Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's time for a ONE DAY SALE!!!

All tutorials that are listed on my blog
are on sale TODAY,
Wednesday, October 15th
for only 10.00 each!!!

~ Make your own Christmas gifts ~

Just CLICK HERE to visit ~


Vee said...

Great! I feel so empowered now...a wee bit of Christmas shopping done. Yay! :D

Thanks, Hon!

larkswing said...

Wow - a sale, now which one will I choose!

Thank you!


Creations from my heart said...

Boy if you have a grand-daughter I can just see all the girly things she will have. If it's a boy...You'll soil him also. I had to make a purchase on your alse today I had stocked up on the wal-mart composition books so I thought I's get some tips from you! Blessings....Sherry

Nita Jo said...

Oh... I can't believe I missed this! I hope your sale went well. I got so busy looking at your baby images and the treasures from your house that I overlooked your sale. I will be watching for the next one!

Nita Jo


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