Thursday, October 30, 2008

My heart is filled with love ~

I made these two precious jar fairies today thinking all the while of our new little grandbaby and whether the sweet angel is a boy or a girl . . . I would smile as I looked at each one of these wonderful children's photographs.

Emily and Brent go this morning to have the sonogram and hopefully they will be able to tell!! I promise to let you know as soon as I find out ~ it doesn't matter at all, but it sure will be fun knowing! Plus they'll only have to pick one name which is bound to make things a little easier ~

I offer these two fairies to you, my sweet blog friends first. They are 18.00 each with 6.00 shipping in the continental US. Just email me at: if you're interested. I'll put them in my Etsy store later in the day ~

May all your fairy wishes and dreams come true!!
Happy Thursday dear friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


Dorthe said...

Oh Dawn, your sweet little fairy jars are so wonderfull -i love the little boy with his big butterfly.
I wish you the most happy and exiting day ever, you will be the most fantastic grandmother sweet friend.
Love and hugs to you-Dorthe

Lori said...

i bet it's a girl:)
i love you jar fairies Dawn, they are really sweet!!!

The Charm House said...

This is so exciting!! I love knowing the name of our baby, Emma, it just sounds so sweet!!! Not much longer now!

Anonymous said...

They're precious, Dawn. And right beside me, here in my "office" on a display shelf, is the fairy jar I won in your give-away. I cherish it!

Wishing you a happy day for obvious reasons! :-)


madrekarin said...

Your fairy jars are adorable. Love the looks on their faces.
I cannot even imagine the excitement you and Dennis must be experiencing. I would be about to pop with curiosity if I were you!!
Just a few more hours. :)

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

You will be the BEST Grandma ever! Be it a boy or a girl, they will play with you, work with you and create with you. Isn't that fun??!!
Let us know :-)

Betty said...

Something else I love about the 'blogging world'...I don't even know you and I'm excited to find out if you will have a granddaughter or a grandson...isn't that funny? Somehow, we make connections in spite of distance. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Charlene said...

Your fairies are darling! I bought your pattern & can't wait to make them. The computer I was going to load Photo Shop on was stolen out of the computer guys truck. :(
So for now I will just enjoy looking at yours. Everyone should buy the istructions from you like I did! Have a great day my friend I look forward to talking with you.

Sandy said...

What little sweet hearts you have crafted! I love the expression on that little boys face, too cute! Your fairy girl looks as if she is about to pucker up and cry, poor dear. I am so excited for you, Emily, and Brent!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Long time don`t speak!
Sorry about that... My 3 little Treasures have been keeping me Busy, Busy, Busy!
I`m so happy for you!
The only problem is... That with a grandchild on the way, you will be having less time to create! Lol
I hope not!
As you always so Inspiring to us all!
Please do give my Belated Congratulations to your loved ones!
Debbie Moss


Anonymous said...

Quel bonheur ! De la magie et surtout tu es une artiste Dawn !

Anonymous said...

Your faries are so precious!! Congratulations on your wonderful must be so excited!!


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