Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kindred spirits and the tid-bit box ~

Something wonderful happens when you have a blog. The readers that really end up loving your blog usually like many of the same things that you do. That's what draws us to our fav blogs, these common tastes, what we enjoy doing, collecting or creating.

Today I was fortunate enough to talk to my sweet friend Vikki in Iowa. She found my blog and we are truly kindred spirits in our love of creating ~ so it's always wonderful to talk to her. She will soon have her own blog where she can share some of her creative ideas with everyone.
I'm cheering her on and hope to be introducing her to everyone soon!!

Then I received a phone call from France. Another sweet friend that found my blog a while back, Su, called. She's excited about Gail's new contest going on over a Mind Wide Open, is working on her entry. We worked on her brand new blog together, me here in Georgia and Su way over there in France! We have become kindred spirits as well ~ I'll be introducing you to her very soon too!!

Amazing, huh? Talking to these two precious women, so very far from me, who love my taste and I feel the same about theirs. Kindred spirits. That's what this land of blog does. It brings us together with those we can relate to, share with and enjoy getting to know.

Oh and the box? I call mine a tid-bit box. When I have small pieces of papers left from projects, not big enough to go into the big drawers of papers or folders of images, but too precious to toss. They go in the tid-bit box.

I asked both of these friends today, "do you keep a tid-bit box?" Guess what the answer was. Of course, YES!
I value these tiny things. Snippets of paper. Items that others may see as trash. And these dear friends see their value too. I'm so glad you found me ~

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday dear friends ~ xxoo, Dawn


Nancy Hood said...

You are appreciated and loved by many ~ world wide!!

Becky said...

Dawn, I saw this box at a store last weekend and I thought of you. I don't know if you ever showed it here before, but it made me think of you. I SO need a tid~bit box. Yet another fabulous idea a~la Dawn. I have my paper in not so attractive bag. I'll have to hunt for one tomorrow when I go get my Summerset Life with you in it, can't wait.
Thanks for stopping by. I know for sure you would love this shop. It was truly amazing. And yes you have seen it in all our favorite magazines.

Sweet shopping dreams to ya,

LiLi M. said...

I'm glad I have found you too! And yes I do keep a tid-bit box, sometimes it's a tid-bit portfolio that works too. Have a lovely Thursday too!

Dorthe said...

Sweet Dawn, my tid-bit box is full of small pieses of silks,laces, velvets and other little pieces that do not fit on the shelves in my work-room.
Your box looks realy lovely, and I would love to dig inside it.
Wishing you too a wonderfull thursday-Dorthe

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Gosh Dawn I will take your journey a step further - YOU HAVE TURNED ME FROM A STRICTLY "PRIM" SOUL TO LOVING YOUR VINTAGE, SHABBY, ALTERED ART, etc. form of art! Slowly I am learning the ins and outs of this great craft. I have sold some pieces in the store from a local artist -memory boxes, olde bottles etc. but after seeing your items and that of your "friends" and ALL their wonderful ideas, I NEED to craft this art too. My fairies are going to be very happy. Keep creating your enthusiam is so "catchy" !! Judy

Sheila Rumney said...

Your artwork and beautiful words inspire me. I agree that this blogland opens your friendship circle like no other. Kindred spirits walking together, even if they are miles apart. Thank you for letting me walk with you through your blog.

vikki said...

my sweet friend, we are the blessed ones! God places wonderful ones in our lives, and i am so honored/humbled to have you in mine. my kindred angel! we recieve His nudges all the time, we just have to notice them ~ and be soo grateful for everything! ~ as i am so grateful for you! much love and blessings, vikki ooxxox

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I really find that we are kindred spirits because I even have the exact same box as you! :)

Vee said...

A wonderful Thursday back at you! I don't know if I am a kindred spirit, but I sure love to see what you're creating. I actually did give the "fairy in a jar" a whirl...perhaps I'll have courage to post it one day.

Alisa Noble said...

