Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A little peek ~

Someone is soon to make their debut....in a new tutorial at
Lessons from The Nest!!
A precious little snowbird ~

I wanted show you these amazing curtains I found while we were in the mountains ~ two pair, 96" long, and they are absolutely gorgeous to me!!!

They had never been used, old as dirt and still had a little paper inside of them telling how to care for them. Of course I washed them right away, they were a little dirty and were crisp like cardboard! Even if the stains didn't come out, I knew I could use the fabric....well, now they are this wonderful slinky, crinkled gorgeousness that I've GOT to figure out what to do with them!!

I would love to hang them on either side of the guest bed,
coming out from the wall on each side ~
but have to figure out how to do it!
I need those swing arm rods I guess :)

Plus I found a small bolt of scrim! I've been looking for this stuff forever ~ a little bit tighter weave than cheesecloth....this piece I washed to see how it held up ~

And here are two of my very favorite glitters for the holidays ~
Dear Dorthe....I want you to see the difference in the texture,
please click on the photo to enlarge.
I love them both and use them separately and also together!!

I love blogging. Can you tell? I love my friends that I've made here ~
You constantly bring sunshine to my day and always make me smile!
Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog
and always for your wonderful comments ~

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday sweet friends!
hugs and love,


Anne Lorys said...

You sure are up late, missy! Wow, those curtains are gorgeous. My fave purchase from Warrenton was my antique French lace curtains. Love the bird, and loving Artist Class!
Oh, and love you, too!

Dorthe said...

Oh Dawn dear,
tahnks sweet, I really see the difference, but they looks great both.
And your old curtains are fantastic,
but sweetest the little snow bird, so qued.
Sleep well, dear friend.
Love and hugs Dorthe

Alison Gibbs said...

What agreat find those curtains were.
Love the glitters

Lori said...

i use that diamond dust too, i like how chunky it is!!! your snow bird looks super cute Dawn!!!

Lisa said...

The threads running through the curtains are beautiful, can't wait to see that sweet guest room finished. Could it be a birdie tuitorial? I can't resist anything bird-like. Lisa
PS Your blogging buddies love you too!

Anji Johnston said...

Those curtains are gorgeous! What a great find. In fact, everything you got from the mountains was wonderful. I think you need to organize a shopping trip!! How far is it from VA?!

madrekarin said...

Dawn- I have a set of swing arm rods in my craft room. And they are cream!! Would you like them?

Simply Jessabells said...

Dawn, thumbs up on the curtain find! I do have a question though, is diamond dust like mica flakes? Thanks!

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Hello Dawn!!! Snowbird Love..Curtain Love..Diamond dust Love...and they say you can only love people! Ha! Well pretty true but we sure do enjoy all these wonderful things too, don't we! I know right were I'd use those pretty curtains...Happy creating my friend, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings..

Sandy said...

A friend of mine hung curtains beside her daughters bed like you are thinking of doing by using thin towel bars. The curtains slid over the bar and the bar was screwed to the ceiling. It look like really great hardware. I have also seen it done with a closet cup, double threaded screw, and short closet pole with a finial on the end. Just some ideas if you can't find great swing arm rods. Regardless, they will look divine. I can't wait to see the finished project.

Rebecca Nelson said...

You find the best stuff. I want to come JUNK with you!


A bird in the hand said...

So that's what scrim is! I'd been wondering....because if looks like cheesecloth. Your mittens are so very very sweet, just like you!
Colette xoxoxo

SharDon Exclusives said...

And we love you! Your posts are always so sweet and informative. Haven't left a comment for a while so just wanted to stop in and say "HI".
Abundant blessings to you, dear one,


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