Thursday, October 9, 2008

Love learning new things?
A wonderful, creative place just for you ~

Gail Schmidt of Shabby Cottage Studio has organized a wonderful place to learn!!

It's called
Creative Workshops
and you can pick and choose the different art projects that you would like to be involved in!

Visit HERE to see what the buzz is all about
~ xxoo, Dawn ~


blessings said...

Wow - that sound's like fun. I'm going to hop over there right now. Blessings... POlly

The Charm House said...

I visited there the other day and I am so excited about takin a workshop!! Can't wait!

Robin said...

I found a pink luggage pocket tonight in an old suitcase of my husbands grandmother! She had saved it all these years! (it was not attached)
I have a tray just like the white one waiting for a makeover! I think you have inspired me!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the link, I'll go check it out. I did one of her mid wide open challenges but have not had the time to do another one. This sounds like fun.


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