Friday, July 25, 2008

For you sweet friends ~

Today's been one of those days where I'm running on empty. Why do I burn my candles at both ends?? Truth be known, I'm such a night owl. I love creating into the night, finishing what I've started and then posting all about it! But then if I have to get up early, I definitely pay the price! So tonight I'm turning in early but not without a few sweet words and a few gifts for you too ~

Today I stopped in an antique mall and found the most beautiful old sheet music with wonderful graphics on the front.....maybe you can use them in your artwork. I love the birds and border around and the typefaces used in the other!! Plus a scan of chubby baby birds all in a row ~ you know I love them!

Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing Saturday!
xxoo, Dawn


Linda Jo said...

I love sister's name is Fonda - so I will definitely have to do something with that piece! Love your blog!

The Artwork of Christi Bunn said...

These are fantastic. I can see why you'd be drawn to them (pun intended... tee hee.) Seriously, I love the little bird sketches... so intricately drawn among the cherry blossoms. So lovely.


Lorrie said...

Take care of yourself, dear Dawn. Thanks for all the free art you share. You are a generous and loving woman.


Shopgirl said...

You are so sweet to share, I love the little fat birds.
We have two new babies on the farm...Our Dad and Mom Hawk are feeding them like can hear the babies most of the day. Poor parents must be tired sometimes.
Your Baby shoes capture my heart. I always think of the infant that wore them. The joy of first steps.
You share them with so much heart.
Big Hugs, Mary
I am also a night person, I seem to come awake when the sun goes down.
So sleep well friend, Rest

debi said...

Thank you for the beautiful vintage images, you are always so sweet to share, and you always have such pretty pictures.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Dawn, I know how you feel, I'm a night owl and pay for it in the morning, I can go about 3 to 4 and then I crash. Thank you so much for sharing your images.
Your baby shoes are precious, so, so, cute.
Get some rest,

Kentucky Bound said...

I've just been catching up on your busy world the past week or so! You poor dear! No wonder you're running on empty. Take time to refuel this weekend. Curl up with a cup of tea, a good book and some soft music playing in the background. Beg for a little pampering from hubby and kids.

Thank you for sharing that wonderful artwork! The four little birds remind me of the Barney Swallow Band that nested on the ceiling fan on our patio. They just flew off about a week ago.


Robin said...

Dawn - you are so generous and your blog is truly an inspiration to many! Thanks for sharing and your always encouraging words! Take Care - Robin

Trish said...

Beautiful images. be good to yourself....get some rest in there too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn... Fuel is down somewhat this weekend so make sure you fill your tank... I had a couple days like that this week and just had to take a break. I have a couple more projects to complete for other people and then I want just a me day... Love the images... Take care.

A Wild Thing said...

Something about creating in the wee hours o the morn, with a cup o joe and nice soft one to disturb your thoughts, sometimes we pass each other with posts and comments...wouldn't have it any other is good!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing ~ these are most beautiful! My favorite is the 'dreaming' ~ I am so drawn to spencerian penmanship and ornate letterforms!

reagan said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes sweetie! I'm glad your cute little shoes made it back home. You will have to check out The Stampers' Sampler for Aug...:-) You can see the cover and first page online right now-I'm so excited!

Lori said...

those are really lovely...thanks for sharing Dawn!!!

Tina Leavy said...

oh bless your sweet heart! I have been looking for an image of some birds in row to use on one of those round silver trays like one that you did quite a while back.
Anyhow..I have a tray just like it..and it has seen its better days so I wanted to alter it with a few bird images and knew I wanted some birds in a row for it..thank you Dawn! Can't wait to get started on it now.
I'm presently working on a Marie Antoinette themed 8 by 10.
thanks so much for sharing..I hope that you have a great weekend.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

That is funny..I was out antiqueing today and bought you an old opera music book. I am popping it in the mail this week. Our minds were on the same thing today. I hope you will like it.
Love Nita

Anonymous said...

Dawn, what a treat! Thank you! I will definitely print these out and keep them for just the perfect decoupage!

I so agree with you about chips and crazing - it doesn't bother me at all to buy something vintage or antique that has "lived and loved" marks!

Blessings this Sunday,

Pink Rufflez said...

Thank you, Dawn, I've been looking for some little birds like this!

Robin said...

yes indeed! so generous! what a sweet gesture to share all this beauty with us so often! Thank you!

shannon wakefield said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing!


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