Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tired....and oh-so-full!

Funny how you rush, hurry and gather to get everything together for Thanksgiving and poof! it's over and you sit around staring, amazed at how quickly it all passes by.

We had Dennis' family's Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, a 50th birthday party for Dennis here at the house Friday night and then today my family was here for our Thanksgiving meal! Talk about tired....thank goodness Dennis loves cooking, he even made his wonderful chili for his own birthday party ~ and the turkey he cooked today was so delicious!
Mom brought all of her traditional sides and
they were as wonderful as ever.
It was so good to spend time with our boys and family...

And now we'll blink and Christmas will be upon us!
But for now, I'm ready to get back in the studio and play ~
a little creating does my heart good....

I hope you have a wonderful, restful Sunday dear friends ~
hugs and love,

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)


Shopgirl said...

I am just coming out of my Thankgiving eating coma!
It was wonderful, and I can tell that you had a great time too. Now on ward to Christmas and all that Ho Ho Ho! Love you sweet Dawn, Mary

Unknown said...

Wow Dawn. That's a lot of busy week you had! I hope Dennis enjoyed his birthday. I'll be celebrating my 50th in April. Take so time now and get yourself lots of rest. I know for one I'll be here when you come back.

Hugs Sweetie...Tracy :)

BellaRosa said...

Dawn amor, so glad you guys have had such a wonderful Thanksgiving x2 :) and that Dennis enjoyed his Birthday party :) He cooks, he makes divine what a man :) Happy Birthday Dennis!! Dawn tell him I am the lil brat from Cali, that always calls at all hours...he'll know who that is :) Besos, Rose

madrekarin said...

When do we start our walking group? ;)

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet, and congratulations on your husbond`s birthday dear Friend.
I can immagine it was a hard week-end, but a happy one too.
I had christmas sale here yesterday, and today in a very big Hotel, together with a lot of other artists.
I`m happy to say it went well both dayes,
---so I`m so very tired too.
Wishing you a wonderfull ,restfull evening dear Dawn.
Love and hugs from Dorthe

June said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm glad that you had such a great Thanksgiving! It sounds like it was a busy one as well. Happy Birthday to your Dennis.

lorhen82 said...

Dawn, I had the pleasure of seeing an original Bouguereau painting when I toured Lyndhurst. It was about 10 ft. tall, and it was so stunning! It was like looking at an actual couldn't even see brush strokes! He was an amazing artist.


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