Monday, July 21, 2008

What a wonderful day ~

It all started with me running around the house this morning, all ready to leave, grabbing the peach cobbler I baked the night before from the frig, my purse and bolting out the door! I didn't want to be late meeting Fifi and the photographer at the highway exit so I could lead them on to Jean's house.

I trotted down the couple of stairs on our front porch and having my hands full didn't look down, just going full steam ahead. Well, my son has one of those little scooters that he left laying on it's side right at the bottom of the stairs and well ~ after that, it was all a feet got tangled up in the scooter and the next thing I know I'm headed down, face first in the damp grass in the front yard!!!! The peach cobbler is covered in foil, I'm holding it until the very last minute but it goes sliding halfway across the yard on the wet grass and I'm wondering, "OK, who in the world just saw me do this??" I jumped up, brushed myself off, noticed my clothes were OK, a little damp but my shirt was a lime green and didn't show stains (thank goodness), I grabbed the cobbler, my purse and headed on to the car, not missing a beat!!!

What a way to start the morning! It turned out to be a lovely day though. Jean and her husband Gary were so sweet, the house was gorgeous and Fifi, Debra and her assistant Andrew were so nice, understanding and professional. I must say it is such hard work to do this though! Fifi was such a trooper too. She wasn't really feeling her best but kept on going. She truly is a professional....and what was so great is that Jean has so many collections that Fifi had her pick of objects to create vignettes and fill gaps in the photos.

Jean made homemade chicken salad served with croissants. She also had yummy Virginia ham, cheeses and a bakery breads, fresh fruit and of course my peach cobbler for dessert served with vanilla bean ice cream! They all seemed to enjoy the meal and got right back to business afterwards. It took all day long to take all of the photographs but from the looks of the samples on the laptop, it's going to be beautiful!!! Look for Jean's home in the January issue of Country Sampler magazine!

Fifi, I had such a great time with you, thank you so much for coming to Georgia!! I do hope that you get plenty of rest and are completely well soon ~

Photos from the day:

By the way, Jean was a customer of mine when I owned The Plum Tree and I also went to one of her barn sales and saw her amazing house. I emailed the photos of her home to Fifi and the rest is history ~ but that was one year ago!! This magazine stuff takes time to come to fruition.

It really was a fun experience. Tomorrow will be back to normal for me and truth be known, I love my normal ~ creating new art, packing up sold artwork to mail ~ visiting my favorite blogs and getting my house back in order . . . it's great to do new things and it's great to come home too ~ but I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow :)

Wishing you a great Tuesday sweet friends!
xxoo, Dawn


Lady Em said...

What a nice wake up call. Hey that's better than coffee!! Reminds me of the time that Lola drug me face first through the bushes, of course Brent saw it and all the neighbors, I will never live it down.
Sounds like you had a blast!!!!! I love the way her house looks. And the thought of peach cobbler makes me want to go and raid the fridge.
I am glad you had an awesome time, and I understand how good it feels to just go back home and go back to the normal.
I miss ya'll!!
Love ya'll.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Ohhhh, I hope you won't be too sore tomorrow... and you know those black and blue marks will probably pop up too! What a super super fun day you had... and how exciting to see how it all works. Your friends house looks beautiful!!

xo Heather

Renna said...

Your day sounds wonderful, and the pictures are gorgeous, but the mental picture of your exit from your house had me LOL!!! ;-Þ

Shopgirl said...

Hi Sweetie, you had just to much fun....welcome home! come see me:)

The pictures of the Ginny Hens (not sure if I spelled that right)any way we had one come live with us on the farm. We never knew where it came from. It slept in the Wisteria and was like a watch dog....she made so much noise the neighbors hated her. I miss her, I might just buy me a couple...this made me think of our little friend.
Your Mary
You look so cute in the picture, you have done so well, you do go girl!

Lori said...

great pics of your fun day Dawn:) and that Fifi is so darn cute!!! your friends home is just wonderful...

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

Oh, my! So glad you weren't hurt and so glad you saved that peach cobbler :) Love the pictures of the house. Looks like my kinda place! The porch is my favorite.

vivi said...

hi, dawn:
i found you today, don't remember which blog i was reading, and immediately fell in love!
you have such pretty things i couldn't stop reading and exclaiming "oh..., ah...!"
sorry for my poor english, i'm not a native speaker, but a great lover of this language :)
if you want, visit my blog, hope you like it
i have already added to favs
big kisses, vivi

madrekarin said...

