Monday, November 2, 2009

Looking beyond the obvious ~

I try to do that when I'm treasure hunting for supplies....look beyond the obvious. If an item is intended to be used in a certain way, I look at it and think, "what other way could that be used?"

I found this trim at Walmart and loved the tiny bells that were dangling from it. Their color was wonderful and the size was perfect! I think the trim was intended to be applied to jeans or purses. But I knew those little bells would serve some sort of purpose for me. And for 2 bucks too!

My little work tray that I took into the living room while watching TV with the family ~

And the mitten order is finished!!

I made a few extra that I'll be selling in The Feathered Nest Shoppe too!
SOLD!! Thank you so much ~

I wanted to share this great tutorial that is being offered at Hopemore Studio ~

Cheryl at Zany Mayd is having another giveaway ~

And today....I'm so honored to have an interview
featured on sweet Jen's blog Sanctuary Art
for her Women Who Create series!!!!


Whew! Another post chock full of info!

We had a wonderful Halloween here at the house this past weekend.
All the boys were here again, Emily, Clara and
even David came home from Savannah again!!
Plus his new sweetheart Jerri was here too ~
(she lives near us and they went to high school together
and have reconnected via Facebook!)
I think he'll be moving back up here REALLY soon :) ahhh, young love ~

I'm going to be working on a NEW TUTORIAL finally!!!!
Stay tuned....I hope to have it for purchase this week at
Lessons from The Nest!

I hope your week is absolutely amazing as we welcome November!!!
A month of thankfulness....for so many blessings ~
Happy Monday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Those mittens are just lovely, Dawn! I love the embellishments you added.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, checking the sales bins is always great, isn't it! I agree with you that the little bells are going to be perfect on something! You had your "eagle eyes" open!

The mittens look soft and cuddle and precious!


The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Dawn,

Love your little mittens. They would look so pretty strung as a garland. Glad you had a great weekend with the boys and Clara.
Have a great week.

Sandy said...


Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. I hope your week is filled with wonderful things too!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Thanks Dawn! The image is just a dream with my colors on the blog dear! I set it up as a link here in appreciation. Enjoy your bells! I have just the image to send back to you after I get the kids off to school, (hint: bells on her toes, hee hee) Take care dear! Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Great article, Dawn! Your artwork really is special and I'm glad you are getting the attention you so deserve! I love those mittens, too cute! And the mirror is fabulous also! You never cease to amaze us!

Jann said...

Love the mittens, Dawn! And those little bells--your imagination knows no bounds, so I'm sure they will end up on something fabulous! I love what you did with the mirror, also! And, thank you, thank you for the Christmas tutorial you sent (such a reasonable price, I couldn't resist)--the detailed instructions, photos, and ephemera included are just so perfect, I can't wait to begin the project! Glad you had a fun Halloween--the 5 grandchildren we have living near us all arrived for a visit that evening--I'll have to post photos--you are right, this is truly a month for thankfulness right now!

Deb said...

Hi Dawn
What a fabulous interview over at Sanctuary Arts ~ thank you for the link! Loved the photo of you and all your gorgeous creations ♥

sharong said...

I love your blog look forward to reading it everyday , thank you for the pattern for the mittens I am makeing them to use as gift card holders they are so sweet thank you again.

Dorthe said...

Hi Dawn,
such a great artickle, and so good to rewiev all your beautifull art, -congratulation.
Love to you dear.
Hugs, Dorthe

Hopemore Studio said...

Dawn, Thank you for including me on your post today! I am blown away by the nice words left on my blog. You have such an amazing following and it was kind of you to send them my way.

I am off to read your interview, hoping not to sound too cheesy but you are such a giving person and an inspiration.

Lori said...

i always find the best things when i am not looking for something specific...i have learned not to shop that i am usually disappointed to not find what i am looking for...

Starsnrose said...

As always you have soothed my spirit and tweaked my creativity! Thank you so much for all you do to encourage us. Hope all is well in your world.
Alice Larkin

koralee said...

Oh my just found your amazingly lovely blog and I am in love with all your beautiful handmade items. I am a bird lover so anything with a nest...bird..feathers..etc makes my heart sing. I am off to visit your lovely shop and I am so sad I missed your lovely mittens..simply adorable!

Unknown said...

Those mittens are absolutely adorable! With the button embellishment...just so cute!!!


Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your interview and than you so much for stopping over and leaving such a kind word... I hope you have a wonderful week.
Don't you just love November

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Dawn, Jenn's interview with you was wonderful, I knew it was you when she showed the bird platter on her "teaser" post. You always amaze me with your creative way of looking at things. And yes, we do have similar tastes. Birds and nature are some of my favorite things. The photo she had of you was just so pretty!
Hope you are having a great week.

Anne Lorys said...

Hi Dawn, I just finished reading the interview with you, it's so great to learn more about you. The more I learn, the more I think you'd be just an incredible friend to have...I mean, I already consider you a friend, but one I could see and talk to and know what I mean! I wish you weren't so derned far away!!!
Hugs a'plenty,

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

You have been really busy making mittens and they turned out so sweet! I loved reading the interview and thanks for the link to the ornament tutorial! Have a good night, dear Dawn! Hugs, Julia


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