Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A new article in the works and a little randomness (is that a word?)

Monday was totally a catch up day! I started working on laundry, then straighted and cleaned the house up a bit, which always leaves me feeling better and that it's OK to go in the art room, what's up with that? I wasn't creating artwork but working on a new article ~ I'm so excited to be writing one for Artful Blogging!! I just have to figure out some of my favorite posts to highlight ~ and that ought to be fun because I just looked . . . I'm at about 686 posts!! I've got to start thinking of a neat giveaway for my 700th post ~

I wanted to share this beautiful idea for a headboard. I know you've probably heard of it before, using an old mantle with a padded insert in the opening, but I wanted to show you this wonderful photo that I found of it.

These photos have nothing to do with each other ~ I just wanted to share them with you :) Here's the beautiful fall sky in my back yard. Our trees aren't really in full fall swing yet as you can see here.

Our middle son, Brad carved his pumpkin Monday evening to go with his brothers handiwork on the front porch ~ Brad's quite artistic . . . look what he did!!!

As I write the article for Artful Blogging, my mind always returns to how much I enjoy being here, and being a part of such a wonderful community of dear friends. Thank you always for stopping by to see me, saying hello and also for inspiring me with your artwork, your words and especially with your friendship.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday sweet friends!!
xxoo, Dawn


Veronica said...

Just wanted to let you know I thought of you on the weekend - i found a nest with three wee blue eggs tucked inside. Of course I didnt have my camera... aghh.

Its great to hear you are writing another article.

Have a good day.

Lydia said...

I love the pumpkin in the mouth. Very cool! Lydia

Lori said...

pumpkin cannibals? what is this world coming too...LOL:) he is awesome!!! i was at Border's yesterday and saw you in one of the Somerset magazines!!!

Vee said...

May the muse rest easily upon you today as you write...

That pumpkin is impressive!

I was using a mantle years ago as a headboard...never realized how chic I was. ;> I just thought I was being frugal.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I'm really looking forward to seeing your article. I have 2 copies of Artful Blogging now and can't wait until the next one's out. Your son's pumpkin is wonderful! Very clever little "snack" it has there!

The headboard is a wow! So comfy looking.


The Charm House said...

Ok... I had my first laugh of the day!! Tell Brad the pumpkin is a hoot! I am going to show Whit and tell her that her Pirate Pumpkin has been challenged! Say a little pray for my daughter today, God is going to be directing her life for the next year with a decision this afternoon at Auburn University! God Is Good ~ All The Time!

Sherry said...

If anyone knows about "artful" blogging Dawn it is you!!! How will you ever chose "favourites" out of that many posts?!?! :)

Your son's pumpkin is fabulous...I see this child has inherited his mama's artistic style!!

Tardevil said...

That mantel is just like the one in my home growing up, but mine was wood stained. Your son did a great job with the pumpkins...totally cool!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that I've ever seen a headboard with a mantle & I love it. I need an idea for a king sized bed. *Your 1st comment here reminded me that yesterday I found a nest with a whole blue egg in it. It was bitter sweet!

Sandy said...

Congrats on another honor, if anyone should be in Artful Blogging it is you. I can't wait to see the issue.

Great scary pumpkin, it a Peter Peter Pumpkin eater? If you get trick or treaters, they should love it!

I am off to do some tidying up myself and then off to try and get some posts done. Have a sweet Tuesday!

LH said...

Oooooh, scary pumpkin. Sweet headboard.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Miss Dawn,

Brad gives all new meaning to "The apple never falls very far from the tree" :c} You must be quite proud to know you had a hand in the person he is growing to be!!

I so look forward to your new article!!

Pattie :c}
Mazatlan Mexico

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Wow! Your son sure got some of your creativity! Can't wait to see your article! You ROCK!

Bambi said...

Hmmm,and where would Bran get that artistic ability! Love the pumpkin!

And love the headboard.

Also, thank you for sharing your s'mores post. I bet you had a very contented look on your face. It looked like a wonderful family evening. Can't wait to hear your news on Thursday!

Bambi said...

I'm sorry I meant to say BRAD! My sons name in Bran!!


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