Friday, October 24, 2008

The chubby bird gets a makeover ~

I think I called her a "he" in the first post about this little bird, but she's definitely a "she" now ~ Seems as though I love making things into girls! Adorned with vintage pearl eyes, antique lace and buttons, trim and seam binding with a sweet old clock face on her collar . . . I barely tinted her beak and cheeks, just to add a blush of color. She's stuffed with fiberfill and has one little river rock inside her belly to weigh her down.

The strange thing about me and creating is I love making things . . . once. But if I have to duplicate one item over and over . . . I just don't do well. Are you like that? I may try this little bird pattern that I created again. Maybe using a different fabric ~ She will be in my Etsy store!!

UPDATE: This sweet little bird has been SOLD and will be flying off to join Stacey at The Blessed Nest!

Today Brent, Emily and Noah took the fishing poles and did a little exploring and trying to find a a good fishing spot. They didn't get very lucky but had a great time together walking and being out in the fall weather. Tonight DH made his amazing lasagne and garlic bread then for dessert I made a humongous peach cobbler . . . you know the cup, a cup, a cup recipe? It's easy peasy:


1 8x8 casserole dish, sprayed with non-stick spray

with 1 stick of butter or margarine (1/2 cup) melted in the bottom

1 cup of self-rising flour placed in a bowl

1 cup of sugar placed in the bowl too

1 cup of milk in the bowl as well

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

stir till all ingredients are well blended

Pour in over melted butter

Open BIG can of sliced peaches, drain and put into batter evenly.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 min. or until top is golden brown. Remove from oven and sprinkle with a dusting of sugar!

Hope you have a great Friday sweet friends!!!

xxoo, Dawn


Unknown said...

She is looking very cute!

Lori said...

that bird is darling sweet Dawn!!!

KC'sCourt! said...

The bird, is exquisite.
The recipe looks really tasty and unusual, but please how much does a "stick of butter" weigh approximately because I think I might like to try and make it. Julie x

The Charm House said...

I love your lady bird!! She is precious!

Sally L. Smith said...

I absolutely understand! It's called "creating"--making something from nothing. Every object is new from the pattern to the end and every element is a surprise, especially when it turns out beautiful. It's just not the same the second time around. I totally get it.

Lee Weber said...

What a great little bird. I love the simple recipe. We have a 'cuppa cuppa cuppa' recipe in our family too- mayo, chopped onions, shredded cheese- bake and serve with crackers- it never lasts long!

Sandi said...

Hi Dawn! Love the adorable little precious!
I am one that is geared to making one thing over and over. I guess it is from being in a lot of craft shows in years past and I can't seem to get away from it. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm not really into birds, but she has to be THE sweetest one I've ever seen. She is one little birdie I could love! I think it's the sign of a true artist that you don't like to make things over and over. It's all about inspiration and creating. Keep showing us all your beautifuls creations!
Sandra B


She's a sweetheart little bird!

Vee said...

Sweet little birdie...does this gender reflect a coming granddaughter?

Your recipe sounds if I were baking it and had remembered it as a cup a cup a cup, it might get a cup of cinnamon and a cup of vanilla. ;>

Sandy said...

The little bird is delightful. I am the exact same way about making things. I like to make one but duplication drives me crazy! I attribute that to my craft show days when I had to crank out duplicates for sale.

Please stop by, I have a little treat for you!

Have a sweet day!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Your little she bird is precious. And the cobbler sounds like my grandmothers. So it must be good. Glad you are enjoying your family.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Little birdie is definitely a girl, and I WANT her!! :) Didn't see it in Etsy yet, did she already sell?
I left you a little something on my blog today, too!


Bambi said...

Ohhh, I just knew it was a girl all along! She is just darling all fluffed up!! So glad you're enjoying your time with Brent and Emily too.

Nita Jo said...

Dawn! You've done it again! She is the sweetest little chubby bird I've ever seen. I love watching your blog to see what you will come up with next.

Thanks for sharing your recipe. Sounds delicious!

Have a blessed day!
Nita Jo

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh! I haven't heard, "cuppa, cuppa, cuppa" since we left Tennessee. What nice memories that brought back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I picked up an issue of Somerset Life and just had to write you when I saw the calendar you created. Honestly - this has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I keep looking at the picture and the more I look the more I see fun little things in the pockets. It is absolutely beautiful. I may one day when I have more time - try to create one - I think they would make wonderful wonderful gifts for someone special. If you get a chance stop by my blog and we can share ideas. Thanks for sharing all of your on your blog

A Wild Thing said...

I know what you mean, like making two alike is my motto, makes it more adventurous.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Dawn- this little bird is so sweet. Do you think she might ever become a tutorial?
As always, your work is beautiful and it is so kind of you to share yourself with everyone. May your weekend with your family be blessed!
Lisa S.


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