Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One sweet chubby bird ~

I finished my new tutorial! I just love him ~
I don't know why the bird's a "him", maybe because of all my boys!
A wonderful beginner's project for learning how to use paper clay ~
I've listed the tutorial in my shoppe Lessons from The Nest....

I have a few large clock faces and have been wanting to use them in artwork. Well, I can't bring myself to use the actual metal faces so I decided to scan them!

Maybe you would like to use them in your artwork as well:

They're a little tilted but I guess that doesn't matter...when you cut them out you can straighten them up!!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Gypsy Purple said...

Very cute!

Dorthe said...

Oh you are late again, dear Dawn.And what a sweet post, the little bird is wonderfully sweet.
I would love to try my hand on paperclay, but haven`t found it here yet,would be great for dolls too, I guess.
Thank`s for the great clocks, sweet, and sleep well.
Love and hugs Dorthe

Unknown said...

Well Dawn, it looks like we're both late nighters. I keep saying I'm going to go to bed earlier but I guess you know how that goes.

I love the bird. What a cutie. Thanks for sharing the clocks. When you find something like that it's so hard to do the final step and use it no matter how many great ideas come along. I have so many things that I keep saying "that might not be good enough for that".

Have a terrific day. XXOO's....Tracy :)

Lori said...


madrekarin said...

He is adorable. :)

Suzann said...

The birdie is precious.

I have a "thing" for clock faces so I enjoyed these as well.

May your day be filled with blessings!

Lisa said...

Love the birdie, it turned out very cute. I'll have buy that tutorial. Thanks for the heads up on the workshops yesterday. I really can't resist those online workshops. They are perfect for me, since I can't get out a lot. Lisa

Tutti Chic said...

your birdie is precious! looking forward to online workshops in dec! :) chris

Cindy said...

Your bird is absolutely adorable. I've never really heard of paperclay, would you beleive! I'd love to take a workshop soon.

Kirsten said...

He is so cute!
I love the spread wings.

Sandy said...

Awww, what a sweet little tweet! Love the clock faces too! Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn, I just LOVE that little fat birdie!! He is adorable. I've never used paper clay but may need to try it after seeing him!!!!

Hearts Turned said...

Good morning, Dawn! Just found your blog--so glad I did! I love your beautiful creations! I'm a vintage-style cardmaker, so I love your vintage-style work. I'm your newest follower--I'll be back for more beautiful inspiration!

Jann said...

Oh, your little bird is just adorable! And the clock faces are perfect for artwork--thanks for sharing the images! Have a great day!!!!!!

The Old Parsonage said...

Ohhh Dawn

What a sweet little guy! I love him, you are so creative!! Thanks for the images.


BTW - I'm having a giveaway, so please pop over if you have the time!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Absolutely adorable! Makes me smile looking at that cute face!

Journal Swag said...

OH MY GOSH! I LOVE your birdies! They are sooooo cute. I recently had my first experience with paper clay (we made dolls at the art retreat at the beach). I might show her when I finish dressing her and putting wings on her! I'll have to see if I can take your tutorial!!

Sheila said...

thank you sooooo much for sharing your scanned pic with us, dawn. you are so very generous and i love it and appreciate you. xo wanda


I love the lil birdie, so adorable!!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Dawn, You Created The Sweetest Little Bird..... I just Love Him~
Your package shipped today, a few little extras May be in the box.... Let me know when it Arrives.

Cindy said...

Oh, he is just so cute!!! I could him hanging on a Christmas tree!!

SharDon Exclusives said...

The clocks are great & that precious bird is just toooo cute! Thank you,
Thank you for the sweet comment on my latest post of Christmas ornaments.

Laurie said...

cutie pie birdie! love 'him'! ~Laurie

Anonymous said...


I just love this little bird and cannot wait to try my hand at making him. When I was a child in the early 50's, we had 4 similar birds, each a different color and glittered. One for my dad, my mom, me and my little brother. Over the years, only two birds remain. Thanks for making the tutorial.

PS - I love my little sample soaps!!!!!!

Jill -

{oc cottage} said...

That little birdie is just precious!

m ^..^

Anji Johnston said...

Your little birdie is so cute! Love the clock faces - can't wait to use them in some digital art. Thanks so much Dawn!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, the little bird is sweet. Oh! You could make him seasonal! Since he's white, he'd make an adorable "snowbird" with snowflakes and glittery frost on him. Hanging on a Christmas tree? Your little fellow will be festive!


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