Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beautiful changes...

I've not been creating much these past few days but have been getting things accomplished around the house. With Thanksgiving approaching my thoughts have turned to fluffing our home and getting some much needed projects finished.

The photo below is of our guest bath last year after Brad completely redid it ~ and it truly was dramatic and beautiful!

But after Brad moved out and as time has passed, it has needed a new makeover. Of course I chose to go with creams and whites....with a dash of chocolate!

Sweet Brad came over and painted the entire bathroom again for me, ceiling and all, the most soothing cream color. It's not at all finished but it's what we've been up to around here.

And the amazing paint we used?? Behr. And it is WONDERFUL!!! Brad painted over the dark color with two coats of Kilz latex primer first and then just one coat of this Behr paint. It's pricey but so luxurious and it covers so beautifully.

Did you know you can get some of the most wonderful holiday decorating ideas from wedding websites?? I love DIY projects and so many of the ideas can be created to decorate your home or even a gift!! Check out Elizabeth Ann Designs for starters....

Plus, I've added a few new goodies to The Feathered Nest Shoppe:

So it's been a good day! I'm finishing up another mitten order so I can get them off in the mail. And you've seen enough mittens so I didn't even bother showing them to you :)

Please welcome a sweet new blogger, Marie of Lost Bird Studio!!

Wishing you a beautiful Thursday dear friends,
hugs and love,


Dorthe said...

Dear friend,
Yes so many things to be done, all the time, your bathroom will be beautifull in creme.
Thanks for all the lovely adresses, and for showing your beautifull art.
Wishing you a beautifull thursday sweetie,
Hugs and love from me.

Lori said...

Dawn, you really have been busy...i hope that means you are feeling all better!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn! Me too I treasure ever precious comment. Thank you for visiting and posting.You are such an inspiration to me! Teemie

Elyse said...

always feel free to show your mittens -- they are adorable!

hope all is well and happy at your beautiful nest


Suzann said...

I can't wait to see your bathroom!

I always love seeing your projects and photos.

So soothing and beautiful.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Dawn ~
I just love your sweetness things in your shop ~ Oh my goodness girl ! they are so beautiful ~

Sandy said...

The bathroom redo sound wonderful. What a sweet son to come over and help you out. Your shop goodies are delightful! I hope you have a great day fluffing your nest!

Jann said...

Happy Thursday! Is that wallpaper with the angels? It's beautiful!

Terri Conrad said...

good morning Dawn,

familiar with your name from Stampington, I believe this is a first visit to your oh so beautiful creative world (via Diane Knott). Such beauty, I simply have to include your blog link in our community of Beautiful & Creative Women.

Do stop by for a visit as your time permits

Terri Conrad

Pellie / Penny said...

Dear Dawn,
As rich and bold as your bath looked in its jewel tone - I'm sure it will be a better fit for you once it is softened and fluffed as only you can do. Don't work to hard on it though - agirl always needs time to play in the craft room.

June said...

Hello Dawn, You really do have sweethearts for son's. I've been fluffing for Thanksgiving as well. There's nothing like a deadline to get me going.
I enjoyed all your lovely images in this post as well.


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