I love to go through my "tidbit" box and challenge myself to see what I can create using just those items.
Can't wait to "meet" your friends!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is one I first found when I became interested in vintage things and I love it! I am so new into this that I don't have a tid-bit box but love the idea! I love the images you share and your photos are superb!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn... Hope you received your image I emailed you... I love your little box... I have tid bit drawers that aren't very pretty anymore.... I am such a jammer.... As everyday you are the first blog I visit.... I am working on something for the entry on " Mind Wide open " but am struggling with the muted image and making it work....Will see what comes out....

kathy said...

Dawn , what a delight you are -- I have tidbits everywhere -- trying to get organized - and pass on what i don't use -- How exciting to hear VIkki is going to do a blog -- She is a dear ---
Blessings sweet friend -- kathy - Ga

reagan said...

Hey Dawn! I finished my piece for the mind wide open challenge and I used one of the french ephemera pieces that you so graciously shared with your readers! Thank you sweetie!

Tina Leavy said...

glad to have found you too Dawn. I love blogging and meeting new people too.
oh the little box is so cute...and I can see some fun bits of paper in there..especially the little Marie Antionette lady on the she's pretty...and then the card from Greece sweet..I know you'll find ways to use the little snippets in your work somewhere.
Gosh..I must say also that finding out about the website with the challenges has made me even more excited for the day when I can create a mini "studio/creating area" of my at my present home I do not have the room to do so...but I certainly will carve out a little niche for myself in a new home...somewhere/anywhere...because I think that pretty soon this altered art creation bug is gonna bite me pretty hard.It's been nipping at me a little bit but I haven't jumped in full force yet because I don't have the space to create..nor do I have any supplies yet.So..I'm looking forward to having both soon.
I can definitely attest to the fact that your blog has been one that has been a true inspiration to me, and has helped to fuel this desire to give the altered art creations a try.
Thank you....and I am proud to call you a "kindred spirit/friend" too.

maggiegracecreates said...

dawn - tid bit box - in my world its boxes (plural) I save the tiniest bits of lots of things.

I love coming here. and visiting with you.

have a wonderful 4th

Deb said...

Love your tid bit box Dawn. I have one too :-}mostly because I can't toss anything out!

Jann said...

Love your pretty box--I have a tid-bit box too, but mine's just an old shoebox! Cheers, Jann

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

"snippits"...I love that word - love the friends I'm met through blogging also.

I do have snippit boxes. There are so many pretty boxes in the stores.

Hope you will stop by for my "Friday's Favorite Family Foto"!


Lorrie said...

Thursday is almost over so I'll wish you a Happy 4th of July! I am so into tidbit boxes - I have a couple myself. Sometimes it's fun to challenge myself to make things just by using scraps from the boxes.
Your blog is great and I love your piece in the latest Somerset Life.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Yes, we are all one family, o=in many more ways than we can even contemplate! I di so enjoy you and your thoughts, crafts, advice, wisdoma nd inspiration. Thank you for being YOU!

Elizabeth said...

I keep looking around my house, wondering, "What would Dawn do with this or that?"

This world of blogging so inspiring and wonderful.

We sure appreciate you!

What kind of glue are you using on plates, etc.?

Have a great day!

Lisa Russell said...

I have a folder, but need to use a box for my tid bits because I'm running out of room! Count me in as a kindred spirit as well - LOVE your work and everything you share. I have a blog but I'm not too good with the technical parts of it. Maybe someday...

Michele said...

Hi Dawn-This too cool-I have the same exact box that I keep my vintage bits & bobs in! It is very handy isn't it? I love your work and your blog is charming!
Best, Michele

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dawn....I don't know if I ever told you..but I have a dauther and granddaughter named Dawn too. Love that name.

I never like to have to miss a single posting of yours. Don't always have time to comment however, but look in all the time.

Your blog is a wonder to behold..with so much love and inspiration put into it..and such "way great" links as well.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so generous with your infomation and talents.



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