin is stunning! I love those images, and the colors you used are just dreamy.

Anne Lorys said...

Ooooh, I'll bet they're gonna LOVE you at Hobby Lobby! Our local craft store (no-name) is ridiculously overpriced and woefully understocked. Lucky duck!!
Beautiful tins, I really need to get crackin' on these artist class projects!

Theresa said...

Oh my, gotta make that:) Gorgeous and the pictures inside, sweet! I agree with Michelle, gift card would fit just perfectly! Have a blessed day!

Lori said...

i love Beth's tin...i had put a tin aside a while ago...and now i can't find bummer...i will have to wait to make my own...your snowman tutorial is wonderful Dawn!!! lucky you, that you now have a hobby lobby...i want one too!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Dawn! And if you love tins, there is a company called Upton Tea Imports that sells samplers of different flavored teas in different sized tins. My daughter gave me a sampler for Mother's Day of 4 flavors in the cutest little round tins. I bought a 2nd batch of them so now I have EIGHT empty tins to decorate! I just purchased my favorite flavor "Baker Street Blend" in a larger, square size that I'll decorate when it's empty. Can't wait!
And the teas are delicious! The Baker St. blend has a slightly smoky flavor that makes me feel as if I'm sitting in a little thatched cottage out on the Scottish Moors! ;-) Very evocative flavor and scent!
The moral of the story....don't throw anything away! LOL!
Hugs!!! Diane

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Can I tell you how many of these tins I just throw out? I'll have to look at them differently now ~ that is just beautiful, Dawn!

Artist Class said...

The tin & tags are gorgeous!

Sandy said...


I love your version of the tin! Isn't the fabric delicious? I love mine. We are on the same wave length, I'll be working on Lori's box next too. I need to hop over and see what else has been posted.

I love Hobby Lobby and their sales and markdowns are the best. Can't wait to see your goodies.

Have a sweet day.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

A beautiful box, Dawn. Those cards are just lovely too!

Mollye said...

Oh Dawn the tin is beautiful and the cards fit it to a T. Happy Day!

Connie said...

Sigh......just another "project" I'll have to put on my list of things I want to do before I die, sugar!!! Well, that list gets longer but I'm accomplishing most of them as you'll see in the coming weeks. Squeeeeeeeal.... Now, gotta buy some Altoids.... ;-)

Rebecca Nelson said...

You are soooooo going to LOVE LOVE LOVE Hobby Lobby! Not only are they are fabulous store but their work ethics as a company are above reproach. It is Oklahoma City based (next to Edmond, OK, where I live). The founder and his son are amazing businessmen!



BellaRosa said...

Dawn, what a beautiful tin, it is so you :) I can't wait to see how your covered box comes out. I am just green...we have NO Hobby Lobbys in So. Cal :( when you get a chance..please come by my blog, I have an award for you...besos, Rose

Pretty Things said...

I just LOVE those!

Dorthe said...

Dawn , your tin is very beautifull decorated, -Wonderfull. this is one of the projects I so want to finish when time comes.

And how lucky you folks are with big shops ,full of lots of goodies.
Sending you love and hugs, dear friend-

Unknown said...

That tin is terrific!! I love Hobby Lobby and they have 40% off coupon this week! Check their website for it.
take care

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

Dawn, Thanks for sharing. i just love this.

Elyse said...

i love using things like altoid tins -- this came out BEAUTIFULLY!


Shawna Bates said...

this is so awesome and "vintage like" I love it!
I got a free tin in the mail the other day and have been anxious to get it altered. Thanks for sharing yours and a little motivation! Great job!


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