Good night, girlfriend! What a way to start the day! Glad you fared well and your cobbler was safe.
It does look like you had a ton of fun. And next time Jean has a barn sale, call me- okay?!

Mary said...

Dawn, I've left an award for you over at my blog. You don't have to feel obligated to play ~ I just wanted to make sure to introduce you as one of my favorite blog sites to my blog readers. Your photos are awesome girl!



Maggie said...

Hi Dawn.....your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun except for the tumble you took in the morning. I would love to watch as they stage a home for a magazine shoot. In my next life I want to be Fifi . She is so talented and her home is adorable. Even though you totally enjoyed your weekend I understand very well how good it is to be back home surrounded by the things you love. I am so happy for you that you had this experience.

kathy said...

Dawn - how delightful - oops the pictures , not the fall ( have taken a few falls myself-not a pretty sight lol ) You day sounded devine - and interesting - good food and friends and a new experience to boot - hope your pains are to ma minimum - Kathy - GA

Anonymous said...

Dawn! Here's the mother part of me - be careful!! You could've really hurt yourself... But the friend part of me, reading to end of the story, laughed out loud that your first thought (like mine would be) was 'who saw me?'

What a great connection you made - can't wait to see the magazine in Jan. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes.

Vicki K

Anonymous said...

Sure makes for a funny mental picture in my mind, but I know you were mortified, it can happen to everyone, as long as you didn't hurt yourself that's all that matters.
Here is a funny one for you too, one day I was in a rush and I wanted a little hairspray on my hair it was windy and I didn't want that windblown look so I sprayed and dashed out the door,but in the car I could smell something.... oh no my underarm deodorant spray, that's what was on my hair !! Did my girlfriends ever laugh when I told them.

Vee said...

Thanks for the peek at the photo shoot. I loved the photo of the bottle tree and the old books.

Hope that you are feeling none the worse for your fall. Women are just amazing! They take a fall and never lose their grip on what they're wrangling. Love it!

Vee said...

Thanks for the peek at the photo shoot. I loved the photo of the bottle tree and the old books.

Hope that you are feeling none the worse for your fall. Women are just amazing! They take a fall and never lose their grip on what they're wrangling. Love it!

Trish said...

Oh I am so happy you did not get hurt and that the rest of the day went smoothly. Sounds like something I would have done! HA! What a great photo shoot that must have been and that meal sounds simiply wonderful. I am glad it all went well. Terrific time for you too.

Lisa & Alfie said...

Gosh Dawn,
You are one plucky gal. Not even one moment down to feel sorry for your boo boo. Looks like it was a very special day. Would you now call that an upside down cobbler?
Lisa & Alfie

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the photos, especially that wonderful front porch. But (I'm dying laughing here) the photo I REALLY want is the one of that cobbler sliding across the grass and not getting ruined. I needed that laugh, so thank ya! I was beginnning to think I'm the only one who falls on her ass!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Dawn what a 'fun day'

Tina Leavy said...

ouch.. what a way to exit the house..I hope that you aren't too sore tomorrow..those falls don't tend to catch up to you until..yes..the next day..but I hope you aren't too sore.sounds like an otherwise great day.
hope you have a lovely week.

vikki said...

hi sweetie! whadda wonderful start to your day... sounds like something that woulda happened to me. hope u r ok. the week*end sounded like a wonderful one. i am glad u got to git away for a bit. but it is always nice to git home to our 'nest'. love & hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

Relyn Lawson said...

The fourth picture down belongs in a magazine. So glad you weren't seriously hurt!

Karla said...

Thank you so much for the link to Fifi's website. When I saw her name, I immediately thought of Francoise O'Neill, but of course there are dozens of Fifis, so I didn't really think you were speaking of the one I thought of. Then a bit further down, I saw her pictures and realized, yes, you were speaking of Francoise O'Neill. I adore her taste and attitude. I really like the direction she has taken Romantic Country. It was a great magazine before, and she's made it even better.


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