Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A couple of things finished!

Isn't that how we all seem to measure ourselves as women? At the end of the day we look back and think, "what all have I accomplished today?" I guess it's good in a way, as I know it's not good to be lazy but we can really be hard on ourselves if the evidence looks like we weren't busy.

When I create even the smallest thing in my artroom (that's finally what I've decided to call it), I feel as though I've accomplished something ~ Here is a simple framed piece featuring the poem I scanned a few posts back. I've collaged real leaves onto the aged paper and placed it into a wonderful old frame. A simple piece that could be left out year 'round. For sale in my Etsy store . . . :)

Whewww! I finally finished the nature journal that I'd been working on! I didn't realize that I had made it thirty-two pages long!! Well, it took a long time to complete each page and let them dry properly ~ I'll be mailing it out tomorrow to it's new owner ~

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday sweet friends ~
xxoo, Dawn


Jeanne said...

So very lovely and beautiful as is all that you share.
Love Jeanne

larkswing said...

Your goodies are so fun . . . you are very talented and creative, glad you share it! :)

Naturegirl said...

Dawn these creations are wonderful!
Love everthing that you do and show!

Sandy said...

Completion is such a wonderful feeling. I am nearing the end of a two volume set of altered books and am anticipating the completion of the project and sending them on their way to their new home. Then I can anticipate whats next. I am sure you have some wonderful ideas brewing. So, whats next?

kathy said...

Yes , I am blessed also today -
a prayer answered .
Your journal is so lovely
Kathy - GA

Unknown said...

Your journal turned out soooo lovely! What a talented soul you are!

Gail Schmidt said...

Such a lucsious journal Dawb. What a lucky recipient of all the love you put into this piece of artwork.


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